March 2010

Woke up after a good nights sleep tired as feck.
Off to Redmond. Lorenzo and at the trim. Had a good day. Chatted with Eamon in the morning. He was in good form.
We went to Chang’s Mongolian Grill for dinner in Everett for dinner.
Then up to the Everett Events Center to see “Cats”.

Got our good seats on the floor. Cats the musical appeared into the world for the first time back in 1981. I saw it 13 years later for my first time. I loved the show then and each time I have seen it since. Now here I am 29 years after it opened waiting.

On with the show. I can’t put it in words here.

Left the hall tonight with “Cats” still being my number one musical of all times.

CATS.jpg picture by irelandsking




Woke up bollixed.
Shower and out the door.
A good start to the day. Stopped off at Home Depot to get a tarp to put on the roof of the job in Everett.
Installed tarp on roof. Demobilized the job. Loaded up all the tools in my truck. Got Lisa to sign off on the last dry spots. Talked with Sandy for a wee bit and headed off o the office. Stopped off and gave the keys to Lisa on the way out. This job is in the books. Unloaded the stuff at the shop. Talked to a couple of friends there.
Stopped off at Windsong on the way home to put another coat of paint on.
The good Natasha made a Cuban dinner for us. Just a quick something sweet for dessert.
Began watching “The Tudors” season 1 on the DVD.

the-tudors.jpg picture by irelandsking

An interesting show so far with one episode down.

Now maybe another or who knows what.

Woke up bollixed.
Off to Everett. Worked like a mad man well not such a mad man to ge the job ready for the walk through with Lisa.
Did the walkthrough and only one spot was still a wee damp. Locked up the building and headed back to Seattle. More mudding and painted the first coat of paint on the soffit of the Windsong.
Dinner and dessert.
I ate so much food today I was full to the gills.

Watched more of Big frigging Love. I think further watching beyond this season is over for me as of now.

woke up early and continued on a gwall of episodes from “Shameless” season 6

Then got up and had the breakkie. Went out to Trader Joe’s and QFC for provisions.

Headed down to REI to get a new pair of Tevas for the beach.

Started watching “Big Love” season 3.
biglovever3xv2.jpg picture by irelandsking

This is the third season in this series and so far after four episodes into it I am frigging bored with this crap. “The Tudors”  may be a good show to break up this boredom.

Now I may nap

Mailbox Peak for serious hikers only


Photo of hiker at mailboxMailbox Peak is a good winter tonic — it’s nasty but good for you. This hike is bitter medicine unless your quads are made of iron, but Mailbox should be done once a year if you are a serious hiker.

You’ll earn the respect of your fellow hikers at a holiday potluck if you casually mention, “Yeah, I did Mailbox last week — 2-1/2 hours up, 1-1/2 hours down.” Chances are good they didn’t climb Mailbox Peak. Chances are good they haven’t even heard of the place.

A serious hiker can always embellish a hike, throwing in hazards here and there, and omitting such niceties as the fact that Mailbox is only a stone’s throw from a hot bowl of chili at the truck stop off Edgewick Road. Throw in a pair of snowshoes and an ice ax (whether needed or not) and earn even more respect.

However, having accomplished the hike, you might not want to get out of bed the next day. Plan this hike on a Saturday if your work requires you to show up bright eyed and limber on Monday. However, if you can hike up Mailbox Peak and get out of bed the next day, you are in moderately good condition. If you climbed Mount Si the day before, you are in excellent condition.

Hardy folk sometimes climb to the summit of Mailbox during the winter and do the last few hundred feet (or more) as a snowshoe trip depending on where the snow level is.

Afterward you’ll enjoy sitting in the local restaurant with the drivers of big rigs over a bowl of chili, gazing toward the summit. True, the summit is not as shapely as McClellands Butte or even Mount Si, but dramatic enough to qualify. And the summit really does have a mailbox.

In years past there would be no other cars at this unmarked trailhead, since only a few knew of the trail. Now the hike is well enough known that just a mere week ago there were eight cars at the trailhead.

Don’t let the notion of a mailbox fool you into thinking this is a tame and easy hike. It’s not. It’s definitely not for the children. It’s 6 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 4,000 feet, and the trail never catches its breath. Once it begins to climb it doesn’t level out until the very end.

Experience a variety of terrain — the trail begins in the forest before it begins its stubborn climb to the summit. Much of the steep stuff is in the trees, a relief on a hot day. The tread becomes more obscure when the trail breaks out of the trees and is flagged through beargrass, heather and shrubs. A small rock slide and steep heather lead to the summit at 4,841 feet.

The future of this trail may be in jeopardy because some sections have been marked for clearcutting.

Off we go.
Got to the parking lot and walked about 8 minutes up to the Trilhead. Started the hike at 8:06 am.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010005.jpg picture by irelandsking

It started of uphill.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010006.jpg picture by irelandsking

MailboxPeakMarch27th2010008.jpg picture by irelandsking

and just got worse as we went up
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010009.jpg picture by irelandsking

As we began to get high into the trees nearly 2 hours later we could see the top of Rainier.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010018.jpg picture by irelandsking

We met snow as planned as we got higher.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010023.jpg picture by irelandsking

MailboxPeakMarch27th2010026.jpg picture by irelandsking

MailboxPeakMarch27th2010029.jpg picture by irelandsking

about to break into the opening
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010036.jpg picture by irelandsking

Now Mount Rainier appears like the true God she is.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010039.jpg picture by irelandsking

We can see where we hae to go from here.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010040.jpg picture by irelandsking

Jackets and hats on. Walking in snow can be like walking on sand, tiring.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010041.jpg picture by irelandsking

MailboxPeakMarch27th2010043.jpg picture by irelandsking

It is cold up here now.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010047.jpg picture by irelandsking

The wind blows and makes it colder even
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010051.jpg picture by irelandsking

getting sand blasted from the snow.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010053.jpg picture by irelandsking

MailboxPeakMarch27th2010057.jpg picture by irelandsking

MailboxPeakMarch27th2010064.jpg picture by irelandsking

on and on
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010065.jpg picture by irelandsking

finally the summit can be seen.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010067.jpg picture by irelandsking

MailboxPeakMarch27th2010070.jpg picture by irelandsking

When the wind blows it blows. By now the right side of my face is red from the snow and ice crystals been bounced off it.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010071.jpg picture by irelandsking

After 2 hours and 26 minutes from the trail head we are here.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010084.jpg picture by irelandsking

For the country of my birth
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010095.jpg picture by irelandsking

A very quick stay
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010097.jpg picture by irelandsking

And back down we go.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010098.jpg picture by irelandsking

Going down is more hard on the legs than going up I think. A wee more aches this way.
A fitting scribble by someone.
MailboxPeakMarch27th2010102.jpg picture by irelandsking

It takes us 2 hours and 8 minutes to get down.
What a hike. If we find time we will do it again this year.

Back home to Seattle.
My new driving license was there when I got back. I realized this is the first license in my whole life with a photo where I don’t have a beard. Different for me.

Lazed around.

Headed down to Mitch and Brenda’s for dinner and games. Had a good time all night.

Now finally home to rest.

Woke up chipper.
Talked to Mary on the way to work. She will pack soon for the start of her Cuban trip tomorrow.
Provisions pick up @ Safeway
Carmen is home from her week of momsitting for her friend. She came over for the visit.  A cup of tea, caramelized walnuts, a bar, an orange and a chat followed.
Talked to my friend from two time zones away for many hours.

Woke up feeling a wee better.
Headed over to the office for the meeting with Charlie and Alan. I worked on me lap top until it died. Got well caught up on the billing. Got hours and costs from Joyce and headed out.
Home Depot in Woodinville and then over to Everett to Park Ridge.  Kim was there. I took more moisture readings and then Put on my body suit and mask. I mixed the secret chemical and sprayed the mold covered areas in A which was the whole unit. then headed up to unit B and sprayed that unit out too.
Next headed  down to Seattle to Sherman Williams to drop off a paint sample for Windsong. Bollixed around for a bit. Then I got the can of paint when it was ready.                

Toasted wraps and a Biddy crepe to feed the hunger.
I went out for the evening walk. This night it was 52 minutes walking and 15 on the stairs for 6 climbs.
Watched the last episode of “Big Love” season 2. A fine cup of Egyptian tea to boot.

Now I will bed it.

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