Up and up.
Out and about.
Home Depot for supplies. Took then back home to prime later.

Then over to Dunn Lumber and picked up fascia boards. Down to the job. Picking Elder up at Windsor on the way. Got to the job and went to work.

Headed over to Wendys in Ballard for lunch.

Then back at it again. Got all the gutter and old fascia removed. Tidied up and brought all the debris down to the ground. I said my good byes to Elder and left him to finish the cleaning.

I headed back up to Dunn to return the fascia I got in the morning and as we needed wider wood. Got what I needed but had to head over to Fremont to pick it up.

Back home and primed all the fascia, stair treads and plywood for the soffit.

Ate me dinner and dessert.

Then we headed over to Thornton Place for a make or break family movie. “Friends With Benefits”

It was the usual on and off again type of romantic comedy but a nice movie to sit through.

Home and now a sleep maybe.