Was happy to be alive this morning.
Home Depot for supplies. Then down to Tukwila for the days labor. I removed the contents of the cabinets and boxed them up. Then pre-filled the drywall. Repaired a patch. Terry showed up and we started in on the floor leveling compound.
Went down to Bahama Breeze http://www.bahamabreeze.com/ for lunch. The good Marci took care of us. Kim came with us too.

Back and continued levelling the floor for a few more hours. Then removed the cabinets in the kitchen.
I headed up to the shop to put a door back on the trailer where some feckers cut off the hinge to get in. Nothing to take inside and what there was wasn’t really touched.


Went up to Kim and dropped off the drill and paddles. Along with a baker’s dozen of bottles of wine.

Dinner and dessert.

Watched a couple more Republic of Doyle.

Now to Rest I go.