August 2010

Woke up late today. Not bad for an old goat like me like.
Bad news came to where I sleep. Our Mick died today at the ripe old age of 64.

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Got the call from Alan. The Kirkland job is on. I head out. Sitting on the I-5 for ages. Traffic not moving. The first day of rain in ages and everyone freezes. Getting onto the 520 Alan called back. I was redirected to Kris and Em’s. They had a leak coming into their house. I turned around and went down the Lake City way. This was going to be quicker today.

Got there and opened the ceiling and could see the water dripping. Couldn’t see the source though. We covered the front roof area with a tarp. The water still was dripping after our wait. I went back up on the ladder and found where the leak was. I caulked the area and sure enough it was there. Went down and cleaned up. Kris gave me great news about my employment agreement last year. Loaded the ladders back on the car. Got the tour of the egg layers earlier too.

Headed home and began a wee work in the Living Room. Mudded the lower part of the walls to make it look more like wood. Put wood filler on some of the seams and nail holes. Trimmed out the entry to the kitchen from the Living room. Wood filler in the book shelves. Put two more different paint samples on the walls and decided on one. Will pick it up at Lowes soon and do a full room sample. Began cutting the beaded trim for the wall boxes.

Headed over to feed the cats. A quick visit and fed them. Back home to my dinner on the table. Ate the dinner and dessert.
Then we went out for our 75th St. circle walk for 54 minutes and 54 seconds.

Came home and cleaned up my job site.

A hot Soy Chocolate and watched the movie “Dorian Gray” Well watched the first 90 minutes.
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So far it is a well made movie following the story of our Oscar Wilde to a tee.

Maybe more tomorrow.
Good night.

Woke up fecked.
Headed over to take care of the cats early. A great start to the day.

Back up to Richmond Village. Mike and I got it finished. The painters were there doing their thing.
Stopped off at Lowe’s on the way home for a few more supplies.


Put the upper mantle in.
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Then cut out the area of hardwood that needed filling in. Installed new wood there. Began the casing on the LR to K door.
Ate a grand Eggplant pasta for dinner and grand apple pie and cream for dessert.

Then we headed out for the 3,4 mile walk down around 75th. However tonight after we had been walking for 10 minutes we ran for 30 seconds and walked for 60 seconds the whole way around. It took us 51 minutes & 32 seconds to get around.

Lazed the evening away. I may not be working tomorrow. Bollix.

Woke up after a wee rest. Well a good sleep really.
Fecked around on YouTube and Facebook.
Ger S. got me on Skype and we talked for a long time.  Tasha made the breakkie.

Headed out to Lowe’s to get some supplies for the fireplace surround. Came home and made up a mantle and surround for the fireplace. Worked on this for most of the day with the I-Pod music driving me on and on. I had to go back to Home Depot and get some more supplies.

Natasha cooked a great dinner and an apple pie for dessert. Ate too much pie followed by cake and later on ice cream. Fuck Bollix.

The start of the mantle and tomorrow I may start on the upper mantle.
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Watched a DVD “The Back-up Plan”
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It was an ok movie. Just ok though because it had some laughs in it.

Now what?

Woke up too early.
Bollixed the morning away. Realta to class. QFC for a couple of items.
Natasha cooked the breakkie.

Headed over to Evginni for the flying visit and to get sorted for his trip tomorrow. Home Depot for some paint samples and some wood to close up the pocked door openings.

Home and went to work in the living room. Got the columns in. All 4. Wired in the motion light switch wire. Hooked up the I-Pod and went to the ballet moves as I worked.

Fifteen years ago today Natasha and I got together. We had a figging great Lasagna and salad for dinner. Followed by a Pistachio Cream Cake for dessert. All cooked and prepared by Natasha. Candles to boot. Even though I am a cold fish and lack feelings I love her to bits.

We headed over to Thornton Place to see “Eat Pray Love”
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A good movie about life. Not as good as “Legends Of The Fall” though.

Back home and had a look at the paint samples I put on before we left.

LRoom005.jpg picture by irelandsking

LRoom005.jpg picture by irelandsking

LRoom005.jpg picture by irelandsking

LRoom005.jpg picture by irelandsking

LRoom005.jpg picture by irelandsking

LRoom005.jpg picture by irelandsking
I prefer the lighter one of the two but we will check out an even lighter one tomorrow.


Woke up very early.
Was on the phone to the painter a few times. Kyle too. And Mike a couple of times. Busy busy.
Fecked around on Facebook for a while.
Then before 9am I set up my cut station and went to work on prepping the fireplace for the mantel and tile. Worked on the trim and faced the bookshelves. Cut out some of the columns. As I was working throughout the day the telly was on and the daytime shows were a reminder to the time I was at home sick from the Meniere’s. A bad memory actually. Uncomfortable too.

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livingroom001.jpg picture by irelandsking

livingroom001.jpg picture by irelandsking

livingroom001.jpg picture by irelandsking

Natasha came home and ended all this. We went down to Hot Iron for dinner. Then to Safeway for a pile of provisions. Had a chat with the lads at the Credit Union there and made a deposit.
Picked up a movie to watch later.


Watched the movie. “Open House”

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It was ok in a Clockwork Orange sort of way.

Now I would like to rest up as it is too late to continue working on the room here.

Woke up tired.
Mike and I removed the siding in the areas needed for the epoxy.
Went to the shop to drop off and pick up.
Fecked the afternoon away and got home later than planned but still before 4:30


Watched another movie thanks to the Bosca Dearg. “Repo Men”
2010_repo_men_wallpaper_005.jpg picture by irelandsking

It was an ok movie. I liked the ending.

Woke up tired.
Headed up to the job. Mike and I hit it hard until noon. Then I had to go over to Kirkland to do an inspection for Kris. Jake was there working too. It was hot and the sweat was going. I liked it.
Got everything done and went home later than normal.

Dinner & Dessert.

Watched a movie on the DVD “Kick Ass”

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Another good Super Hero Comic book type of movie with great humor.

Now whats next?

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