February 2011

Woke up alive and well. Slow to get going but made it to work in time as usual.
Elder and I beat the building back together and finished the openings.
Wendy’s for lunch.
Home Depot for supplies.


Lots of dinner and dessert.


Bed and a DVD will follow.

I am gone.

Woke up a wee later than normal.

Talked with Angela on Skype for a good long time.
Then over to Fred Meyers for a few items.

Had a great homemade soup and bread ala Natasha for lunch. Talked to Mary back home for a while. The bad news is she and the gang won’t be visiting us this summer. The good news was Rachel got accepted into Kingston University if she wants to go in September.

Ger from Chicago got me on Skype. Talked to Pat, Carmel and Mary who were there visiting from Ireland too.

Got to a watching The Red Carpet and the Academy Awards. Ate cookies, Guinness battered onion rings, artichoke dip and chips, a great pizza and apple pie and ice cream for the evening. Natasha made everything. She is great.
I was happy with the most of the Oscar results. One of the winners hit a nerve in me and I would have hoped had it been won by one of the other lads. I liked The Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Movie winners though.

Now tonight after the mass consumption of food today I will go to bed and may not make it through the night. If I die in me sleep do not shed a tear for me. I have lived a life beyond my wildest dreams growing up. Oh and many lives to boot too.


Before I went to b ed I got n the computer with Kris. He wanted to see if we would go hiking with him today. I was going to work in the TV room here but a hike is an easy distraction of course so we agreed to meet in Woodenville at 8:30.

In bed I watched “Game Of Death”
I watched the movie “Buried” a while back where the entire movie takes place inside a coffin. Well that was a lot better than this one stop stuck bunk movie. I liked Wesley Snipes back in the day but this………….. I better stop there. I suppose the poor lad has to take what he gets when it comes to roles nowadays.

Woke up awful early. Checked in on the results from the election in Ireland as they were being counted. Our Gerry was doing great. Topped the poll.

Headed over to Kris and got there a few minutes later than planned after stopping of at QFC for a couple of items.

Pile into the Audi and head out. We stop off at REI in Issaquah to get a coupe of items on the way. Then to the trailhead. Park and start the trip up the mountain. 25 degrees F. at the start.

Mount Si
Mount Si should be experienced at least once by every hiker. In fact, a significant number of Puget Sound residents do just one hike per year, and these annual hikers almost invariably turn to Mount Si every time. In the early spring, mountain-loving backpackers and climbers use the trail as a tune-up for the coming season. Others come because the trail is one of few that becomes snow-free early in the year. Land managers estimate that Si draws between thirty thousand and fifty thousand visitors a year, making it the most heavily used trail in the state. As a result, on any sunny summer weekend the trail will be crowded–almost to the point of having to take a number and get in line. Really, it’s not that bad, and the steep trail soon separates the serious hiker from the casual mall walker. And Si’s payoff is incredible: views of the Upper Snoqualmie Valley, the Puget Sound basin, and far beyond.

From the broad parking lot, the trail climbs moderately for 1 mile to the first views of the long hike. Here, at around 1600 feet, you’ll find wonderful views from atop a rocky bluff on the side of the mountain. Hikers short on time and stamina could turn around here for a modest 2-mile outing.

As you near the 1.8-mile mark, you’ll sweep alongside a small brook, with grassy banks on which to rest. This is Snag Flat–the site of an old burn, as evidenced by the blackened scars on the trunks of many of the old Douglas-firs in the area.

The trail then pushes on, never wavering from its steep ascent, until you finally crest the last slope and step out into the wildflower-filled meadow at the summit, or rather, the summit basin. The true summit of Si is atop the big rock “haystack” that towers over the edge of the meadow. The haystack does sport a scramble path to its summit, but the route is tricky, with incredible exposure (one slip and you’ll plummet hundreds–thousands?–of feet). It’s best not to attempt the Haystack, especially considering the added danger of other people kicking loose rock down, creating deadly missiles from above. Besides, the views atop the rock are no better than those you’ll enjoy from the meadows at its base.



Up up and more up.



The final scramble up the rock pile at the end

It was now very cold. 11 degrees. I put on my outer shell. I had left me gloves at the house and my hands were killing me. Frozen.

Got to the top after two and a half hours trudging on the snow the whole way up.


Ate the snacks here for a few minutes.

The Summit Photos


We head back down pretty quick as the weather was cold. Going down took just over 90 minutes. Overall a great hike, 8 miles round trip with over 3,000 fet elevation gain.

Back to Woodenville. Tasha and I stopped off for dinner at The Mongolian Grill on the way back.

Carmen came by for a visit as I was chatting to Tommy and Carmel on the Skype.
Tea and biscuits along with a chat and she was gone. I made crepes for dessert.

Headed down to Queen Anne to the Key Arena to see Eric Clapton in concert. Got the tickets from Kristy. Met Scott as we were going in. Chatted for a while. Then into the seats. Perfect same level looking clapton in the eye seats.
Los Lobos put on a fine show with what I heard finishing up with La Bamba. Then out walked Eric.

He put on a great show. Sang a lot of very familar songs. Some I had grown up hearing back in Ireland. But his guitar solos stole the show for me. I have seen Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, The Edge, Carlos Santana and many more great guitarists play over my long life and without a doubt this man is the best I will ever see in my life I am sure. He played for just over two hours with a one song encore. My favourite number of the night was “Before You Accuse Me”.

Chatted to Kristy and Scott for a good while after the concert and then headed home. Stopped off at the Law Office on the way though.

Now a wee sleep after this long day.

Last night the bed movie was “Charlie St. Cloud”
There was one good bit on the whole movie, other than that, nothing.

Woke up and watched “The Concert For George” on the computer. It is being played 24 hours today in memory of George. He would have been 68 today. http://www.concertforgeorge.com/

Off to work. Ricardo and Elder there with me all day. We got a load done by time to go. Had lunch in Safeway. Cleaned up and headed out.

Ruzhen for dinner.

Then headed up to Thornton Place to see “Cedar Creek” but the girl said it hadn’t come in so we headed off.

Safeway for provisions.

Home and had dessert.

Watched a DVD “Life As We Know It”
It was not so bad in all fairness but a typical romantic comedy.

Now I will Watch a more action movie before I go to sleep.

Chatted to Paddy H in Saudi on the olde Skype.


Watched a movie during the night last night. “Faster”
It wasn’t so shabby.

Woke up feeling well. Snow on the ground. Rich won’t make it in due to roads. Elder was on the fence but Ricardo was on the way. So I will have to go in too. This prompted Elder to come in.
Had planned on 9 closings today but we got 11.5 done. Not so shabby.

Dinner and dessert.

Watched some more of The Office season 6.

Now maybe a wee movie again and then some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZs


Woke up after a good nights sleep.

Headed up to work. Went around the building all day with a couple of lads opening up the plastic. Then ran to Safeway for lunch. Then to Dunn for materials. Then back and continued opening the building some more. Home late. Got the paperwork done.

and a few of Joseph Walker Chocolate covered Ginger Royals cookies for dessert.

Snow finally started to fall and it is getting white out there.

Watched a DVD out of England.

Not such a bad movie. Creepy type of film. Better seen on DVD to make it worth the cost though.

Now a visit to bed soon with another movie.

Up early and off to Galleria to pick up a few more ladders for the job. Got there around 6am. Loaded up and headed out.  Had a chat to a nice fellow from Bordeaux who I woke up. He was fine with his fellow European. A nice lad but would never move back to France, he didn’t like the French.

Stopped off at Home Depot to pick up supplies on the way to the Forrest. Today I had Ricardo, Rich and Elder with me. We got the openings all finished after lunch. A lot of people on the job today. 


Dinner and a snack. Gana.

Watched The Office.
Watched the last episode of Shameless. Season 7 in bed and lights out. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz


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