June 2011

Woke up and thought it was early but it was just the normal time.

Off over to Snoqualmie to the job today. The start day. Got there before 6:30 to meet the home owner before he left for work. We chatted for a while.

Elder and I set up the scaffolding and went to work. Removed the siding that needed to be repaired. Installed new paper and Vycor where needed.



Went over to Underwood to put all the furniture back on the deck. Stopped off at the Falls to get rid of the garbage, Then down for lunch at the Mongolian Grill. Next up was Home Depot. Back to the job and got it all ready for the new window. The window was meant to arrive between 2 and 4. I sent Elder off after we cleaned up. I waited for the window. It showed up late. No harm I was busy anyway. The driver was Don. A lovely fellow from the Philippines. We talked for a while as we unloaded the window. He gave me a gift of a hat.

I headed back to Seattle and into Dunn to get some siding for the job. Tied it off and headed home. A long day.


Now bed and the call girl



Woke up early and watched a few episodes of Season 2 of Call Girl.

Up and blah blah blah.

Out the door and over to Issaquah Highlands. Loaded up all the tools and garbage along with some supplies. Cleaned the grounds and the garage. Then headed up to the shop and unloaded the tools. Next popped over to the office with the receipts.  

Headed over to Kirkland. Stopped into Wendy’s for a couple of spuds. Over to Townhomes and did the water test in Mary’s. Checked down stairs in Nancy’s and no water coming through. Back up to Mary’s and did a good clean up of the water. Talked to her for a minute and headed down. I brought her garbage down with me. Loaded the garbage into the dumpster.

Now I head from here to Dunn to pick up supplies for tomorrows new job.


Cut up the tree limbs into firewood sized pieces. Put the deck cleaner on the posts. Ate me dinner.

Headed over to North Seattle Community College for the first of 8 classes in French 1. Was falling asleep for a bit there.

Home and now a call girl.


Woke up ok
The usual
Off to Issaquah Highlands again. Built the fence on the deck. Built the brick wall that was smashed.
Got Manuel going on the last coat of the deck. Cleaned up and off home half an hour late.

Finished the deck rails. Ate me dinner. Went to Home Depot for deck cleaner to clean the posts. James came by after I got home. Chatted about the jumper at the weekend and gave him the airgead for the garden.

Climbed up the tree behind the house and limbed off a few branches with the sawzall. Finished just before 9om. Showered and now I will find sleep.

Here are some of the photos they would like me to buy from the Rock N Roll ut I am not proud enough to buy them plus I am poor anyway.



I downloaded my Winners Cert because it was free.

Good night


Laid wide awake in bed watching Season 1 of Call Girl last night and finished it. In all reality I think it is shite but there were a few upbeat moments in season one. Finally fell asleep.

Woke up tired.
Blah blah blah.

Off to Underwood. Worked away. Picked up materials. Had Elder come by and help me finish out the siding and deck fence. We went to Mongolian Grill for lunch. The gutter guys came by and installed the new ones too.  Cleaned up the job and left late. Well not really late since we took a few minutes longer at lunch.



Finished the deck boards. Then started in on the rails. Got 25% done and called it a night.

Now I will go to rest up and maybe start Season 2 of “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”



Woke up after a good sleep. Lay there and slowly moved my legs to see if I had any pain. Not so bad at all. Jumped out of bed and started into the day. Usual lazing around. Worked on the Time Cards.

Went over and took of the catses.

Started in on finishing the deck boards. Worked like a mad man all day, stopping for the snacks along the way.

Had to run over to Home Depot to get a few more deck boards. Bought some cedar to replace the hand rails too. Loaded up and back home. Removed the last of the old decking. Pre cut the remaining boards. Then stained the boards and rails.

Watched a DVD from Red Box. “Battle:Los Angeles”

The best part of the whole movie was I fell asleep for a few minutes during it. It fucken annoyed me to watch it. Bad everything.

Locked up the work station. Moved the tools.

Here is my time for the Half Marathon yesterday.

Pace 5 Km 10 Km 9 Mile ChipTime ClockTime
11:32 35:42 1:11:46 1:45:49 02:31:10 03:30:44


Here is my gift from Trisha and Carrie for running it.

and here is me medal for completing the half.

Now I will try to sleep. I drank 2 cans of Coke late this evening so I may be fecked.


Began watching The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl on the DVD in bed last night.

Woke up at 4. Shave shower. Ate a bowl of oatmeal. Packed up the running gear. Wrapped the foot. and headed out the door before 5. Parked on the street at Safeco. Then rode the School B us shuttle down to Tukwila. We walked around the starting line for a while. Had a banana. Dropped the swag bags off to the UPS trucks check bags. Up to this point all was going well. I figured I would run as far as I could and at least beat 10 miles which was my furthest run to date.
Mosied on over to the starting line and in to corral # 36. Trish was there and we chatter to her for a while. Then I got a tap on the back. It was Jodi. She was there with her sister Katie and mam Kathy. We chatted for a while longer. Every minute a corral got to start and finally we were next. I popped a Ibuprofen to help with me pain. This was my first time in about 8 years taking any kind of over the counter pill. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and we were off on our first Half Marathon.

I followed Natasha’s pace. We moved along at a nice steady no pressure clip. Mile 1 came pretty quick. We got water along the way as we ran. They had a stage with a band about every mile. This made it nice. Mile 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 came along handy enough. Slight pain in me foot. Popped a gel block at mile 4. lots of water. All going well. Along came mile 7 so we are over half way done here. At mile 8 we get some gel shots. More water. I began to feel more pain around mile 9 but kept going on. We ran past the Blue Campaign in honor of the fallen soldiers of the recent wars. Their names and photos were on display followed by a line of flags. My Nation Pride was raised high along here. Mile 10 to 11 we were coming along the express lanes of the I-90  tunnel and Seattle appeared before us. Still going well. We run throw down town and I felt great. Had a big smile on my face as the music boomed and people cheers. Down Columbia and then down 99. Exited off on 1st avenue and less than a mile to go. Our pace had picked up and we ran over the finishing line. 13.1 for Rock and Roll baby. The run today seemed so simple and I felt like I could have run the full marathon but sense kicked in and told me otherwise for now.
Got me medal, orange slices, water, banana and heat blanket. Picked up me gear at the UPS checked baggage location. Then we headed back to the Jeep. Up the I-5 and home. Ate lunch. Lazed for a wee bit. Then headed over to feed the pussies.
Watched some more of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.
Showered and out the door again. Headed over to Trish and Carrie’s for a running party. I played games with the kids. Phil showed up. Beth Sean and their girls. Brenda, Marshall, Natalie and Kiera next and Heather along with her two boys. We chatted drank ate. Blah blah blah for five and a half hours and it was time to head back home again.
Now a wee nap.


Late night or early morning to bed. Woke up real tired.
Over to the job. Met with Eddie and the gang. They will start the deck after the shower later on. I loaded up the tools and material and took it over to the shop.
Stopped into Wendy’s for a couple of Spuds. Then headed over to Town Homes. Met Alan there and we went into the unit to check the leak on the Soffit. Then went up stairs to check where it might be coming in on the upper deck. The post was missing sealant at the boot. Mary was the woman here. A fine chat I did have with her. I caulked the leak point and will come back next week to do a water test.
Got to go home an hour early today.

James came by to see how we liked the garden. He does good work.

Headed down to Ruzhen for a carb load dinner to aid with the run tomorrow. Then over to Thornton Place to see “X-Men First Class”

I had about 2 or 3 sleeps during it but it really was a good movie.  Will have to watch it again.

Sargy wants me to be his best man in Thailand or Italy next year and Carlie asked me to be his best man in South Africa next year too. When will the fecking travel stop?




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