November 2010

Slept in until like 5:40 this morning.
Headed out to go to Galleria to pick up a 28 foot ladder for my investigation. The traffic on I-5 was fucked and 520 was even worse. I had to make a U-Turn and feck off back to Northgate and got and borrowed the ladder there.   Then up I-5 to Milll Creek and waited for Ben and the other Ralph to show up. We went into Sandra’s unit and ran the camera down through the vent pipes all the way out the building. Then the good Jenn let us into another unit and we ran the camera into the laundry vent. Had a look there. Loaded up the equipment and headed out after a bit. Down I-5 and over to 99. Returned the items and headed back to Northgate with the ladder and home.

Returned the other new TV to Costco.
Walgreens to drop off the photos.


Dinner and dessert.

Cut out the osb to make the table longer in the dining room for the party Friday. Put wire upon the brick to hold the stockings. Put the Wreath on the front door.

Now what.

ok I did get a few Christmas songs ready for the i-Pod.



Woke up fecked.
Headed down to get the metal flashing and then down town to the Belltown Court.

Removed the metal. Installed the back flashing I picked up earlier. Then reinstalled the old flashing. Talked with Steve and Trent at the building.    Had to go down to Atlas Inspection Technologies and pick up a push camera for the job tomorrow. Then to Home Depot for supplies. Then home. A full day.

At home today. I grouted the oak reducers to the tile spaces and the dining room to the kitchen spaces. Got the extra dining room table half ready for the party. Put up more lights and decorations. Installed the door mantle on the front door.

Went to Target too for a few items. 

Dinner and dessert as usual.

Lazed the night away.

Woke up after a very wee sleep.
Lazed for a while.
Signed up for the “Rock N Roll” Seattle.
Tea and Toast followed by a gwall of lemon water.
Went down and ran around Greenlake inner 3 times in just under 84 minutes. A record for 3 times around for me. even though I wasn’t in good shape to run to begin with today.
Put the iPod in the player with Christmas tunes.
Lunch of Autumn Harvest and vanilla soy milk.
Went out to get a few items and talked to Ger and Niamh in Chicago. He jst bought a new 42 inch TV at Costco. I just bought one a few weeks ago and wasn’t totally fond of it so off to Costco and bought one like his.
Fred Meyers, Home Depot and QFC before getting home. Hooked up the new TV. Boxed up the other one and watched Rosanne Cash and Brandi Carlile featured on Austin City Limits taped back in March this year.
Pesto Pasta for dinner and crepes for dessert. So far I had no chocolate today.
Later on went out to three different Fred Meyers looking for shite. Didn’t get what I wanted but got some Christmas items. Stopped off at Walgreens and bought a couple of extension cords.


Woke up later than normal.
Headed down and made the crepes for the gang. Me myself I had a gwall of te and then a slab of apple pie. Followed by two slices of banana bread. Loaded up the Jeep and said the great long good bye to my family from afar. Headed out with a ton os snow all around. As we got over the pass the snow was getting less and less.


and by North Bend Issaquah it was pretty much gone.

Unloaded the Jeep. Talked to Brendan across the street for a bit. Then inside and took the Christmas Tree down and got it decorated. Then started in on the columns. I headed over to Lowe’s to get a few items. Had a chat with me pal on the way.
Wrapped the columns and got more stuff up from downstairs.

Headed down to the Key Arena to see “Dane Cook” do his stand up show.  We had ringside seats.  The first guy up was a lad by the name of Chris Army. He was ok. Next up was Al Del Bene  He was quite good actually. Then out came Dane Cook to the intro music and words like they were announcing a rock star on stage. He had a few laughs and the crowd loved him. The show ended with Al coming back to do a set with Dane and then at the very end Chris came up and they closed the act out with all three on stage.
I am not a great fan of stand up comedy really and tonight’s show was no exception. Still not a fan but I did like Al Del Bene the best out of all three tonight.

Headed over to “The Melting  Pot” for drinks and dessert after it ended. Headed home in the wee hours of tomorrow already.


Woke up feeling better than I expected. Had to run to the bathroom. Blocked the toilet. All is wee in the world. I will eat healthy good meals from now until Christmas and maybe cut out the chocolate too.

Had raisin cinnamon toasties for breakfast with a few glasses of lemon water. Then apple pie followed by 7 or 8 different varieties of dark chocolate.

Headed up near Lake Cle Elum to take a Christmas card photo. On with the snowshoes and off up the hill into the trees. It was so good to get out and move and the first snowshoe of the season was under way. I was happy. Got a few photos in the freezing cold and the snow was a falling.

Stopped into Roslyn on the way back.








Came back and ate a huge left over Thanksgiving dinner meal. Bollix.

Headed over to Ellensburg to see a movie at the Grand Meridian. “The Next Three Days”

The movie was a good one. I liked it all the way to the end and our Liam had a small part to play in it too.

Back to the house. Ate another Thanksgiving size dinner again and finished out the day as I started with Apple Pie.

Watched a DVD “Elvis And Anabelle”

It was another ok movie.

Went to bed late and tired.


Up bollixed

I took a lazy day today upon recommendation of my friend.
Went outside for a walk. Freezing cold tempertures. Was stiff from lazing around for so long.

Walked up about a mile and then back to the house again. It was a nice to be back inside today.

Lazed again

Then time for the Thanksgiving dinner.
This year:  Nut Loaf, potatoes mashed with with butter sour cream and cream cheese, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, apple leek casserole, glazed carrots and mushroom gravey. I didn’t want to over eat as usual so I decided to take only one plate. I piles a part of each dish onto my plate. It looked like an Egyptian pyramid. It was heavy to carry to the table. Ate it down like a champ and went for a second plate. Half way through the second plate I had to stand up and walk away from the table out of foods reach. I felt like I was going to collapse on the floor. This is the first time I ever walked away from food.

Watched the telly and relaxed. Then had Apple Pie, ice cream ans whipped cream for dessert.

Watched a DVD “5.00 A Day” with Christopher Walken. Fell asleep during it.

Woke up and went to bed planning to never eat again in my life.

Had trouble sleeping before I passed out.

Woke up early.
Cooked breakkie for the gang.
Ate lunch.

Went outside.

And down town for a spin.

Went into the Hardware and the Christmas stores.


Then over for a hot chocolate at the Pioneer.

Sat by the fire for a while the drinks went in.

Then over to Safeway for a few provisions.

Back to the house and rested.

Ate a pile of food. Great chili ala Joyce and bread pudding ala Natasha.

Watched Il Torino and About A Boy on cable. Then an episode of NCSI.

Was tired from doing nothing all day so went to bed.

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