April 2010

Woke up and relaxed the morning away. The trap was tripped again but no sign of Relax.

Headed down to the metal shop to pick up the flashing for the job. Then over to 160th and Aurora. Went to work right away. Got a text from Lu in Ireland letting me know Gerry Ryan was found dead in his apartment today. RIP.
Alan showed up for a visit for a wee bit. I worked like a crazed lunatic all day and got finished 12 hours after I picked up the metal. A long day at the mercy of me back.
Went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. QFC for provisions and dessert items. Stewed Rhubarb and Strawberries with the Huckleberry ice cream for me. Then some ice cream followed by a bar of Lavender Chocolate. Also some Skittles too. So with all this and three glasses of ice tea with dinner I am buzzed and wide awake.
Watched a DVD. “White Out”
whiteout_movie_poster.jpg picture by irelandsking
It was an ok Shite movie.

Now let’s see what happens next.



Woke up and fecked off. The rat trap was tripped but no victim.

Then off to Redmond. Had a good morning at work.

Then over to Madison Park to let Nick in to continue on his stucco patch.

Then over to Forest Villa up in Shoreline to meet with Alan and Arnie to get the plan to put the building back together there.

Home Depot for material.


Dinner and Dessert.

Walked down around 75th for 57 minutes and 17 seconds.


Last night. I didn’t watch a movie but I did set the traps.
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Up and relaxed the morning away. No sign of the traps been touched. Bummer.
Off to Redmond. Talked to Angela on the way.
Gary and I on trim.
Dinner & Dessert.

Woke up alive.
I began to get the lemon cake out of the fridge to eat some for breakfast. I remembered the binge eating and said “No” as I stood over it with a knife in my hand. Checked the trap. It was tripped. I was happy. I got the flashlight and went looking. The fecker has lived this time. The good side of this is the little fecker is in our yard. Also I only have to be lucky once but he has to be lucky as long as he comes around here,

Over to Redmond. Work.


Natasha had a smashing chocolate cake for her birthday at work today and brought some home. I ate a pile of that.

Dinner and Dessert. Followed by more of Natasha’s birthday cake. I took another water pill to remove any extra sodium that I may have taken in.

Frigged off the evening on Facebook.

Now maybe bed and a movie.

Woke up glad to be alive after the weekend of eating. No rat in the traps. I will set it again tonight for the last time and see if the fucker is still around. Toddled off to work in Redmond. Got there just after 6am. Worked in Brandi’s unit. Had fun with her.

Alan called. Then I went up to the office in Woodinville. Chatted to Arnie for a bit about travel. Then off down to Kirkland and then over to Madison Park. Waited for the stucco lad to show up. He came along after a bit. Nicholai, I showed him the job and he went at it. I locked up and put a temp. cover on the patch after he got done. Back to Redmond.

Finished out the day ok. Not enough material at times. 

Dinner and dessert. Then about a quarter of the cake from last night. I fucked up here. If I live one more night I will try and eat better tomorrow. 

Now who knows what I will do for the night ahead.

Woke after a good nights sleep. No rat caught last night either. 
 Lazed as usual. Breakfast and then over to Ballard to the Farmers Market.
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Walked around the place. 

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Walking through the market I bumped into Elisabeth G. I had not seen her in like well 23 years or so. She looked young and well. She knew me even without the beard.  We chatted for a wee bit and then headed off. 
Bought some veggies and flowers and then over to Trader Joe’s for provisions.
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Home and had last nights dinner for lunch followed by a big bowl of Mountain Huckleberry ice cream. Nice.

Went out and cut most of the old clematis off of the arbor anf garage. James came by for a look at the work needed in the garden. I got him a bowl of ice cream but he had to go. No harm, I ate it.Removed old lights and put up new ones on the arbor. Loaded up the garbage.

Talked with Ger in Chicago for a good while. All is well there and got the news from back home.

A very healthy dinner or wraps. The dessert not so healthy. Natasha made a great lemon curd cake with lemon frosting. I ate one third of it at least. I am in sugar and butter shock right now.

Played on the ole Nintendo for the rest of the evening.

Now to re set the traps.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Woke up early and waited.
No frigging Rats to be seen. Were are you lucky?
brown-rat.jpg LUCKY picture by irelandsking
Had to set off the traps before the nice garden critters got caught.

Got a text from Angela and Dean saying their flight had just got in from Cuba. Volcano ash fly ban lifted.
Some news in the Irish circle.

Car bomb explodes in South Armagh

Irish ship to run Gaza blockade, bring food to Palestinians

Irish people are the biggest binge drinkers in Europe

FBI closing in on Irish mafia boss Whitey Bulger?

Watched The Late Late Show from home. Pure shite really.

Talked with Mary back there. She is in good form.
Headed down to Ikea for a few items. Then stopped off at “Zoopa” for lunch on the way home. Next Costco for supplies.
Headed over to Home Depot and ordered a new front door and a triage of a window to put in front. All for just over $1,400. Now 3 to 5 weeks wait. Then back home.
This month has been a wee expensive for us with  $9,400 goint to the IRS and the Home Depot money today. This is a good reason to continue on spending. With over 8% interest on Natasha’s student loans and no more break on the tax I went on line and paid the remaining balance of $53,400 off. Now we are death free with a $64,000 hole in our bank account this month. Recession me arse.

A Smashing dinner from Natasha. Dessert from me.

I went over to the Bank Of America to deposit 6 checks that I have gathered in my pocket over the last few weeks. This is the first time I have uses the BOA ATM. since like Jan 2009 and low and behold this was all new. No more envelopes or deposit slips needed. You just put your checks all in facing one way up and the ATM reads the totals. Then it prints out like a copy of the checks deposited on your receipt. This is a great way to do the banking now. New to me but I heard from someone this system has been in effect for like six months now.

Over to the russians and dropped off a bag of cat food without telling them. La la la La la la La la la.

Back home in time to watch New Moon with the good woman. I have set the rat traps for the night too.

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