November 2011

Woke up a bit tired.

Headed over to the job. Nicolas on hand again. Lenny came by for the visit. We got started on cutting out the forms for the concrete pour. Installed more rebar as well. Worked like mad all day.
Went to Safeway to get lunching material.
Finished out the day very busy.

Stopped off at Greenlake for a wee 3 miler on the way home. It was so short after running the marathon. I was stiff until I warmed up. Met Bridget and the Whore Marie walking there. We chatted for a while. Then off home I go.

Went in and started on setting up the dining room to accommodate 20 people for the Friday evening Christmas party.
Dinner and dessert as usual.
Then I continued on the table until late into the evening. Too late to go up to Walgreens to print off the photos and buy a lead for the mantle lights.

Computer time and now a wee sleep maybe. MAYBE.



Getting Organized 
Woke up after a good sleep.
Did some work around the house today. First morning in a long time. 

Off to work. Nicholas on hand. Wrapped the columns with Hardi and corner wood at St. Theo’s.  I headed up to Home Depot to get supplies for Windsor Court. Came back to Theo’s and picked up Nicholas. We went down and Dropped off the supplies. Next up to Lether to move the plants back on the deck. I got Elder to drop by to help with the big tree. 

Back to Theo’s. Put paper on the walls where needed. Then moved the patio furniture back on the patio. Day done.

I took all my yard waste down to recycle at the dump. A frigging huge pile. I had planned to go running this evening but I got too wet throwing all the plants into the dump. 


Dinner and dessert.
Sorted out a photo for the Christmas Card this year. 

Booked tickets to Scotland for next April. Even though I was booking 5 months early they charge an arm and leg. But no harm I suppose. 

Now I will head too Walgreens or Bed. 

A Flash in the pan

Woke up at 1am and watched some more OZ to help me sleep. No good. I got up and lay on the couch watching a DVD. “Te Lost Future”

Got up bollixed around and headed to work. Down to Park View in Madison Park. Nicholas on hand.
We got started right away set up the planks and ladders. Strapped everything down and waited for Jim K to show up. 8:30 was to be the start time. I called him at 9:15 and he was leaving the office heading our way. Got there later on.

We removed the siding where the suspect area was. Found where the head flashing metal was sloped the wrong way. We removed the flashings and re bent them with about a 110 degree slope. Repaired the holes in the paper. Re-installed the flashings and trim. Then the siding. We had to head over to Dunn to buy more siding and caulk. Completed the install after lunch. Then caulked and painted everything. Cleaned up and removed all the tools from the site.

Got home in good time.



Now who?

Marathon 2
Woke up after a very short sleep. Wide awake. Note to self don not eat a frigging pile of cookies before bed. Oh the “I Spit On Your Grave” movie was an ok watch.

So after waking up I watched 2 episodes of “OZ” season 5.

Lay in the bed chatting on Skype and fecking with Facebook. I called Phil at 5:45 as planned. She was up. Natasha headed off earlier to run the half Marathon. I ate the breakfast and put on my well laid out clothes. Put on all the electronics as well. Phil showed up at 6:40 and after a wee chat we headed down to the Seattle Center. Parked the car and we went in.
Checked our bags. Tries to use the Porto Potty but no luck on the cookies from last night. Talked to a few different people around the Experience Museum while we were waiting. Tried the bathroom again.

Marathon Runners please go to the start line came over the loud speakers. Phil and I made our way over. Waiting for a wee bit and we were off. It was raining right from the start. I kept the black garbage bag on until I warmed up. We head out across the express lanes of I-90 and make a U Turn in the Mercer Island Tunnel. And back again. It was cold crossing the bridge with the driving rain and wind. Next headed off down along and around Steward Park. The I-Pod in one ear while Phil and I chatted away. We come back up along the park and up through Leschi. I tell Phil I better use the Porto Potty around mile 19 so I pop in. Success. Well I stop into a couple on the run. I am now up on 6 minutes behind Phil and would have to make up a minute a mile to catch her. I take off going up the hill past Kurt Cobain’s home trying to catch up. This part of the marathon is very hilly. I tire very fast along here. I struggle along at mile 23, 24 and 25. I was glad when I lumbered past 25. Then the end was in sight way off. This was a long mile. Knowing I was saving myself to train for a Boston Marathon time next year kept me going and I was in no hurry. Came up along into Queen Anne. Turned and into the Mercer Arena down the hill to the finishing line. I was glad to be here. Natasha, Marci and Phil were there to meet me. My time was 4 hours and 44 minutes co comparable to Dublin. I was happy with this.

We go up and get our bags back. Into the center and change into dry clothes. Then eat 3 bananas. 2 pots of pineapple and a couple of bars. Water and water. Then we head over to the cap park and get into the cars. We all meet up down at Paddy Coyne’s. Pat is there and we chat for a while. Then lay into the dinner and drinks. We chat away for a few hours. Then the time to head off home.

At home I chat on Skype. Eat a colossal amount of cookies. Have a warm shower. Then a sandwich and now some dessert.

Ice cream, crumbled Christmas cookies and chocolate whipped cream. Yum.

I will retire into the evening now with hope.

OH no not another Marathon
Woke up and did feck all.
Had the breakkie.
Terrell showed up to start into the garden. We laid him out as to what was needed. He went right to work.  I headed over to the bank to deposit a check and get cash.
Headed downtown then later on to get some more items for the marathon tomorrow. 

Back home and continued on the decorations. Paid Terrell for today and tomorrow as I wont be here when he finishes. I will be recovering from the Marathon.

Ate a good dinner for running. The bad thing was I frigging ate cookies all day long so a fucking big screw up there.
Laid out my gear for the morning.


Back home and continued on the decorations. Paid Terrell for today and tomorrow as I wont be here when he finishes. I will be recovering from the Marathon.

Went to bed and put on a movie that took me into the wee hours. “I Spit On Your Grave”

A la Francoise

Woke up tired and bollixed. Just wanted to lay there but I got up anyway.
I was meant to go running with Bridget O this morning so I sent her an message on the Facebook. I got up and lazed on me chair.
Dónal Fennessy
·         I am up with the clothes on for the last hour waiting for you like a kid waiting for Santy.

Then about an hour later Bridget got back to me.
Bridget O’Connor
o    I am a bad friend!!! Molly dragged me out to Black Friday shop at midnight. I didn’t get back to bed until 3am…..ugghhhh! Just woke up at 8am. I am thinking you are gone already. I’ll be in touch later! Sorry!!!!! Are you going to the Expo tonight?
We chatted for a while longer and got offline. I forgot to tell her I wasn’t really up and waiting.

Headed up to Costco to buy a few items. Got there early to avoid the crowds. It was pretty quiet there. The fellow told us today was their slowest day of the year because everyone was out Black Friday shopping at all the stores. Good to know.
Next headed over to Home Depot and did some shopping there.
Next down to Fred Meyer’s and Top Foods to get the last few items.
Home for a wee lunch.

Then headed up to The Crest to see a French movie. “Le Herisson” or “The Hedgehog”

It was a good movie and following the dialog seemed easier to boot.

Next headed down town to The Westin” to go to the Expo  Walked around looking at all the stuff along the way. Then headed home.


Put up a lot of the Christmas tree and most of the decorations in the living room.

Booked a car for the trip to Carcassonne.
Auto Europe

Now I would love to sleep but will I?

Woke up after a grand sleep. Lazed on the Facebook and Skype for a while.
Up for a blast of toast and a cuppa Nuun. Then headed out doe a wee morning run.

Not long home and Terrell called to say he would be along shortly. When he came by we went out and walked him through what work needed to be done in the garden. He will come back at a later date,

I had a quick snack of lunch. James from across the street popped in for an hello. He talked about his smashed up knee where he chased down a carjacker who had robbed a car at gun point up on Capitol Hill. He had made the news and all. A local hero. We then talked about his love life and the search for a good man. Then his birthday bash and a whole lot of other stuff chatting.

Took down the Christmas Tree from the attic. Tomorrow will mark the start of Christmas.

Headed over to West Seattle to Scott and Kristine’s for the Thanksgiving Dinner. Kristine’s dad Rex was there and their chef du juor Jeremy. We chatted away for a while. Leta came along for a wee bit. Then later on the Taylor came along with all his family to be. He had the girlfriend, her sisters and parents. Mackenzie who just turned 1. One of the sisters boyfriends. Then Leta and her fellow came back. Followed by his brother. We all chatted away to everyone. It was such a Motley Crue of people. The ear dropping conversations were really good. Humorous in fact. We had all kinds of appetizers. Then as the night went on we had a great dinner. Veggie Loaf, smashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, risotto, roasted brussel sprouts, green beans and a great salad. Ate a pile of food. A fine healthy cuppa and some biscuits to finish off the meal.

Had a good chat at the end of the night with the closer family who stayed on after the others left. Then time to go home. The in-laws said I was under suspicion of cheating on Natasha. Feck I better stop bragging about it on Facebook or stop doing it all together.

Home and we had ice cream before our trip to bed. Now a show and some sleep.

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