April 2011

Woke up totally bollixed today.
Started watching The Late Late Show on RTE.
Phil came by for the visit. She brought us The Man United tickets. We chatted for a long time.

Headed down to the bank and got dollars and Euros out. I loaded into my pockets the most liquid cash I have ever carried in my life. Banks get robbed for less. I forgot about the burden in me pocket after a while. We then headed up to Thornton Place and saw “Fast Five”
I figured the movie would be a nice relaxing part of the day but I was kind of wrong. It was fast paced and kept your attention all the way to the end. A good movie.

Home and started packing a wee bit. Dropped the brat to work. Then up to QFC to get a few provisions to have in while we are away.

Home packed a wee bit more. Like one or two items.
Assembled the new entry bench.

Had a big dinner.

I had meant to watch some of the Royal wedding highlights today but was too busy.

Maybe tomorrow or in France.

Woke up still bollixed.

Watched the kiss in the Royal Wedding of william and Kate on the laptop.

Off down to Atlas to get caulk for the windows.

Then off to The Pier to continue with the put back of the investigation.

I worked like mad for a bit of the morning. I met Deb Y. there today. We had a wee chat.
Headed over to the market for lunch.

Elder showed up after lunch.

We got another area closed up. I have Lorenzo coming by on Monday to help him finish.

I left the view and building behind later than planned.



Has a snack of dinner. Beth came by. Had a wee chat and fun with her. Brenda showed up later on and the girlies went out on the town for Natasha’s birthday.

I had a smashing evening myself.

Natasha came home safe and now I will sleep.



Woke up and relaxed the morning away.
Had a great start to the morning but when I was driving to the job I was feeling tired. Maybe I am allergic to work.

Elder and I at it again. Removed lag bolts on the upper deck and the soffit along too. Well at least part of it.
Then removed the railing on the lower deck.
Last but not least the front entry door was checked and alas we got the investigation done. I head off to Dunn Lumber and pick up a gwall of supplies to put the building back together.
Make it back a couple of hours later and then we head for lunch to a Vietnamese/Chinese Restaurant for the snack. When I was ordering me lunch and explaining about the sodium and all that. The girl said “Are you from Ireland” I have been mistaken as a Russian by hundreds of Americans over the years and here is a Chinese girl hitting it bang on. I eat my special, Tofu, and veggies on rice meal and then mosey on. Elder had some sort of special.
Now with the job in our hands we continued the put back. Alan showed up for the visit. We had a walk through. Kevin Mc showed up to have a look at the stucco repair when I was out.
Elder and headed down to the Italian fellow for a couple scoops of ice cream each. Back and continued the put back. Had a gwall of cleaning to do too. We left there later than we should.


Dinner and another slab of Natasha’s birthday cake for dessert followed by a wee wee pill.

Put on the DVD “I Love You Phillip Morris”

It was a good movie. Well worth a watch.

Now what? Oh I know.


Up feeling good,
Out the door to meet with Gerald the roofer at the job. He was nearly an hour late as someone ran into the back of his truck. We got started without him. Opened up 4 locations on the roof during the day. Windy as fuck up there and then the rain hit. We managed number 4 between the showers. Opened up a window liner to do a window water test. Safeway for lunch.
We worked up until 7 o clock to get the window unit back together as they were leaving town tomorrow and were to be gone for a month.


Then some Lemon Coconut Cream Cake that Natasha got for her birthday party at the office. I ate a slab of it and popped in two water pills to see me through the night.

Now it is too late to do anything but get ready for bed.


Finished the movie when I went to bed last night. “Heartless”

It was not the best but good enough to watch if you needed help to fall asleep

Woke up pretty much fucked.
Lazed my way down to the new investigation after chatting to Angela on Skype for a bit.

Med Elder at The Pier. The rest of the gang showed up soon after and we went to work. Opened up 6 locations. Had a very late lunch for a few minutes as we were collapsing with the hunger.

Put plastic on the openings, cleaned up and went home late.

Had a cup of pure chocolate with a couple of Lindt balls dropped into it.
Watched a DVD “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story”
Quite ok for what it was.

Now I would like to get a good nights sleep but this may not happen.

Good Night


After getting of the Skype with Paddy last night Leo called and we talked into the middle of the night. Bed late.

Woke up fecked. Slow to get going. Finally headed over to Cherry Crest to do an investigation for David B. Waited for over an hour for him to show up and then I decided to give him a call. He told me he had been sick and completely spaced about the investigation. Then we were talking about the openings and I realized he was talking about a different building so a feck up on both sides.
I headed down to Galleria to pick up the 32 foot ladder and headed back to Seattle to Forest Villa, I waited there for him until he showed. We were here to look at roof sheathings. I removed some roofing tiles on a few different buildings and cored a hole into the sheathing. Then put new paper and Vycor on to make it watertight. Then reinstalled the old roofing back over them. Got done later on.
Then I headed over to the office to pick up me laptop.

Stopped at QFC on the way home for some provisions.
A soup for dinner and the last of the apple pie. Had more of it earlier in the day too.

Put on a DVD and I fell asleep half way into it. I will watch it later on during the night maybe.


Woke up doing ok after a little sleep. Went out to have a look at the roof as it was dark when I got home last night. Looks good from the street. I will climb up and have a beter look during the week.
Had the breakkie. Which I ate a huge egg and cheese sandwich followed by a peanutbutter and jam slab of bread followed by countless amounts of Cadburys Easter Eggs. All washed down with two cans of Coke.
Then I went on Facebook to see what the gang wee up to. Talked with Bridget O on there for a while. We chatted about running and all that. Then the following chat followed. She is highlighted.

When do you want to run?

I just had a huge breakfast and over half a big bag of Cadbury’s chocolate easter eggs so I can be out the door to Greenlake in 5 minutes

I could do Greenlak!!

Shoud I meet you there?


We decided to meet here. She came in to pick me up. Natasha came out to say hello. We ended up chatting at the door for like an hour. Then off to Greenlake. We ran around te outside at a good clip in good time. My heel was killing me of course. We had a great chat running around which made the run seem like seconds.
A quick stretch and back to the house. Bridget refused to come on for a cup of tea as she had to get home but we continued chatting in the car for about another hour. Tea might have been a quicker solution after all. We have known each other for well over 30 years and here we crossed into a new theme together for the first time. I went in home hurting and happy.

Ate a quick snack. Then headed up to Safeway for the last of the Easter dinner items. Went the scenic route there.

Home and was feeling tired from the lack of sleep for a few days so I lay in bed and watched a bit of a movie and fell asleep for a wee nap. Up and fecked around a wee bit.
Then Aaron and Victoria came by right at five for the dinner. We had a great salad, a great lasagna and a fabulous apple pie and ice cream. All created by the great Natasha. Me, I made the tea at the end which was served wit Natasha’s fine lime glazed cookies. Frigging stuffed.
Had a great time with A&V. 4.5 hours later we said our slow Irish style goodbyes.

Now a wee nap and start eating better tomorrow so I will be in good shape for finding a fine woman in France.

Talked to Paddy in Saudi for well over an hour on Skype.


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