April 2012

Got the results of our run last night. The time was very respectable for 3 gimps. 

Bib 1999
Half Marathon » Seattle, WA
Bib 1041
Half Marathon » Seattle, WA
Bib 2423
Half Marathon 
» Seattle, WA

Woke up tired of course due to the lack of sleep.
Went off to work and got there before 5am. Sticks and I. Tim showed up a wee later. Worked away on the grinding all day. Tim had to go and do a test at OR and will gear up for Bartell Drugs tomorrow. I am now in charge of this job. Feck. The big roll around scaffolding showed up from Berg. Sticks and I carried it inside the garage pieces at a time. We kept busy right up until 1:30 and then headed out. Ate a salad, sweet potato fries and a fecking great pizza for me dinner. 


Went down to “Cafe Flora” for Natasha’s Birthday Dinner.  http://www.cafeflora.com/
Natasha had Tacos along with the yams and salad. Jerome was our server. A bright minded engaging local fellow. He makes you want to go back to the place again.

Home Ate the frigging beautiful cake for dessert. I will start a health kick yet again tomorrow. One of my five for Julie. 

Now I will get to bed and try and fall asleep but after the slab of cake I think I am fucked. 


Woke up terrible early of course. Showered and loaded up the car. 

Headed off down the highway to Eugene. Parked and called Bridget. We met up for the tea in the lobby. We walked and jogged the near 2 miles to the starting line. We all decided to do the half. 

We got there as they were singing the National Anthem. I went for a wee pee and then jumped the railing into where B and J were standing. And off we go “Team Eugene” 4 months in the making head out the starting gate at a slow pace behind a slow bottleneck of slow runners. This went on for some time. We each ran our own pace together and alone. At mile 4.5 mu calf kicked in with awful pain. I headed towards the side of the race pack so I could find a way back to the hotel somehow but I changed my gait as I was doing so. I began running with very short low rise steps. This lessened the pain a bit. I continued on fro there. I didn’t think I could manage 8.5 more miles of it though. around mile 7 Bridget caught back up from her bathroom break. We ran on together for a bit more. Then off on our own again. Julie came along around mile 8. She gave me a Tylenol at mile 9. I washed it down with loads of water and Gatorade. Bridget and I ran on together for a while after this. Around the 10.5 mile mark was the turn off for the Marathon run. We looked back to see of the devil was going to take Julie. She turned down the half behind us. From here “Team Eugene” ran on together. Around mile 11 the Tylenol kicked in and took a lot of the pain away. I continued on with my new running to avoid further injury. Mile 12 and then the home stretch. Mile 13 came along pretty quick and then we got to cross the finish line inside Hayward Field where a lot of famous people have made their names. It was lovely. We crossed together. 

Then the barrage of chocolate milk, water, bananas, Krusteaz pancakes with toppings, chips, cookies and bars were fed to us. We walked around for a bit. Then walked the 1;8 mile trek back to the Hilton. Here I grabbed some tea. We said our good byes. It was a good time I had with the girls when we saw each other over the weekend. I climb into me car and head off.

I stop off in Kelso for gas and some M&M’s. Then continue straight home. Natasha called me as I was crossing The Ship Canal Bridge. She was so excited to hear I was home. I arrived in the door with all me belongings. 
A great chat with the Natasha followed. 

Then veggie burgers for dinner. 

Dessert, oh boy. My beautiful wife had made a strawberry mousse cake for her birthday tomorrow. 

Well we dived in. It was so frigging good. 

Ate a good bit of it.

Then watched the last 2 episodes of The Killing Season 1. 

Later on I had a text chat with the girlies in Eugene. They were toasting me with every drink. 

Now I should go to bed for my early start in the morning. 

Woke up after 3am. Watched she more Late Late Show on RTE. 


Lazed some more. Then headed over for the breakkie. Back to 101 and lazed some more. Then headed on out. Drove on down towards Eugene. Bridget called me as I neared. We will meet up. I got there around 5 minutes later. Met Julie and Biddy, then we headed over to a restaurant for breakfast. I had a bowl of porridge with raisins and yogurt. 

Then back to the Expo in the Hilton. Got the bibs. running shirts and other stuff for our grab bags. Julie found a fellow selling a device that electric shocked your body like a massage. So I got it strapped to my calf. It was quite good. It made my leg move uncontrollably as it did it’s work. Then I turned it up a bit from the number 4 setting and it got more intense. At one stage I turned it up to 10 and fuck it put my leg into a solid locked out position as I scrambled to turn it off. Back to 4 and tried different massage settings. 20 minutes later I was done. Bridget had it hooked to her knee and Julie had it on her hip. I was hardly able to walk after mine. My calf was killing me. 
Bridget and I

Later on we went over to another booth where the girl was selling a roller pin type of roller to massage your body. She gave me calf a go for a few minutes. This actually felt good. It took the sharpness of pain out of it. Walked around getting more free shit. 

The girlies headed to their room and I put my stuff in the car. Then we headed off around town for a walk. Went to the Saturday Market there. IT was a really good one. A bit like the U-District Fair back home but better and they have this every week. 
Julie and the parrot 

We continued around town and then back to the hotel. I opted out of going into the seminars with the girls and headed back to me Corvallis.
Stopped into the Safeway and got a few provisions for me room. Back to 101 and I cooked up potatoes and eggs in me microwave. I had sour cream and salt free ketchup as the toppings.  
Next I headed out for a walk. I downloaded a walking tour of Corvallis on me iPod earlier so I went on the walk. It was a nice walk down along the river and back through town. Here are a few photos along the way. Some of them were a part of the walk and the others are just extra. 
This looks a bit Irish

The Van Buren Street Bridge. My way out of town each day. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Buren_Street_Bridge

Walked on

and on

history here


down an alley 

an old stamp on the sidewalk at the site of an old gun shop since closed.

don’t drink my fecking water

Lady Justice on the court house 

City Hall

Central Park

A tree dedicated to the memory of MLK

Benton County Courthouse


and back to me hotel later on

Iced the calf. Played around on the computer. Ate some more potatoes for dinner. Packed my bag for the early departure in the morning. Watched The Saturday Night Show in RTE and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz

Woke up grand. Shower and the like. Packed me bag for Eugene. Loaded up some food and hit out to work.

Tim, Sticks and I all day. Grinding to beat the band.
Got a few supplies at Whole Foods for me trip.

Work done and off I go for Eugene. Cd’s of the drive were Hot Chili Pipers, Christy Moore, some mixes Realta made a few years back and U2. The trip went quick. Stopped into the Travel Lodge in Halsey. Only rooms for one night. Out to me car and checked for hotels on the iPhone. Most were booked up for Saturday night so I headed back up to Corvallis and booked into The Rodeway Inn. Room 101. It cost less than half of one night at the Hilton for the 2 nights. And it showed of course.

Made me dinner and relaxed the evening away.

Woke up kind of fecked a bit.
Fecked off to work. Stcks and I at the grinding all day long. Whole Foods for dessert.
Got a lot done.
Headed home stiff and sore. A lot of me body is hurting now.

Packed some stuff into me bag on the off chance I can walk or feel after work tomorrow.
Natasha made a fecking great lasagna for dinner.

Desserts followed. I will be glad to get back to a normal and better life next Tuesday.

Watched more of “The Killing” Now we are down to one and a half episodes left.

Packed some more and now I lay in bed waiting for the sleep to kick in.

Billy Connelly RIP

Woke up better.
Headed downtown to work at the Whole Foods on Westlake and Denny. We had to grind off the glue and shite from the ceiling of the parking garage. The insulation was getting wet and falling off so now it is going to be Dry Locked.
Tim, Sticks and I at it all day. Had lunch at the store. And a snack before that. 
A lot of overhead grinding takes it’s toll on the body. 

Dinner and dessert. 

Watched some more episodes of “Killing” Only 5 more out of 13 left to watch.  OH I skyped with Una today. It was a while since we chatted. No news from home. 


now a nap



Woke up tired and later.
Down to the office.

Met up with Rob later on and we headed over to Mill Creek. We investigated a leak in the roof at the Teriyaki Place. After a lot of testing we found 2 areas that leaked. Sealed them up and other pontential areas to boot. Then installed 3 new ceiling panels that were damaged. We went in to the cafe next door for tea and an eclaire. Met the owner of the Teriyaki place before we went home. All was well.

Back to the shop and I repaired one of the job boxes that was bent after being dropped from the back of a truck.

Home and put the feet into a bucket of soapy warm water. Headed up to me doctor to put the poison where the nail once stood a few weeks back. In the meantime he decided to remove the nail from the other big toe as it too had grown back wrong. We had a great old chat for a long time and then I was done. I hobbled on out the door with the no chance of running for 2 weeks in me head.

Popped into Bartell’s and bought Market Spice tea, insalted Adam’s peanut butter and Mauri Island jam along with a few other treats.


A grand mole dinner that my beautiful wife made.

Watched more of Killing. I nodded off for some of it.

Now maybe a chance to get to sleep early.

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