June 2012

Woke up early and continued watching Breaking Bad. 

Up and fecked about. Had the breakkie and then headed out for a wee run.  

Headed over and down to Greenlake. Went around twice then back up Meridian, over Northgate Way to 15th and then down to 102nd. Finished out running up to 12th and down a couple of steps. Got 12 miles in.

Walked the two blocks back to the castle.  
Ate lunch and then headed over to Thornton Place to see a movie. “Moonrise Kingdom”

Another bunch of shite. 
Stopped into QFC for provisions on the way back. 
Home and unloaded.

Then off down to Safeway for a few more items. 
Dinner at home

Started watching Season One of “The Walking Dead”
This was good. So it made up for a shite weekend of movie watching.


Terrell came over  before we went to bed last night. He had brought us a gift from Colorado. He got us a couple of boxes of tea from the Celestial Tea Factory Tour he took. We talked for a couple of hours drinking tea of course.
Got to bed later than planned.


Woke up today and started into the day.  Down to the shop. Dave and I got out of there later than planned. We went up to Smoky Point to remove more tools and material from the job. Back to the shop and unloaded. We were getting ready to make the second run when we got the call they weren’t ready for us so worked away at the shop in the mean time. Repaired cords and some Hilti Guns. 


Went over to Thornton Place to see “Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World?
I really thought it was shite and boring. The good side of it was that it made you think about life and I did like the very end.  

Home for a small dinner and dessert. 

Signed up for a 5K in Bothell. on August 25th

Relaxed the evening away. 

Woke up tired I think. 
Headed down to the shop. Dave and I headed down to the dump after loading up the van. Then over to QFC in Redmond to bring a safety banner over to the site. 

Worked in the shop for the rest of the day. 


Stopped into Greenlake for a run. Went for the 3 mile loop but ran into Bridget on the final mile and then ran back around with her. Had a good chat. Met Ciara and the boys at the end of it. Jack too. Ended up doing more than 5 miles http://www.mapmyrun.com/workout/144945365


Dinner and off down to Trader Joe’s for provisions. 


Will watch Breaking Bad in bed soon.

A quick sleep and off to work. 

Headed over to North West Hospital to start me day. Worked on concrete work filling in the cut outs at the Endoscopy area. Worked with Matt, Russ, Pat, Russ, Robert, Jack and 2 other fellows. Names left me head already. Got done 5 hours later. 

Home to change and then off to the shop with me sandwich. Worked on the spider boxes that had since come in from Smokey Point. Did the repairs and marked them as OK in June. Derek came on and helped me to end out his day. Got done by 3 and headed our. The traffic was bad because of the Mariner game. 

Got home later than planned. Talked with Tony and Carmen outside for a while. 

Headed over to the Mall and bought curtains for the other spare bedroom. 

Home and put them up. 


Now a Trip To Bed Shur. 

Last night couldn’t sleep all that well so I watched a couple of episodes of “Breaking Bad” season 3.

Slow but they are building the characters back up again. 

Up and headed down to work. 
Dave and I head down to bring the computer parts and printers down to the Recyclers.  Then stopped into “Two Tartes Cafe” for a chat. She offered me a coffee but I had me tea from home in me hand. Then she said I could double fist it. Then went on to say I bet you were double fisted before. I liked her humor. Dave got his treats and we wandered out after the chat.  
We headed up to Smoky Point to demobilize the job. Back to the shop and unloaded everything. Then off to Graham to pick up 40 to 50 televisions that someone had thrown into our dumpster. Talked with Sean there for a while. Saw his neg car. Death mobile. We loaded the tellies into the van and headed back to the Recycling place where we started our day. Unloaded the items of unlawfulness and back to the shop we go. 

Finished out the day and headed home. 

Brenda came by and we headed down to a concert in the WaMu. Stopped in and parked at the Pyramid Brewery for dinner .http://www.pyramidbrew.com/alehouses/seattle/ Salad and a bit o pizza. Ricky showed up later on. Chatted there for a couple of hours and then headed over to the concert. 

We missed the first band. The second up was a fellow I didn’t know. “Mayer Hawthorne”  http://mayerhawthorne.com/#!all  This fellow was actually really good. Had a good sound and got the audience into it. 

Duff was in the crowd so I went over for a wee chat.

Talked about being Irish and proud, the meeting at CBGB’s and being there with his kids. His health and a bit more blah blah blah. 

Next up was the band we were there to see. “Foster The People” http://www.fosterthepeople.com/us/home

They came out and put the heart thumping sound into the audience for the entire show. Got the crowd going as well. A quick encore after one break and then ended up the night with their bigger song. Pumped Up Kicks. 

Headed home and to bed late. 


Woke up and rested for an hour on the bed. 

Up and ready. Off to the office.

Dave and I head up to Smokey Point to demobilize the job. Brought it all back to the shop and unloaded it. I then went to town on repairing the extension cords. 

I popped down to Les Schwab’s to get my tire puncture fixed. 


Mowed the lawn, washed me truck and cleaned up the driveway. 


Wrote Character Letter to the INS for Leo.

Lazed and now the usual.

Woke up after a grand rest. Lay there slowly moving my limbs to access any damage that might have occurred as a result of the run yesterday,
Everything seemed to be working well and ache free so I jumped out of bed and all was grand shur. 

Had the breakfast after a while. Lazed around for another while. Natasha took the chairs for the parade downtown and I relaxed some more. Then I got ready and headed out to go downtown myself. I took off walking. I headed down Roosevelt, Eastlake and Fairview. Then over to 4th between Cedar and Vine. It was a 6.86 mile trek. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/192524144

I met Natasha there along with Brenda and Thea.  Took my chair for The Pride Parade 2012. Carrie, Nolan and Zoe showed up shortly after. Then the parade cam down the street our direction. 

Dykes on Bikes come along in a loud way.

Followed by an array of local businesses and the finest of Seattle. 


Our fine Governor

Our big Jim




Our People




Tricia showed up earlier as well.

The parade like every year loses momentum at the end. People start to leave well before the end of the parade. Including us of course. Natasha had scored a great parking space on the street around the corner earlier and we head over to Whole Foods for provisions. 

Then off home. 




Now I will thin about bed after watching shite on the computer here.

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