May 2012

Woke up later than planned today. 

Got to the office on time and rested until it was time to go inside. 

Talked to the lads in the shop before hand. Then went in for me OSHA 30 class. Listened to Curtis for 4 hours. Learned some new stuff and topped up me knowledge on other stuff. He offered a make up class for classes missed today so I stayed for the next class. Drank a lot of tea all day long.

Watched Sherlock again. I like the way they have twisted the story into today’s timeline. 

May as well go to bed early if I can. 

Woke up okish. 

Down to the Shop. Dave and I headed down to pick up some desks, filing cabinet, jack shoes and some non working fans from a job. Talked to Danny the foreman there for a while. Headed over to the Green River yard after a quick stop at the shop. We removed the wheels from the office trailer and went hunting to find new ones. Got a lead at the third store. Had to run down to Auburn to pick them up at the wholesaler. Then back to the tire store. He put the tires on the rims and we headed back to the yard. We re installed the wheels and headed to the shop. I got the order lists for 2 jobs ready and loaded some of the stuff into the van. 


Watched The Christmas Special of Downton Abbey. 

Then after started in on “Sherlock” from the BBC.


Now bed shur.

Woke up tired after the eating last evening. 
Didn’t want to get up really so I lazed around watching The Saturday Night Show on RTE. 

Headed down to the shop. Dave and I headed down to The Green River yard to pick up some trailer stairs. Then back to the shop and loaded up Knaack Boxes and a few other items.Stopped by a store and picked up 4 100lb bags of 60/30 sand. Stopped into Starbucks for a tea and off we go. Headed up to Smokey Point and dropped off the sand, brooms, mops, roll around table and the Pallet Jack. Next over to The Temple in Snohomish and dropped off the Knaack boxes and stairs to Robbie. 

Back to the shop and did a few things before heading home. 

Stopped in to Greenlake and ran around it one time. 


Dinner ala Natasha. 

Watched “Underworld-Awakening” 
It was a grand movie. I enjoyed it.

Now it is too early for bed and too late to do anything of importance but I will find trouble to get into I suppose. 


Woke up early again.
Lazed the morning away. 

Headed downstairs and framed up around the Master bedroom door and hung some drywall. 

Then headed over to Phil’s House for a Memorial Barbecue. We were the first there. Followed by Marci and Cara. Then Mitch and Brenda. Soon after Kevin and Charnell. Nibbled away at some food. Then four others arrived. We ate some more. Had grand auld chats along the evening. Made plans for a bike ride next Saturday. Also will look into doing an Xterra in August. 

Time to leave came after piles of desserts. 


Fucking full


I am too much in my body
I am not enough in my body
My breath is shallow
I forget to breath
I am afraid I will have nothing to say
I do not want to speak trivials
What if I have nothing to say
What if there is nothing to say
What if, in the end, as I always knew,
It is nothing to speak.
It is everything to live the flame burning in the belly.
Be directed by that flame before it burns out. 
Guard it by respecting it’s power—always recognizing 
You are only as much as is illuminated by the fire in your belly
Don’t wait
Don’t wait
Now is the time
Listen. The message is clear. 

Anyway woke up early. 

Headed up to Bridget’s. Met Ciara there, was glad to see her. Met the kiddies Mike and Callum. We chatted for a while and then Bridget and I headed out for a wee run. 17 miles in all.
Had a great old chat as usual. 

Headed home and then went off down to Folklife. 

First band we passed by.

Walked around listening to different acts and looking at people. 

Then headed over to the Northwest Stage to see the our pals play. This band of troopers were on when we got there and they were good.

Next up was Aurora. She did very well and a fine set of tunes.

Colm played on the guitar.

Next up was the Colleen Raney Band.

Christine on Fiddle



After the shows were done we headed off for another walkabout.

Then headed back up to the car. 

Next over to Ballard to get some Lava Cakes since everyone were talking about them.

We go in and buy two cakes. Well they come in mini canning jars for $8.50 each


Carmen comes by for the visit. Tea, cookie and a Theo’s Bar and she leaves after an hour. 

Watched a DVD. “The Innkeepers”

The movie was shite. The only good thing about it was we ate the Molten Lava Cakes during it. 

Maybe a bed may do me ok now.

Woke up early and relaxed

We headed out later on over to hike up Mount Si again. Got there before 7 and took off. Natasha was using the iPod for her motivation so I took off on me own. I wanted to set a new record for me going up Si so I kept a steady pace. Was slowed a bit by the people on the trail and had to mumble so they would move to the right or the left. My shirt was soaked but when I got to the summit I beat my old record and set a new summit time at 1 hour 23 minutes and 34 seconds. 

Took a 5 minute rest and headed back down.

I met me beautiful wife on the way down coming against me. OH that sounds dirty.

It took me 1 hour 14 minutes and 20 seconds to get down.bbbbbbbbb

Today again I smiled the whole way up and down this trail and I am superhuman.
I lazed around in the car until Natasha came back down. 

Headed over to Zoopa for lunch. Ate a lot of food there. All healthy of course.

Home and relaxed the day away.

Had a veggie burger for dinner.

Put on a DVD “Contraband”

It was worth the watch. I liked it.

Now a bed waits for me. 

Woke up grand with a wee headache,

Passed away the morning. Then headed up to Everett to try and chase the roof leak. Me helper was there waiting for me. We got set up with running hoses up on the roof. He was on the ladder inside as I flooded the area of the leak. Tried all over and after near 3 hours of searching we called it quits. Will have to come back some day when it is pouring down outside. 

Back to the office. Got me 401 taken care of with Julie and then headed down to meet Sue. We worked down the time card billing and stuff. 


Walked over to Thornton Place to see “Men In Black 3”

It was ok enough. Was better than the second one at least. 

Terrell was at the house doing the gardening when we got back. Chatted to him for a while.



Now a nap.

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