March 2011

Woke up fecked. Relaxed a bit then I had to attack a blocked drain in the bathroom. I ran out of time and ran out the door. Over to Snoqualmie to the job. It was a wet morning.
I had to pop back down to Home Depot to pick up supplies. Since there was torrential rain coming down on the mountain today I bought a new pair of rubber boots to keep the water off me feet.
Back to the job. Lorenzo, Erin and I at it all day in the rain.
Lunch from the market.
Finished out the day bone dry.


Started in on the drain but I couldn’t find the snake to clear it. I cleaned out a few bags of garbage in the garage looking for it so that was the plus side. I gave in and gave it the drano. This cleared it enough to work and I will buy a new snake tomorrow.

In the meantime I ate dinner and dessert.
Lit a fire and put on Weeds with a cup of hot chocolate in me hand.

Finished the last 4 episodes and now I need to sleep.



Fell asleep pretty fast last might while I was watching a movie in bed. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Woke up tired.
Lazed and headed back to Bellevue to oversee the scaffolding erecting.
Wendy’s for lunch.
Stopped off at the office on the way home for a bit.



Watched a couple of movies on this day. “Fifty Dead Men Walking”

an interesting movie. Brought be back to Ireland in a different time.

Another Irish movie “Middletown”

This movie really took you into it. I liked it in its own way.

Watched some more of Weeds.
Now a wee nap hopefully.


Couldn’t sleep so well last night so I watched a movie. “The Clinic”
It was shite all the way through and the fucker didn’t even put me to sleep.

Up tired and headed to Bellevue to the old job. Met with the scaffolding company and got them started. I headed up to Dunn and bought some lumber and dropped that off at Kris and Em’s.
Back to the job.
Kept an eye on the lads putting up the tower.
I took them to lunch as their truck was full with the scaffolding .
I removed the siding where needed for the tie ins.

Day ended and off home I go.

Dinner and dessert.
Set up me new I-Pod for a while.

Looked up hotels in Dublin but gave up.

Now a sleep


Woke up a wee later than normal.
It was pissing down rain so being bored I booked tickets to London in October. Next step of this will be tickets to Ireland for the Marathon.
also we registered for the Bellevue 10k in April

Had me breakkie.

Next we  headed down to Saint Edwards Park to do a Trail Run. Our first trail run. I ran down the North trail, along the beach trail. Then up along the South Canyon and Orchid Loop trails to the Jeep. This was a great run. I got the best workout running with low impact. I like this.


Then up to Shoreline to the Bartell Drugs. Got Market spice Original tea, a heel cushion for the boot and some Vitamin Bs.

Had a great old dinner. But the carrot cake cupcakes for dessert were the best I have ever eaten. Created by my good woman.

Went down to The Market Theater. The home of the Bubble Gum wall. Another one of the worlds most unhygienic tourist spots along with the likes of The Blarney Stone in Ireland.
In we go and the seats in this theater are all good. A fine place.

The show starts and just moves along so well with songs about life and death. Happy and sad. The first hour to the intermission goes by in a flash. Then onto the second act 10 minutes later and this act flies by too. 3 women and 3 men put on a great show. The 3 piece band blasting out good music. I want to look up and read a bit about Jacques Brel the man who never gave an encore in his life. He gave it all during his shows.


Booked tickets from Heathrow into Dublin and back. Looked up hotels while I ate 2 more Carrot Cake Cupcakes and tea.
Talked to Paddy in Saudi on the old Skype.
Now I may sleep or something.


Woke up early so I watched a movie. “London Boulevard”
I liked this one too. Our Colin did a great job and the ending was good in my eyes anyway. He got to speak at Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral during the week too. The only celeb there doing the main speech.

Ate a cheese and egg white sandwich with ketchup. Washed down by a Coke zero. Then down to Greenlake for a run. First song out of the i-pod was “Promiseland” sung by Elvis. One of my all time favourite songs by him. Took it at at an easy pace. Made it around pretty much pain free the first time. It was a wee drizzly but the flowers were out and blooming. Spring has sprung in Seattle. I did notice the lack of New Year Resolutioners today. Half way around the second time me foot began to hurt a little around the 5 mile mark. Continued on at a nice handy pace. I realize now I will not run a marathon in record time so all I have to do is complete one fucker this year. This actually put fun back into my running. Had some great songs come on as I went around. Queen, The Pogues and many others. Also I picked up a little when the opening of “Up Around The Band” by Creedence came on. There’s a place up ahead and
I’m going just as fast as my feet can fly
Come away, come away if you’re going,
Leave the sinking ship behind.

Made it around to complete the 6.4 mile run in good time.

Talked to Ger on Skype for over an hour. He was in good form and we had a great old chat.

Went down to Southcenter for some items. Stopped into “Zoopa” for lunch. Left there full.

Over to Bed, Bath and Beyond for an item but got a different one. Then Cost Plus for supplies. Then to Costco for provisions. Then back to the castle.  My new I-Pod touch had arrived. I stuck it in the charger and relaxed.

Foot on ice until dinner time.

A loovely dinner ala Natasha.

We were on and off again  about going down to see the play at The Bathhouse at Greenlake. But with 30 minutes before curtain we head down hoping to get tickets. In we go and they had them.  We saw “The Happy Ones”

This 2 act play was one of the better plays we have seen in ages. Very well done and acted. I would recommend you to go and see it. The very last song at the end was “Up Around The Bend” by Creedence.


Now what.

Woke up and rushed off to Snoqualmie.
Lorenzo and at it up until noon.

Then I headed over to Greenwood. Removed bad gyp on the south side of the building and installed densglass.


Had planned to see “Sucker Punch” at Thornton Place this evening but the review on the raidio said if you go and see this you will be the only sucker and you should punch yourself in the head. I was a pile of Vomit. Change of plan, we went to see “The Lincoln Lawyer” instead.
It was a good movie. Ate a pound of chocolate during it.

Home for dessert.

Watched a couple of DVD’s.

“The Mighty Celt”
It was just worth a watch.

Staying on the Irish/Dog movie theme I watched “Man About Dog”

This would have been better if I was watching it for the first time.

Now what?


Woke up well.
Headed out after a bit of living the morning away. Laid the unamed rat outside for his final removal today.  Down the I-5 to DuPont.



Waited until it was time to enter the home. Went in primed the wall. Installed the trim. Caulked and wood filled it. Then caulked the wall by the fireplace. Marc the nice fellow there said he would touch up paint so I wouldn’t have to wait around for the caulking to dry.

Headed back up I-5 to I-405 to I-90 and stopped off in Issaquah to gwt some supplies at the Home Depot. Popped into Freddy;s to get a salad for me lunch. Odwalla too.
Up to the job in Snoqualmie. Went to work until lunch.
Then went to work again until time to end the day. Stairs jacked up, doors secured and headed  home.

Traffic was fecked on the I-5 thanks to a stalled bus. I got off and went home the back streets.

Home after over 170 miles on the road today.
Diner and dessert.

Headed down town to see “Billy Elliot” the Musical at The Paramount.


Parked the Jeep and headed in. It started out slow for the first couple of songs and then took off. Young Billy was tremendous. Daniel something or other. We will see a lot of him in the years ahead. A star. Good music, song, dance and sets made this one of my top 5 musicals of all time.
Now a sleep.



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