Woke up early so I watched a movie. “London Boulevard”
I liked this one too. Our Colin did a great job and the ending was good in my eyes anyway. He got to speak at Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral during the week too. The only celeb there doing the main speech.

Ate a cheese and egg white sandwich with ketchup. Washed down by a Coke zero. Then down to Greenlake for a run. First song out of the i-pod was “Promiseland” sung by Elvis. One of my all time favourite songs by him. Took it at at an easy pace. Made it around pretty much pain free the first time. It was a wee drizzly but the flowers were out and blooming. Spring has sprung in Seattle. I did notice the lack of New Year Resolutioners today. Half way around the second time me foot began to hurt a little around the 5 mile mark. Continued on at a nice handy pace. I realize now I will not run a marathon in record time so all I have to do is complete one fucker this year. This actually put fun back into my running. Had some great songs come on as I went around. Queen, The Pogues and many others. Also I picked up a little when the opening of “Up Around The Band” by Creedence came on. There’s a place up ahead and
I’m going just as fast as my feet can fly
Come away, come away if you’re going,
Leave the sinking ship behind.

Made it around to complete the 6.4 mile run in good time.

Talked to Ger on Skype for over an hour. He was in good form and we had a great old chat.

Went down to Southcenter for some items. Stopped into “Zoopa” for lunch. Left there full.

Over to Bed, Bath and Beyond for an item but got a different one. Then Cost Plus for supplies. Then to Costco for provisions. Then back to the castle.  My new I-Pod touch had arrived. I stuck it in the charger and relaxed.

Foot on ice until dinner time.

A loovely dinner ala Natasha.

We were on and off again  about going down to see the play at The Bathhouse at Greenlake. But with 30 minutes before curtain we head down hoping to get tickets. In we go and they had them.  We saw “The Happy Ones”

This 2 act play was one of the better plays we have seen in ages. Very well done and acted. I would recommend you to go and see it. The very last song at the end was “Up Around The Bend” by Creedence.


Now what.