February 2012

Woke up around 3:30. Got up soon after.

Blah blah blah and out the door.

Got to the job before 5. Gordon showed up soon after followed by Tim. In we go. I continued on coring catching for the day. Then headed down to see Julie for a chat. Gave some info and took some away. All is pretty much a go for me here.
Stopped off at Greenlake today for a 9 minute mile run around the outside.


Me granny would have had her 28th birthday celebration today to mark her being 112 years old. I had 2 marriage proposals today as well. Not bad for the year it is.


Bed soon.




Went to sleep watching SOA-4 around 9ish last night. 
Woke up to the alarm at 3.
Shave, shower and packed the lunch. Out the door and to work by 3:45.

Gordon from the Concrete coring company was there early to start. I pretty much helped him core between the floors all day long. I put up plastic and caught the cores in a bucket. Finished by noon and off home. 

Had lunch and fecked around on Facebook.

Me good woman came home and we had the auld dinner. 

Watched some of the Office on the telly. 

Now I will go to bed as I want to watch some of the SOA.

Woke up to the alarm at 3. Up and got ready for the day. 

Headed down to 1st Ave S. to the job. Met Tim outside. Seemed like a grand fellow. We go inside and get a plan of attack going. A nice business building to work in. http://www.outdoorresearch.com/en/ Started work at 4am. A new one for me.

We removed a three pane window from between offices and brought it down to the next floor below where we were working. Painted up some vents that were going on the outside of the building for the AC units. Met Randy who came by for a visit. We chatted for a while.

The last act of the day was to cut out a ceiling on the 5th floor bathroom to let the plumbers have a look at the pipes.

Day over at noon.



Began watching “Sons Of Anarchy” season 4.

Had a dinner.

Should go to bed earlier tonight I suppose.

Woke up grand.

Hung around all day.
Murdoch brought out a new newspaper to take over from the News of the World.

Phil came over and we all got ready for the party.

Then headed over to Beth’s Oscar Party. Beth, Megan and Kalee were there. Trisha, Carrie, Nolan and Zoe arrived soon after. Then Brenda, Mitch, Thea and Natalie. We ate a pile of food while the Oscars started.


Downstairs to the big screen. Dessert followed and finish out the night there. The scores of our win predictions got tallied. I was the happiest person in Seattle. Not because I came third overall, it was because Natasha came first.

Home and off to bed.

Woke up grand

Went down to Whole Foods for a bit of the shopping.

Watched the final movie we had to see for the Oscars. “The Tree Of Life”
It kept my attention for about 12 minutes and lights out. 10 to 30 minutes later continues watching it. Frigging boring as hell but kept it on in the background until it was over. Had a few areas that had your mind thinking but other than that the movie should have been named “The Tree Of Shite”

Headed down to Mike’s at Greenlake for a dinner. We were the first there. He was preparing food and in a good mood as usual. Soon after Rob and Ahn showed up. Followed soon after by Scott and Kristine. We chatted for a long time. Then ate a pile of food. Started into the game of “The Great Dalmuti” I happened to win the title and stuck with it for most of the night. We had greet old banter throughout the night. Dessert followed during the game. We had grand music on the iPods going as well

Woke up before 2am this morning.
Finally watched the end of season 3 of “Son’s Of Anarchy”

It was really a great ending.
Got up and relaxed.
Ate a few slices of toast with peanut butter and jelly. A gwall of tea to boot. Oh and another gwall of NUUN mixed in water.

Soon after Bridget got me on the Facebook and we planned to meet here at 5am.
She showed up and we drove down to Sandpoint and got on the Burke Gilman at 97th Street.
We ran on down in the pitch black and when we neared Fremont the dawn was just starting. On and down into Ballard. We ended the run at The Salmon Bay Cafe at 10.11 miles. Then turned arond and headed back. It was now bright. Off went the headlamp that Bridget wore. We chatter our way back along the trail It was well busy now than it was in the dark of course. Ate power bars and gels along the way. Water to flush it deep into the stomach. We made it back to the car and it was a welcome sight indeed. So a 20 mile run first thing in the morning was actually a great feeling. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/152280972
Stopped off at the gas station to get a cola and home.
I rushed inside shaved and hopped into the shower. Dressed, grabbed a bowl of cereal and out the door. Straight down to the office. Turned in my bio and stuff. Sat in meetings all day long up until 4pm.

Out the door and raced up the Freeway to the U-District to go to the Metro for a 4:15 movie. Parked and ran inside. Went in to see “Wanderlust” Just got inside before it started.
The movie had some funny parts but I think they could have done better.

Home and ate a wee snack.                                                                                                     

Now I have no idea as to what’s next.

Woke up early and rested up.

Met Bridget down at Greenlake for a quick use of the legs around the inside loop.


Headed down to the office. Had a meeting with Arnie and Alan there. We headed over to Belltown Court to get a look at the job too get a price on it. Headed back to the office to put some of it on paper. We ate lunch there as well.
I headed up to Edmonds to Allied to get a price on some material there.



Worked on me Bio for the company. 

Natasha sent me a note from Rick Steve on IRELAND. 

Dear Traveler,

Ireland may not have the sun of Spain, the art treasures of Italy or the cuisine of France. But it’s one of the hottest corners of Europe in our tour program. Of our 38 itineraries, Ireland always seems to be in the top five. My theory: Our travelers are drawn to the place by its people, with their ruddy friendliness and their frisky gift of gab.

I like Ireland so much, in part, because there I get the sensation that I’m understanding a foreign language. I have a hunch that the Irish mostly think in Gaelic and, to communicate, they speak English with a Gaelic template. And, as the old Irish language is more poetic and playful than our English, I get to enjoy experiencing it (in lilting, Irish-style English) without actually speaking or understanding it.

What makes it even better is how the Irish celebrate their gift of gab. It’s for real and it’s more than gab…it’s the true art of conversation. On several occasions, I’ve been so caught up in a conversation with new friends that the sun has set and the room’s gone dark on us without anyone noticing or even thinking to turn on lights. Traveling in a way that connects you with the people — as we strive to do in all our tours — sets you up to reap rich rewards.

In this month’s Tour News, we’re featuring our rewarding tours of Ireland, and we’ve invited the neighbors — Scotland and England — along for the party. You’ll see a couple of new day-by-day slideshows, some interesting raves from tour members, a fresh Tour Tale, and more — which reminds me of a story…

I’ll never forget staying in a B&B on the far west of Ireland, where old men stand on the bluff, gaze misty-eyed out at sea, and sigh, “From here, the next parish over is Boston.” My hostess, sensing I was hungry after a blustery walk along that bluff, invited me into her kitchen, grabbed a basket of fresh soda bread, opened up her fridge, and pulled out some smoked salmon. I noticed a simple outline map of the United States taped to her fridge, with every state but one colored in. When I asked her about it, she explained that she’s had visitors in her B&B from all those states. After a pause, she added, with a sparkle in her eye, “And if you know anyone from Wyoming, they’ve got a free bed right here.”

No matter where you’re from, I hope you’ll pay a visit to one of our tours, and return home to share stories of your own.

Happy travels,


He has a great take on the country really.

Watched some of The Office,

I will go to bed early tonight to rest up for me early morning run.


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