May 2011

Woke up bollixed.
Relaxed the morning away.
Off to the new investigation in Clyde Hill. Traffic crossing the bridge was slow this morning. Met The owner. He opened the gates to let me park inside. I went to work. Removed the stucco around the back window and exposed the rot.
Terry came by with some of the property photos he was looking at in France. 
Covered the openings with plastic. Loaded up all the stucco pieces and garbage. Talked to the good woman of the house for a long time and then headed out. Took the garbage over to Galleria. Wendy’s for spuds.
Off to the office I go for a while.
Got the tickets for Phil off of Kris.
Went home and got all my billing numbers on the receipts.

Dinner Dessert.

Watched 3 more episodes of Damages.

The show has picked up and is moving along at a good clip. 4 more episodes left to watch now.

Now I would like to sleep.


Woke up after what seemed like a good rest.
Watched The Last “Late Late Show” of the season on RTE. It was good.
Watched a modern version of a silent movie on the laptop. It was good.
Then off to pussy duty. Fed and cleaned. Saw bigamont but Lizka was hiding.

Had a chance to go down and see Flogging Molly at Silver Platters but went to The Varsity to see “Hobo With A Shotgun”

It was good for what it was meant to be. There will be more movies like this to follow. Killer B’s are back baby.


Had Pizza for dinner.

Next watched five episodes of “Damages” season 2.

Now a nap maybe.


Woke up after a little sleep. I had a nightmare in my head and was very happy that it felt so real and I remembered it. I was marveled at that.

Went down for the breakfast. Oatmeal, yogurt and a cuppa. Had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich back at the room too.

Went for a wee walk down along the river for a bit. It was flowing fast and high. The others were having the breakkie and we chatted to them for a while. Packed up, checked out and said our goodbyes. Then everyone on their way. We head back West towards Seattle and they go on East towards Missoula.

We stop off right away for gas. $3.79 a gallon here. Cheap. The soundtrack of “Viva Elvis gets us started on the trip home. Next up is Whiskey On A Sunday by Flogging Molly. At the 79 miles from the hotel mark we enter back into the Pacific Time Zone and gain back the hour we lost yesterday.

Next up on the CD list was “The Greatest Irish Album Ever”. Another compilation album from a bunch of Irish singers. This is a great album to listen to when you are wandering through the back roads in the lush countryside of Ireland but not one on a desert highway through Oregon. We skip through the start of each song fast. Flogging Molly’s new one “Edge Of Darkness” goes on and this takes us a long way fast. Next up is Kings Of Leon. This is good and will put us in form for their show at the Key Arena later this year. Reminds me of Angela’s visit here. We go through a rain storm at the 180 miles from hotel mark and this goes on for 30 miles. Brandi Carlile Live At The Benaroya Hall takes us to the 248 mile marker where we stop and have out lunch at the Rest Stop.

Then on a few miles to the half way mark. Get the Jeep full of gas.  Back on the highway we enter from Idaho into Oregon.

On and on we go. At the 262 mile marker from the hotel we cross the river and arrive home to Washington state.

Still 248 miles to my Coolagoree in Seattle though. Mumford And Sons go on the CD player. Sun is shining. I pulled out the laptop and wrote most of me journal for the two days gone to this point for the next few miles. Got done at the 320 miles from the hotel point. Put in a Van Morrison CD next. Van the man is always good on the road. So after coming up the I-84 to the I-82 we make it onto the I-90. Pill in at Ellensburg to wash all the dead flies off the windshield and top up the gas.

Along the familiar I-90 we go. Next CD in is The Saw Doctors Live in Galway. Twenty years ago on Friday they brought out their first record so a time frame. They take us to Seattle and we listen to The Great Big Sea for the last few miles home. Arrived and unloaded the Jeep.

Our trip home today

I grab the keys and head over to the Russians to feed the cats. Washed out their bowls, loaded up the wet food and dry food. Topped up the water and laid on the couch for a wee bit.

Home for dinner and dessert.

I remembered I couldn’t remember my nightmare from this morning so feck.

Now a wee nap soon.


Woke up early. Lazed.

Ate the breakkie and then headed down to gas up the Jeep.

Loaded up and left for the 510 mile trip to Boise at 8 am. First CD in was Cowboy Junkies. Jumped through it pretty quick. It is an ok cd if you are laying in bed but at the start of a long drive it was too slow. Hit the eject button at 8:06 but the fucker didn’t come out. Tried it again and again. Broke a cd in half and reached inside the player to remove the CD. No luck. Then got a knife out of the bag but the knife was too stiff to bend down to hook it. Next I started in on breaking up a Mintz metal box to bend it into shape to hook the Cd. As I was doing all this Natasha reached over and it ejected. 20 minutes of trying down the drain. Ok ok all the poking I did had to help.

In goes the new Flogging Molly Cd. We will get to know the new songs before the show. It was good. Scott and Kristine called and they were leaving about half an hour behind us. After Molly Bruce Springsteen goes in. A live compilation that I had thrown together in the morning. He took us a long way. Next up was the “No Prima Donna” Cd. Van Morrison’s songs sung by different Irish or associated with Irish singers. Some good ones and some not so good but not shite like.on and on. A lot of terrain covered. Snow and lush green going up and over the pass. Then into the desert. Pass through Apple country, Over the river and into Oregon we go.. All along we are texting and calling with Scott and Kristy so we know where everyone is.


We stopped for gas pretty much at the exact half point way of our trip. We ate our packed lunch here for a while. Then Sott and Kristy along with Molly and Maggie showed up. We chatted to them for a while. Stretched the legs used the bathroom and trade a couple of Cd’s. After a wee bit we head off in a train like fashion along the freeway. We are passing along the route of the original Oregon Trail.

Go through wine country and spud country as we near Idaho. Now we are listening to an exchange CD .Social distortion. A fine blast of music for freeway driving. Then on goes Olivia Ruiz from the Carcassonne area of France. Different listening to her here compared tgo when we were back a few weeks ago. A delight. We go through a patch of rain for a few miles.At the 432 mile from home spot we enter into The Mountain Time Zone. Mumford and sons on the CD.  We lose an hour here.Continue on and arrive to Boise after a couple rest stop breaks and get to the hotel around 9 hours after leaving home this morning. The drive wasn’t all that bad really but we could be landing in Heathrow London in the same amount of time.


We check in at The Shilo Inn on the river. We get room number 125 and the gang get the adjoining room 127. We open the doors in between the rooms and chat for a while. Eat there too. Then time to head down to the concert. We park and walk over to The Knitting Factory. We have VIP tickets so we get to walk past the long line standing in the rain. Then in a side door to the seats in the balcony.

A few drinks and the opening band come on. Drowning Men they were called.  From San Diego. The drummer made the band sound great.

Then a break before our band came on. Talked to a nice couple next to me for a while. The fellow mothers family came from Ireland. She was one of the Milligans.

 A version of “The Auld Triangle” came over the speakers and Flogging Molly entered the stage soon after. They hit the ground running. Blasted out great music, song, stories and humor all the way through, New songs mixed with old. Introductions of the members throughout the concert. Bridget sang during Factory Girls.







My Irish blood ran proud during many of the songs and had great interest in the others. After up on two hours with an encore they were closing the show. Montry Pythons “Always Look On The Bright Side” came over the speakers and the band danced around the stage and down into the audience. This was the best Flogging Molly concert I have ever been to. The very first was equally as good but that was because it was all new to me. Went down and chatted to a few of the lads after.  Talked with Dennis Casey, Bob Schmidt and Nate Maxwell. A fine bunch of lads.




Headed back to 125 and lights out.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Woke up kind of fecked.
A good morning and out the door.
Headed over to Kirkland to pick up the metal chimney cap at Fast Flashings. Strapped it down into the bed of me truck. Then headed over to Issaquah. Elder was there to greet me. We started straight into installing the cap. Got it done quick. Then I brought Elder down to Issaquah Crown stopping off at Home Depot to pick up a garden hose. Two in fact. Then to the job. He had to hose down the stairs and railings all the way down. I headed back to me job. Terry showed up early and we found the leak under the sink. I turned off the water and took the part to find one like it.
Now I was going to be on time for my appointment. Stopped off at the clinic in Fremont. Walked in the door on time. The good doctor was an hour behind. Bridget came out to admit me. We had a good old chat and laugh. Tucked into the bed on wheels. Lauren came in and started the IV. We chatted for a bit too. After a while my guard rails went up, then Bridget and Kelly wheeled me in for the scope. Talked to the good doctor for a while. Then the procedure started. Down me throat goes the camera. I gagged a wee bit as it made its way in. Pictures and a gwall of biopsies. After about 7 or 8 minutes with the good Steve and Lauren the camera was making its way back up out of me stomach. A clear breath and I was ready to go. Talked to Doctor Steve for a while, ages in fact. I was thinking he was in no hurry getting me out even though he was over an hour now behind.
Back to Bridget and we chatted while I lay there. Then over to Kelly for recovery. She had a hard time finding my dentures, hearing aids and prosthetic foot. Bridgie had put them on my form. Kelly came over and asked if they put them in as a joke. I said maybr they were playing a joke on me. After a wee rest I was taken out the back door by Kelly and off I went.
After fasting for nearly 24 hours I ravaged a bag of dark chocolate covered Acai berries even though I threw them out of reach behind the seat as I was driving along. At a red light, I climed back to get them. Finished before I got home.
Then headed over to Thornton Place to see “Hangover 2”

The first one was a hard one to follow but they did a good job. There were a few low points along the way but not so shabby. I ate a big bag of trail mix during it. Stop scolding me.

Home and had a sandwich for me dinner.

Now bed time.


Finished watching a movie that I started a day or two last night in bed. “Waiting For Forever” I know this feeling.
I thought it was ok enough.

Woke up tired.
Got slowly ready for the day.
Headed over to Boyle. Got there early and waited. Elder showed up and we got started. We finished all the siding repair. Then chased the location of a leak but couldn’t find it. Time will tell for sure.

Headed over to Bellevue and dropped off the paint sample to my brother Edgar. We chatted for a wee bit. Then I headed over to Atlas to pick up Ice and Water Shield.


Had to head up to the post office to pick up a registered envelope. Inside were the cards for France.


Relaxed on Facebook and emails.


Woke up after a little sleep.
Then headed down to Fremont to pick up the dump truck. Headed over to the shop and met Elder there. We loaded up scaffolding and headed down to Boyle Job. Erected the scaffolding for a while. Then over to the Mongolian Grill at noon for lunch.
Finished erecting the scaffold after. Then did the opening on the chimney chase. Exposed the damaged area and made a material list. I measured up the chimney cap and called it in to be made with Scott @ Fast Flashings.

Headed down to Home Depot for a few supplies. Then back to Fremont to drop off me truck.

Stopped into Wells Fargo and transffered money into checking to get ready for the trip across the world. Took a bit of time. Next into Alaska Credit Union and did the same. Only a couple of minutes.



Got the tickets for France booked up for a trip in July.
Rented a car for the time there too.

Now a wee nap.


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