October 2010

Woke up tired. Fecked around.
Watched the Late Late Show on RTE. A better one this week.
Ate the breakkie.
Then removed the carpet and the pad from the living room floor. Did a couple of repairs and removed a glue line that was on the wood. This took a bit of scrubbing but was made easy by the I-Pod music and a good chat. Washed the floor with glass cleaner and all was well.
Carried out the garbage too.

Lazed and then headed out for wee bit.
Home to feed candy to the little fuckers come by dressed up as different creatures of fiction. They were excited because I was giving them the “Big Bars”

Headed over to the Ruskies. I was the only invitee. A great dinner along with tea and chocolate. Began watching “Ghostbusters” I hadn’t seen that movie since it came out in the cinema back home. I love Evgeni and Gala and their hospitality. Always have been very good to me.
Home to my good woman who had a salt free apple pie and ice cream ready for me. She went to the Perfect Pie Crust Class tonight and came home with a pie that had ten different orchard apples baked in a great Kerrygold salt free butter flaky crust.  Ate more than I should but I will run it off maybe tomorrow.

I announced my candidacy to run the Dublin City Marathon in 365 days from today. So Dublin October 31 2011.



Woke up feeling rested. Moved slowly to see if the back ached. “Ouch”
Chatted to my extended family on Facebook. Had a gwall of black tea and a great sandwich on a salt free walnut, sunflower seed and rosemary bread ala the good woman. Then popped in two Peppermint Bark Ghirardelli chocolates to give me the buzz and then off to Greenlake for the two lap run.

So with Tiger Balm on the back and a warm sweater to keep me warm I entered the track. I pod turned on and hat on head I took off. I began to run like a Tara-oo-mara native. This style was to lessen the impact on my feet which in result kept the pressure of my now numb back. I ran around it the first time in 25minutes and 12 seconds. This is the fastest time I have run Greenlake in my whole life. I then focused on my music, friend, and the butts in front of me. Tired a wee bit at the 4 mile mark and continued until I ran the tiredness off. Cane to the end of the second lap with an even better all time lap of 24 minutes and 36 seconds. Another record. Not too bad for me as I figured my time on the earth was to be up by yesterday. Maybe it was the running playlist or the Boston Red Sox Irish hat or even the style of running but I will not to try and beat this for a while. 49 minutes and 48 seconds in all. This was a walking time for one lap in the old days. I stretched as I listened to JXL vs Elvis and Bob Marley finish out my playlist. I crossed the road to the jeep a little proud.

Went to Lowe’s to get more paint for the living room. I gave them the codes but they don’t put the paint base type on their codes. Cunts. Went home and painted the hall in good company while Natasha headed off to do a wee shopping.

Natasha came back with the new end table and the paint. I threw on lunch and then listened to Steven Wickham on Sound cloud.

Put the second coat on the living room walls. Done.

Ate a snack and headed over to Trish and Carrie’s Halloween Party. A lot of nice people there some in particular that I like and some just ok. Had  fun with the kids, eating good food. Before the stroke of midnight we left and headed back to the Haunted Castle.

Woke up to pain.
Bollixed for a while. Ate the breakkie and then felt kind of fecked for a while. Off for my day of work.

Headed over to give Aaron a hand @ Crofton Springs. Had a good bit of usual fun there. Next town to Chris’s old job and picked up our ladders. Took them over to Galleria and had a quick chat with the lads there. then up to the office and put on the outlet covers everywhere.


Hot Iron for dinner.
Home for dessert.

Finished off painting the ceilings. Then painted the living room walls. Will do the hall later.

happy.gif picture by irelandsking


Woke up and had to get going pretty quick.
Ate breakfast on the road. Chocolate smores and chocolate covered blue berries. Got to the Shop at 6:30. Loaded up a pile of planks and ladders. Mike came soon after. Loaded up the plywood jack. Headed up to Joyce to drop off all the receipts.
Headed down the slow moving 404 to Kirkland and dropped off the planks and ladders to Alan’s job. Talked with Ian and Nick there. All was going well. I was dropping off the garbage bags from the investigation this week in the dumpster ans gave me back a bit of a pull. Next headed over to The Crest and dropped off the big ladded along with Mike.

I went up to the new office and met Jake there. We went through a list of shite that we needed done to finish the place. I fecked off to Home Depot. Bought a roll of black vinyl base and a gwall of glue. Me back was hurting more now. I went to work installing the base laying on my side for a lot of it to ease the pain. I got about 90% of it done before the trip home.

Stopped into to give Thea her money for the walkathon and her personal money for doing a great job. 
Not able to run due to an aching heart and a more aching back.

Dinner was great and the desserts were good too.

We painted the living room ceiling until the paint was gone. Another gallon tomorrow.

Now to bed and will try one episode of NCIs


Up early.
Blah blah blah.

Headed down to Renton for the last day at Revo. Removes the coping metal on the roof in a few areas. After two days of rain Mike and I were working in TeeShirts all day. Jim G and James were out today. Gerald came out to cut and retorch the roof in a few areas.

Safeway for lunch.

Put everything back together that we could. The rest we left open for the defence. Loaded up the garbage and got out of there. Tomorrow We will run around to a few of the other jobs and then work a wee bit.

Took the Malibu over to get the Emissions checked. Passed. Headed over to Bill Pierre and got the tabs.


Dinner and dessert.

Bollixed the evening away.  Had some of the White Chocolate Espresso bar for a snack.

Now maybe a bit of wall mudding and then a wee sleep.


Woke up after a good sleep.

Headed off to work. Nicolas there to help me. He dug the planters for me. I opened up a few areas inside the building. Set off the fire alarm with dust coming out of the vac. No harm.
Mike showed up and I sent Nick over to the other job. Went over to Wendy’s for the lunch with Mike. Jim headed back to the office.

Back to work.
Reinstalled the carpet and trim. Plywooded the floors to make the openings a bit more level. Put plastic over the drywall openings. Cleaned up and headed out. Got out a wee earlier today which was nice. The rain was bad at times but not as bad as yesterday.


Had a handful of chocolate covered blueberries for the snack.

Facebooked. and chatted for a bit.

Went to Greenlake and ran around. My mind was totally in the zone tonight.


Dinner and dessert.

The trim was dry and I removed all the masking. Edgar did a frigging great job as usual.

Now what. Well I have a list but will be a bum tonight.


Had a hard time falling asleep last night, well staying asleep too. Woke up after midnight and then again around 2am. No problem I put on McGruber. I finished the movie and still wide awake. The movie was and is pure shite by the way. Then watched a few episodes of Father Ted on the computer. Still no sleep. Too much chocolate yesterday. I will never ever eat chocolate again as long as I live. Fuck.
Chatted with my olde pal online here.

Up, shower, pack up me shite and off to work I go. Renton today. Revo the job. Well, I headed over to Home Depot first to get a Jack Hammer. To the job thanks to the SatNav. Jim G on the lead. I got started on the investigation. Mike showed up a wee later. Then Terry showed up and gave me an Elvis Tour Crew jacket.  Started in on the second hole with the jackhammer. The rain was coming down,

We headed over to Wendy’s for lunch.

Back at the job and continued opening up the send and third opening in the Storm of the Century. Frigging pissing down. Rain pouring down from everywhere.  Got the place cleaned up and dred in. Then of home late after a long day. Dropped off the Jack hammer.

Home and stripped off. Natasha had a great pasta dinner waiting for me. I made the crepes. I put chocolate and fruit in mine topped with Vanilla Whipper Cream.

Had planned to run Greenlake today but we walked around the neighborhood down around 75th for 63 minutes instead.


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