June 2010

Woke up doing better even though I woke up numerous times during the night.
Lazed around on line for a couple of hours.

Then made my way down to Windsor in QA for an investigation. Another one with Kyle. Got the drywall open and looked at the damp area. Went outside and dug a hole to see where the water may be coming in. Then removed siding from up above the brick.
Headed over to Home Depot for supplies.
Stopped off to get coffee and tea at Chicka Latte on Aurora on the way back. The girl there was in good shape and looked the part of where coffee selling has gone.

Back to QA and we stopped into The Queen Anne Cafe for lunch. This was a regular place we frequented in the old days a lot. Had a great Waldorf Salad minus some of the items that I couldn’t have,

Back to the job and got everything back together. Screwing down the metal on the outside too and putting the ant killer inside the wall. Talked with the nice fellow living there before I left. He will take off on Friday so he can let us back inside to continue on the repair. I got Edgar the professional lined up for then too.

Veggie Burgers for dinner.
Walked the neighborhood down around 75th for 55 minutes.

Next we went over to Thornton Place to see “Eclipse” The third installment os the Twilight Saga that opened today.
Chatted to a nice couple for a while as we waited for the theater to open up. 32 ounces of Coke to keep me awake during the movie.

eclipsewallpaper1.jpg picture by irelandsking

I liked the movie. I think watching the other two during the week helped me a lot and got the understanding of it down. I reloaded on 32 more ounces of coke during the movie too.


Now I will check in and see whats going on in my world and then maybe try and get some sleep with the 64oz’s of Coke running through my veins.

Woke up tired-ish.
Skyped with me Angela.

Worked in Newcastle. Aaron and I o the man lift most of the day.


Put together some veggie burgers made of sweet potato, brown rice with hot sauce, onion and apple. Then grilled them on the new grill that Tessie gave us. I must say they were quite good.

Tonight we watched the second installment of the Twilight saga. “New Moon”
New_Moon_poster.jpg picture by irelandsking

Much better this time around especially after seeing the other one yesterday.

Now for some bollixing.

Woke up kind of bollixed. Tired really. I need a date with Denise. I must make the call.

Worked in Newcastle. Aaron and I again. We got a man life and spent a good part of the day up in that.

Investigation in North Bend for tomorrow is canceled until July 8th.

Stopped off at QFC for me pills but they still didn’t have them in.

Walked down around 80th at a slower pace of 49 minutes.

Tonight we watched “Twilight” again.
twilight-movie-poster.jpg picture by irelandsking

I liked it more this time. Maybe it is local pride and all. Like I would watch everything Irish.

Now I will feck off on the computer for a wee bit.

Woke up and looked at the watch. It was 6:78am. I got up and realized there was no 6:78 but it was 6:08am. A good nights sleep was on the books.
happy.gif picture by irelandsking
Next up was talking with my friend Patricia Moroney on Skype. It was great to see her. This was the first time we have seen each other since 1987. She looked great. We had a good ole chat. I gave her the pleasure of a wee look at me arse as I got up wearing only a tee shirt as I rehung the bodhran up on the wall behind me.
Had a few things planned for the day and some things kind of on the burner. Didn’t swim across Green Lake. Didn’t go to the Pride Parade.

We decided to take the bicycles out for a ride along the Burke Gilman Trail. Not on our plans. I took out our bicycles and oiled up the chains. Then pumped up the tires. Well on my bike. Natasha’s had different valves on hers. I washed all the dust and construction mess off of them.
Loaded them up in the truck and headed down to Fred Meyers to buy a pump so we could pump up Tasha’s bike. Thet didn’t have the kind we wanted so instead we bought two new tubes that we could pump up at home.
Modified the wheels a wee bit and changed out the tubes. Pumped them up and we were off again a few minutes later. We took them down to the Burke Gilman Trail. The last time we cycled on this trail was back in 1999 with Patricia O Connor. A long time back. We took off down the trail to Gasworks Park. I have lived in Seattle a few weeks shy of 20 years and never have been down to it. We make great time on the way down. Off and walk around the park for a while.

We walk around this rusty pile of shite.
cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010009.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010013.jpg picture by irelandsking

City View
cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010014.jpg picture by irelandsking

Rust Bucket
cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010017.jpg picture by irelandsking

Sun Dial
cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010019.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010024.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010028.jpg picture by irelandsking

our parked and locked bikes.
cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010030.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010035.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010038.jpg picture by irelandsking

The covered colored area.
cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010046.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010047.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010049.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010051.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010054.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010055.jpg picture by irelandsking

A rusty old couple
cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010057.jpg picture by irelandsking

A colorful couple
cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010060.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010062.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010065.jpg picture by irelandsking

We hop on our bikes and head off back.
cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010066.jpg picture by irelandsking

I felt great with the cycling today. It took me back many years. Back to the truck in 30 minutes. It took us 37 minutes going down. 14 miles round trip.

We stopped off at the Meadowbrook Farmer’s Market on the way back for a wee look. http://meadowbrookfm.org/
cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010067.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010068.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010071.jpg picture by irelandsking

cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010073.jpg picture by irelandsking

The time came to head out
cyclingBurkeGilmanJune2010074.jpg picture by irelandsking

Home and dropped off the bikes. Hopped into the Jeep and headed down to Zoopas for the lunch/dinner. Ate like two fuckers.
Next went down to Tessie’s to pick up the new George Forman Grill that she got for us. Well my grill in the event of our inevitable divorce.

Home for the shower.

Then over to Sinead’s 40th birthday. We got there later than most. Talked to some old friends there. Then met up with old friends who had moved away and returned again. May, Ali and Allison. They will appear on my face book soon. Ate a nice plate of fruit and left after 3 plus hours of visiting. Me being my usual shocking self.

Sinead40009.jpg picture by irelandsking

Sinead40011.jpg picture by irelandsking

Sinead40019.jpg picture by irelandsking

Sinead40030.jpg picture by irelandsking

Back home and I made the crepes.
Then a huge bowl of ice cream and Harry & David chocolate.

I was curious about Burke and Gilman so I checked in on them.
Here you go.

Thomas Burke (December 22, 1849 – December 4, 1925)  was an American lawyer, railroad builder, and judge who made his career in Seattle, Washington. He served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Washington Territory from 1888 to 1889. He was the main representative of railroad magnate James J. Hill in Seattle. The Burke-Gilman Trail and the Burke Museum are named in his honor.
Burke frequently organized subscription drives to raise money for Seattle projects, to the point that he often described himself as a “professional beggar.” His would often be the first name on the petition, pledging the first dollar—or, later, the first thousand dollars.

Judge Thomas Burke was born in Clinton County, N.Y. on December 22, 1848 and graduated from an academy in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1870. He was a student in the literary and law department of the University of Michigan from 1870 to 1872. He married Caroline E. McGilvra, Seattle, in 1879. He was a judge of the probate court in King County from 1876 to 1880 and chief justice of the supreme court of Washington Territory in 1888 and 1889. He was extensively interested in real estate in Seattle and was a factor in the building of the Great Northern Railway to Puget Sound from St. Paul. He was also the head of the Wenatchee Development Co., laid out the townsite of Wenatchee and became Chairman of the Board of Whitman College.


Daniel Hunt Gilman, lawyer 1845 – 1913.  Born in Levant, Maine, in 1845. After serving in the Civil War, he worked in New York City’s mercantile houses. He received a law degree from Columbia College of Law in 1877 and entered private practice in New York City. In 1883, he moved to Seattle, where he began promoting some major businesses, including railroads. Gilman helped to found the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway in 1885. Among the railroad’s objectives were to cross Snoqualmie Pass and exploit the real and perceived mineral resources of the Cascade Mountains. Working with Thomas Burke, he secured capital from East Coast investors to finance the railroad’s construction. The first tracks were laid in 1887. The line ran from downtown Seattle, around the northern shores of Lake Union, and to the east of Lake Washington. By 1889 the railroad reached as far as Snoqualmie Falls, where it was linked by a northern branch to the Canadian Pacific in Sumas, Washington, and track was laid in Spokane for a line heading west. However, the railroad never succeeded in crossing the Cascade Mountains. Due to the highly speculative nature of its financing and management, the venture ran into financial difficulties and the Nothern Pacific Railway assumed control in 1890.

Gilman helped to found the Seattle and Montana Railroad (part of the Great Northern system) and the West Street and North End Electric Railway in Seattle. He was also involved with various ventures, from real estate to construction to coal mining, connected with his railroad business. Gilman was among the first to recognize the potential of Snoqualmie Falls as a hydroelectric generation source, and he worked to cultivate interest in it.

Gilman was an active Democrat. He was chairman of the Democratic Party’s Central Committee from 1890 to 1892. In that capacity he helped to establish the Seattle Telegraph as the newspaper of the party.

Some time following his marriage in 1888, Gilman moved to New York but returned to Seattle in 1906. He died on April 27, 1913.

The Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern Railroad was a railroad founded in Seattle, Washington on April 15, 1885. It was taken over by the Northern Pacific Railway in 1892. The Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern was started by a group of men headed by Thomas Burke and Daniel Gilman with the purpose of creating a rail connection between Seattle and the Canadian Pacific Railway.

In 1885 Judge Thomas Burke, Daniel Gilman and ten other investors set out to establish a Seattle-based railroad so that the young city might win a place among major transportation centers and reap the economic benefits of trade. Their plan was to start along today’s Burke-Gilman Trail route and go north to Sumas and connect with the Canadian Transcontinental line. Their Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railroad, though it never got past Arlington, Washington, was a major regional line serving Puget Sound logging areas. The line was aquired by Northern Pacific in 1913 and continued in fairly heavy use until 1963. The Great Northern, Northern Pacific, and Burlington lines were merged in 1970 to become Burlington Northern Railroad. In 1971 Burlington Northern applied to abandon the line.

Fucked now I am.

Woke up after a very short sleep.
Took Realta over to the Academy.
Had a nice breakkie from Natasha.

Headed over to Kris and Emily’s to see the USA-Ghana World Cup Soccer final 16 game. Terry was there when we got there. Caitlyn and Kylie were up and milling about. Kris had rigged up a giant screen on the wall and we began the game with a cup of tea in our hands. The wind was taken out of my sails with an early goal from Ghana. Had a pile of veggies and fruit during the game. Mood lifted when the Irish American tied the game for us. Happy all the way to the end. Then extra time and then Ghana scored another goal. This brought me back to when Schillaci scored the winning goal for Italy against Ireland back in 1990. I was emotionally invested in the USA team and felt the same sadness now as I did back then. The fucking commentators didn’t make it any easier. They were too negative towards our chances of winning this game. The final whistle blew and our fine man can leave the field with their heads held up high.  Jonathan and Justin showed up during the game. We headed out soon after.

Home and had a quick snack and then headed over to Trish and Carrie’s in Magonila for the dinner party. There were a great mixture of people. I chatted away with old and new people there and ate a good bit too. Desserts more than anything. I liked most people there and really liked the rest.

Home late after a day of visiting. Tomorrow could be a busy day if we decide it to be that way. Let’s see.

Woke up tired enough.
Off to Parterra.
Aaron and I on board with Pedro at times. Got a good bit done until after lunch. Then we did the Tidy Friday clean up. Locked the place down and got out a moment early. Drive home was good.

Carmen came by for the cuppa and chat.
Hot Plate for dinner.

Lazed and napped during a movie.

Woke up in ok form.
Worked in a nice girls home for a bit.

Aaron and I outside later on in the balconies.


Dinner and dessert

Walked down around 75th in a record 54 minutes and 44 seconds. Waiting at the lights of course slow us down.

Fecked about on the computer for hours.

Good night

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