May 2010


Woke up feeling a wee better.
Realta had given me a DVD that she borrowed to watch so I put it in. “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”
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It wasn’t half bad really. A good way to start off a lazy day. It was still raining outside.

Lazed around for a while. Then the rain let up and the sun came up, and I knew I would go outside.

I went for a wee walk down to look at the olde bridge project.

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I saw a sign that said “Peds Use Alt Route”

but on the other side it said nothing so across the bridge I went.
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Pretty much all that was done was it was set up for the job. They will start the railing and surface demo soon I should think.

I went East on 106th and south on like 17th and across Thornton Creek.
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There was a wee water running because of the rain.
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Then I cut through the wooded area and down 17th to 98th. Back up to 15th and off home I went.

Went over to take care of the cats.


Walked down to Pagliacci’s via 75th for dinner. Realta on hand to serve us. Then home again. The walk took us about 60 minutes all around.
Watched some more “Vampire Diaries”

Now I will rest

Woke up after four intense hours of deep coma type of sleep. Felt frigging terrible. All the eating from last night took it’s toll on me. Today I will eat less.
Had a wee breakfast. Thought it might help with the headache but no.

Headed over to feed the pussies. This was a good.
Ate a gwall of pasta as Carmen chatted before we headed back out to a movie. Too much pasta. Fuck me. We loaded up dried fruit and the Theo’s chocolate for the movie.
Went to see “The Prince of Persia” at Thornton Place.
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I found the movie boring. Too much like the Disney afternoon movies we would watch on tv back home when we were kids. In spite of the chocolate and Coke I nodded off to sleep quite heavily on and off during it.


More pasta and a salad for dinner. I ate too much pasta today but it is so good though. I had planned to go and see Colleen play at Folklife but with the headache still intact and fecked from eating we decided to stay at home. We watched four episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” instead.
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It was a love hate kind of show but finally in episode 3 and 4 it got more interesting. I finished off the rest of the pasta and a huge bowl of ice cream during this time. I know I will be fucked again for tomorrow but if I die, I die.

Now Facebook for a wee bit.

\ /

Woke up well after a few hours sleep.
Went over to feed the Ruskie cats. Then over to get the Pete’s Coffee at the Ballard Market and more. Then down to Fred Meyers to get a
tee-shirt for the 70s party at home tonight. No luck there. Got a couple of items there for the party though.

Brought Realta to school. Stopped off at Target on the way home. Bought an Elvis Tee-shirt there. That is 70s enough for me.
Watched Tubridy on the Late Late Show for the last show of the season on the computer. Talked to a few people on the Facebook. Then lazed the day away. Headed over to Hme Depot to get two new lights for outside the house. Came home and installed them. Then a shower before the party began. Phil arrived first. Then Marcy.
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The table before the party.

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One by one people arrived after that.

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A ton of different cheese fondue with all kinds of dippers, pasta, salad, chocolate fondue with different dippers, washed down beer, wine, soda, juice, water tea along with hours of 70s music and songs, dancing, stories it all ended seven hours later. All in all I had fun.

Began tidying up by pretty much pushing everything into a black garbage sack and the dishes into the washer got most of it done pretty quick. Well it took time into the new day.

Woke up at 3:20 am after up on 5 hours sleep.
Watched a dvd. “The road”
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A good cast. A good idea but I felt like it could have been better in many areas.

Up and on with my day.

Arrington with Aaron. We worked in the pouring rain all day. Rain gear worked well.
Went down to Fatburger for a gwall of Coke and Starbucks for a hot awake tea.

Finished out the day ok enough.
Mowed the grass. Hung the disco ball for the party tomorrow.
Hot shower

Dinner at Hot Iron. Bank with checks.


Lazed a bit. Talked with Fiachra on Facebook. He is now living in Montana. I haven’t seen him since I left An Scaribh. Changed numbers and we talked on the phone for a while.
Now I will take care of the cats.

Woke up bollixed.

Headed off to the new investigation today. It was over in Issaquah.
ArlingtonPace002.jpg picture by irelandsking

Aaron here to aid me. Adam and Jim leading the openings. We laid out the tools for the day and got started.

ArlingtonPace004.jpg picture by irelandsking

We did multiple openings during the day. A lot of ladder work. we temped the building in at the end of the day. I said good bye to the building.
ArlingtonPace009.jpg picture by irelandsking

I headed over to Dunn Lumber to pick up supplies. Then over to Rodda to get paint matched.


Dinner & dessert.
Relaxed. Booked the Hyatt in Vancouver for my birthday week end.

Finished the extension to the table, installed latches to the cabinet doors.
And finally I hooked up the light for going down stairs. This was ten years in the making. I will make it a three way later on down the road.

Now maybe a sleep is in order.

Woke up feeling well.
Off to work. Ian and I pretty much at it on and off during the day. We went inside and got into a unit to access the repair plan for the future.

Cut out plywood to make the picnic table into a 8 foot table to create a 15 foot table overall. This will seat 16 people comfortably.
Dinner and dessert.

Costco for provisions. Home Depot for door catches.

Back home I washed the East window. Glued the glass in the cabinet more secure. And now I would like to do something else.


Woke up tired. Note to self– Go to bed early tonight.

Off to the job. Checked for slope on the decks. Most were borderline at best. Had to run up to Town Homes for the most of the day to clear down the job site. Talked to a nice fellow there. Randy, interesting fellow he is.
Cooked dinner and dessert.

Walked down around 75th for 58 minutes. Removed the two bottom plinth blocks from the deck door and installed new skinnier ones so the doors can open up all the way 180 degrees. Took the fold out table out for the party this weekend. Carmen came by for the cuppa, water melon and a chat.

Now I may go to bed soon.

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