September 2011

Woke up better than I thought I would.

Chatted to me pal opn the Skype for a wee bit.

Headed to work. Stopped off at Kelly Moore to see Candace. Ordered some body paint. Had a quick chat and headed up to the job. Elder, Victor,Carlos and Aaron on hand.
Worked away all day and got a lot done. Aaron had to go to another job.

At the end of the day I had to go over to have a look at a sump pump that wasn’t working. I picked one up just in case at the Depot and headed over. Met Terri the home owner. She was a grand woman who had visited the old country a few times. I went down and worked on the pump for a while. Couldn’t get it going. Then hooked up the new one I bought. Dug out some more of the mud pit and put in the plastic flower pot. Then put the pump in that and whooosh the water flowed.


Went over to Thornton Place to see a movie. “Dream House” by our Jim.
I had seen the trailers over the last few weeks and it gave the movie away for the most part. It was a good movie but would have been so much better had I not seen the trailer.




Woke up after a long sleep. Still fecked.

Got moving. Out the door.
Up to me job. Elder and Carlos on hand. Aaron had a root canal and Victor will show later.
Went to work and stuck at it until lunch.

Had the walk around meeting with David and Alan so we could find the last of the openings for repair.

Finish up priming the wood. Cleaned off the 726 deck and whoosh time to go home.

Stopped into the Post Office and QFC on the way home.

Dinner and dessert.



Woke up at 2am.

Watched 3 more episodes of OZ.

Up and had a down slow start to me day.
Then headed over to Dunne for supplies.
Brought supplies down to Lorenzo in Queen Anne. Then my day got better with my trip back up North. Stopped off at Cooper Square to glue a plumbing pipe. Removed tape from a downspout and cleaned it with WD40. 

Back to The Forest. Elder, Victor. Carlos and Aaron working away. Thee was a lot of rot in unit 832 wing wall. I head back over to Dunn and pick up supplies. Ate lunch with Carlos.

I headed over to Mercer Island to get an idea of the repair that I will perform there next week.  Talked with the owner for a wee bit. His Grandma was Irish.

Back to Seattle.


Got The Waterboys new CD in the mail. Got a bit happier.

Wet for a run to continue with the beating.



Watched the fecking X-Factor on the telly.

Now a wee nap will soon follow.


Woke up as good as I could. Lay in bed fecking around on the laptop.

Up showered ate and on me way. Sat at Dunn waiting for them to open. Got material for the job in QA. Headed down. Met with Lorenzo. Dropped off the material. Set him up and off I went.

Down to Atlas and picked up the products I needed for the Forest.
Blah blah blah fucking blah.

Up to the job and worked away for a while. Talked with Lorenzo. He will need more caulk tomorrow so I picked up some on the way home. Stopped into Safeway for provisions.


I am still thinking about running tonight but will more than likely go to bed and wake up and may start my day with a bit of a beating with a hint of pain in the morning.


Woke up fecked of course. A bad start to me day.

Headed up to the job and got the lads going for an hour. Then over to the shop to pick up some tools for Lorenzo to work at Tom and Kerry’s tomorrow. Stopped into Home Depot for supplies and home for backer rod. Met Mike at the house and we came up with the plan of attack. Then back to Forest Villa and had a look at the rotting rim joist. Came up with a planned of attack for Elder and Victor tomorrow. Then I head over to Dunn to pick up some framing, rim and siding. Dropped it off at the job and off home I go.

Headed down to Georgetown to meet with Scott, Kristine and Darrin for dinner. We went to “Calamity Jane’s” as the pizza place was closed on Mondays. The gang showed up soon after. Rob was there too and Kristine’s Leta. We all had a great old chat for many hours. Mike showed up later on too. Time went by quick and whoosh it was time to go home.

Now I will talk dirty so someone online for a few minutes and then bed,


Woke up covered in sweat. I knew I shouldn’t have crawled under the quilt last night.

Got up and lazed the morning away.
Went over to Thornton Place to see a movie. “Killer Elite”

It had got terrible reviews so I went in with low expectations. It was quite good I liked it.

Went to Whole Foods for provisions.


Had a good old American BBQ dinner followed by the carrot cake. Yum.

Put on a DVD “Spirit Of The Marathon”

It was a good look into the madness and greatness of Marathon Running. Inspiring with a shadow of wonder.

I will start taking the marathon more serious tomorrow now.  The following quote gives me great want and hope.

“When You Cross the Finish Line, No Matter How Slow or Fast, It Will Change Your Life Forever”

I am fecking stuffed to the gills from all the dinner and desserts tonight. Will find it difficult t sleep and will wake up fucked. Oh well just like the old days for me really.

Allen and Suzanne posted about the photo shoot last week on their site.


Woke up early
Finished off a dvd. “Conan O Brien-Can’t Stop”
One or Two ok parts in the entire movie. Other than that pure shite.

Next up I started into “Season One of OZ”
This has got off to an ok start. I will continue.

Got up and ate. Put on all the clothes, bandage and electronics. Headed over to the Burke Gilman trail and we ran down and back for 18 miles. I felt pretty good too. One of my better runs in a wee while I suppose. I stayed with Natasha and she is a good pace car for me to run injure free.


Shower snack.

Headed over to get a couple of thing to bring to Ireland. Ended up buying a bag of Jelly Beans and an i-Pod holder. Handy like.


Natasha made another pizza for dinner and a great fecking great Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert. Ate a pile of it.

Lazed the rest of the evening away.
Now maybe bed and Oz.


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