March 2012


Woke up tired. 

Got up and fucking lazed. Today is going to be a day of doing nothing.  

Passed away the day fecking about with a music list for Scotland. Chatted up a storm on the Facebook. Then what the hell we decided to go and see a movie. Stopped over to the Law Office first. Then back to Thornton Place. We went to see “Mirror Mirror”

It was shite. A frigging waste of time and nearly 30 bucks. Red Box at best if you have to see it.

Home and Natasha made great veggie burgers on fresh bread for dinner. Very good. 

We put on a DVD called “The Rocker”

This was actually good. Had a few laughs in it. 

Now a snooze on the off chance I will run early tomorrow. 


Last night in bed I finished off a DVD that I have been watching. “Loosies”

It was actually good.

Woke up early and relaxed for a few hours before I headed to work. Got there before 6. 

Today I worked on hardware. Removing the shite of the walls on the 5th floor. Installed bathroom mirrors and ass gasket holders. Tim had do go and do his CPR and First Aid class. I continued without him and Kept the show on the road until 2:30.


Natasha had to work late so we missed going to a movie. No harm. we went down to Ruzhen for dinner. Put Dave’s Hot Sauce on it. Hot but good. Oh bought a Mega Millions ticket on the way down. Over half a Billion Dollars at stake. 

Headed over to Super Jock And Jill to buy a pair of Trail Runners. Talked to one of the fellows there and when all was said and done I got talked out of buying a pair for now. I will change the plan for Scotland. Eric was working and came to chat. We talked about stuff for ages. He is a great guy. We will be chatting again. Headed home after the chat. 

Piled a load of logs into the fireplace and set it ablaze. 
Watched The Office and ate Trail Mix.

Now I think I will lay down.

Woke up early and relaxed.
Morning antics 

Off to work. 
Tim and I at it again. Today I worked on hanging the door on the 5th floor. Trim too. Removed the plastic barrier. Installed hardware on most of the doors there. I did a lot of other work too but forget what. 

Got out on time.



I had my talk with the Secret Service over the phone. All went grand I hope. 

Watched the telly and now I may try a movie. 

Woke up early and relaxed. 

Ready for the day ahead. Then I wrapped the toe up like a mummy for the 8 plus hours ahead. 

Tim and I head up to the 7th floor and remove the walls in no time. Well I did, Tim was me garbage hauler.
Downstairs worked on more doors and the like. 
Got out of there later than planned. Talked to Marlene in Texas for a while. 



Talked to Bridget for a while on the phone about our run on Sunday and the possibility of me being able for it. 

Started mixing up words and music on me iPod for the trip next week.

That was the day and this is me bed/

Woke up grand shur.

Lazed around for a couple of hours. Skyped with Angela for a while.
Then off to work. Removed three walls on the 7th floor right off the bat.  Tim was in his usual morning mood. He went to town on removing one of the walls with a big bar, sawzall and other implements of mass destruction. I calmly removed 2 walls on my own while he was at that.
Continued working on the 6th floor with doors and the like. Went over to Macrina Bakery for lunch. . I had a pot of tea and ate me sandwich I brought with me. Tim on the other hand complained about the price and wait time. He may be facing certain death if he doesn’t try and relax.  My toe has been sore for the last week or so where the new nail grew back cutting into me toe after the loss of the old one from running. Well anyway I called a Podiatrist who was located near me house to make an appointment. I got in for 2:45 today.
Back to work and got to a sweeping the floors to get ready for the carpet layers tomorrow. Finished out me day and headed out,
I went home and stood in a soapy 5 gallon bucket of hot water while I chatted to Bridget about our run and stuff. Then headed up to see me foot fellow.

Inside I fill out the gwall of paper work. Then finally get in to see him. He is a fine New Yorker. We chatted about a lot of different stuff. He was busy running around to different patients and coming back to me. He was on the phone a bit too. He numbed me toe. Then sliced off a gwall of the nail. Wrapped me in bandage and gave me a prescription for ointment. I got them to call it into Walgreens. Made a follow up appointment for next Tuesday. I got out of there near 5 pm.
Stopped into Walgreens to pick up me prescription. They said they didn’t have a contract with my insurance carrier but I could buy the cream for $44. I said bollicks. Then I popped over to QFC and got them to transfer the prescription over to their pharmacy. Headed home.


Then headed back up to pick up me ointment and groceries. Deposited the checks into the Alaska Credit Union while I was going inside.


Watched the telly with tea and crackers.

Maybe a trip to bed soon and a movie.


Here is a brief look at the marathon from yesterday.

Woke up terrible early and then started working on repairing me computer. Eventually got it back to running and unloaded all my precious files from it onto an external hard drive.

Off to work for the 5am start. Tim showed up a wee later. He was still buckled with the back.
We went up to the 7th floor and removed the glass from the partitions. Then back on the 6th and I continued working on the doors. Had to break off to help the glass lads on the 7th floor, clean out the lab and remove the shite from the columns.

Finished out the day late with the doors and trim.


Ate me dinner ala Natasha. Then went out for a 3 mile walk. Tony next door came with us. Had a grand chat along the way. Carmen popped out to say hello after we got back. A neigbourhood on the spot meeting.

Home again

Tea and crackers.

Maybe bed now. Well soon


Mercer Island

Woke up to a loud noise at 2:30. My laptop took a tumble of the locker as I had fallen asleep with the headphones in me ears. I turned over and too it clear off and onto the floor. BANG Awake. I got up and relaxed. Atarted watching the telly and managed to nod off for a wee bit.

Tea and toast. Then got dressed up for the Half Marathon Run on Mercer Island. Bridget picked me up and we headed off. Parked the car and ran all the way up to register for the event. $75 for late entries. Got our swag and headed back to the car with it. Then walked back to the starting gate.

3 2 1….. and off we go. It was a lovely day for a run. Cool with the sun out. We kept a good steady pace all through the run. Bridget took off ahead of me at mile 10. A good uphill climb towards the end seperated a lot of people from runners to walkers. I plodded on and crossed the finishing line breaking the 2 hour mark for my fastest Half Marathon in me life. I was so happy.

We got our food, drinks and a bite of a bagle. Then headed off home. At home I made some sweet potato wedges and egg whites for e lunch. Ate in a rush standing up as we were heading out to a movie. 

Went down to The Guild 45th and saw “Salmon Fishing In The Yemen”
It was a grand movie really.

Stopped into Whole Foods for provisions and then home.

Natasha made a great dinner. 

Me main laptop is fecked. Maybe time for a new one. 



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