Woke up early and felt good.
Computer time.

Then headed down to Greenlake for a wee run. I-Pod in. First song up was “Legalize It” by Peter Tosh. Brought me back to the 80s. Good times running around the Netherlands. Those were the days.


Ran one inside lap and one outside for a total of 6 miles. Felt great and yet another rain free run in Seattle. Just a wee mist on the way round.

Whole Foods. Dropped me check into the bank while there.

Watched Bob Geldof on The Late Late Show from RTE. I like his new sound.

Too wet today to make a trip to the Lumber yard so I fecked off.

Ate the dinner of a well off farmer who had blight killer during the Irish Famine.

Headed down to Mitch’s birthday party. Alll the gan there. Had a good tome talking to some of them.
Now Bed and Tend and maybe get up and run tomorrow.