January 2012

Woke up grand and early. Watched some more of Sons of Anarchy. Season 2.


Off to work. Got the keys from Trent and in we go. Elder and I digging away like two convicts out of Alcatraz.

Ralph came out for a quick look. We continued digging around the pipe when he left. Got done later on in the day. Cleaned up and headed home. We have to go back for one more day tomorrow.



Valetine’s Chocolate

Had a good old chat with me pal Terry for a few hours tonight.

More to follow on this. Well more of a private follow like.

Maybe now bed and a show.


Woke up tired.

Relaxed a wee bit.
Headed down to Belltown. Elder and I worked away on removing the drain mat from the deck. Had to pop over to the storage at lunch time for shovels.

Finished out the day in easy form.

Stopped into World Market for a few provisions after I was done.

Diner ala Natasha.


Now some SOA

Went to bed late or early this morning  Woke up tired.
Chatted to Phil for a while. I put on me running gear to meet Bridget at 8. Checked the Facebook before going and she had messaged me that Julie couldn’t run until 10. No harm decided to hike up Mount Si instead.

Loaded up and headed out for the mountain early. As we got closer it was just pissing down rain like no end. Decided at the Exit to turn around. Stopped into Costco in Issaquah for provisions.  Stopped into Whole Foods for an early lunch on the way home.

Lazed the day away at home.

Natasha made a great whole wheat crust pizza for dinner.

Ate a lot of shite all day long.

Now time for me bed.

Woke up tired and watched more RTE

Up but not at them. Lazed

Went down to The Metro to see another Academy Award Nominated movie. “Hugo”

Far better than I expected.

Headed over to Mitch’s Birthday Party. He is now an old goat again.

Had a grand auld time there, Blah blah blah.

Home. Phil came over to stay the night.
Tea and French cookies.
Now I may sleep.

Woke up at 2am.
Watched the last Late Late Show with Gay Byrne from 1999. Hadn’t seen it before. It was quite good and held my interest until I finally finished it. Some YouTube looking at bands from my youth.

Up and at them. Breakkie with Una on the Skype.

Off to work. Queen Anne, Bothell, Montlake,Shoreline all visited today. Some visited twice even. Went to the dump also. A lot o driving today.


Went down to The Metro to see “The Grey”

This movie with our Liam was good. I felt anxious after it. So that made it really good.

Trader Joe’s for provisions

Woke up early and got dressed for a run.
Met Bridget down at the Starbucks at Greenlake. We ran around having the chat in the dark. I smiled like a kid. I am easily pleased when I run.


Off to Kirkland. Met Tim there and he let me in. Showed me the area of the leak. I built my Dexter room and went to work. Cut out the ceiling in the kitchen area, Found the leak straight away. Got Tim to go up stairs and run the shower. Yes. Leak solved. Cleaned up and headed back to Shoreline.

Elder and I chatted for a wee bit. Tea and sandwiches. Then off down town.

Met Alan at Belltown. Ralph showed up a wee later. Met Trent inside. We came up with a plan of attack ont the investigation. Then joked and laughed a bit more.


Lazed the evening away


Woke up tired. 
Headed over to the job. Elder and I worked away like the mad men we are. Went to Safeway for lunch. Finished out the day well and got out of there just after the 8 hours working.


Headed down to Des Moines to the Union meeting, Elder and I again. Met Larry and Jim there. A grand meeting. Got Jim and Larry elected.Good for my former coworkers.

Stopped into Whole Foods on the way home.

Now I will hit me bed.

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