July 2012

Last evening I took the dump truck from here down to Bartell’s. Lenny was there at the ready. Augustine showed up soon after. We got set up with our tools and materials. Moved the Man Lift into place. At 11pm the store closed and we went to work. Removed the hanging grid that was over the Cosmetics Counter. This took a lot of skilled demo due to the Sprinkler Head being right in the center of it. Got it into the back of the truck in pieces. 

Midnight came and went and we continued on to remove the 3 large light fixtures over the Cash Registers. Had a wee break and continued on removing the soffit from over the Cosmetics Racks. Got everything and more done with the ballet moves along with the good humor from all three of us. We cleaned up and the day was over. 

I take the truck back to the shop. I chat with Dave and Chuck there for a bit. Then off home. 



Watched some more Breaking Bad. 

Had a quick nap. 


Went up to me dentist for the deep cleaning. Sat on the chair and got jabbed with Novocaine in the upper and lower right side gums. Then sat for a good while while it took effect. I counted 37 2X2 acoustic ceiling tiles above me head without turning around. 6 of them had the florescent lights in them. One had the heating AC vent. The other had a speaker. Stared at the motion sensor light that came on above me head as I lay there while she went to work/ Drilling and scraping took maybe 15 to 20 minutes and I was done. My next appointment will be August 15th. 

I decided as I was driving back home to go over and run Greenlake and take in the zoo as well. Parked on 77th and off I go. As I was passing the Zoo I decided it was time to go in and get my membership card that me pal Bridget P. got me for my birthday last month. I talked to Sandra there. She couldn’t find it but she put me on the phone to the front office. I talked to Annie McCaffrey there. What luck. A fine girl with Irish ancestry. We talked for ages and then she looked me up and whoosh there I was straight away. We talked some more and I offered to sing her a song while we were waiting for Sandra to finish with a customer. Card sorted and in I go. 

I ran through to my favorite area. The Northwest Trail. Got to the bear enclosure but it was closed for a private party. Bummer. I ran back through the zoo and off back to me car. A grand trot with a numb jaw. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/205239860




Now I will get ready to go to work again tonight. 


Well last night I drove down to the Office. Left me car and took the dump truck up to Bartells at U-Village. I waited there for Lenny as a couple were going at it in a parked car. Lenny was late in arriving. The couple finished and left in 2 separate cars. I called Lenny. He had the time wrong and it we will start the job tonight in fact. I took the truck home. Had a hard time trying to sleep since I ate a sandwich and drank a can of Coke on the way down to the office. Finished out a dvd I had been watching. “Get The Gringo”
It was shite but I had to see the end of it shur. 

So on to today. Woke up fecked. 

Down to the shop. 

Worked emptying out the van then mending a spider box that just came in. Dave and I headed up to Northwest Hospital. Then over to Sammamish to drop off the doors to Bartells. Then back to the shop seeing plane number 7 of the Blue Angels sitting at Boeing Field. 


I repaired some other stuff. Took lunch and then went over to Home Depot and bought a gwall of stuff for the job tonight. Then back to the shop and loaded up the tools for the job. 



Began watching season 4 of “Breaking Bad”

Now I will shave, shower, eat and then head off to the night shift 



Woke up after a little Sleep.

Lazed a bit of the morning away. Had a choice to make if I would run today or not. I choose not. 

I chatted with Molly back home and then chatted to Angela for her birthday after that. 

Next headed over to Oaktree to see the movie “Savages”
A quick stop into the market for candy first then got a Cola inside. The movie had a lot of bad reviews but I liked it. Kept me going to the end. 

Home and cooked me dinner. 

Ate like a rat. Played on the Nintendo. Bollixed on the computer. Watched some of the Olympics for a while. 

Now I will get ready to go to work. 


Woke up after little sleep.

Relaxed the morning away. Then we loaded the Mountain bikes into the Malibu and headed over to the Plateau to Duthie Hill. http://www.kingcounty.gov/recreation/parks/trails/backcountry/duthiehill.aspx   We meet John. Marci. Megan and Phil there. We ride different trails for a few hours. My bike was a bit too rigid for the rough terrain but I stuck with it. Had a knock or two in the testicles. Overall we had a great day out. 

Home Lunch. Later on I get a message from Julie to go for a wee run. I went for a shower like I was going on a date. Shaved as well. 

Went over to her house. I complimented the work she had done on her hair of course. Then we head off for a run and continue further down across Lake City and then to the Burke Gilman. We run don there for a few miles. We stopped off for the view on a boat dock on the lake. What a nice sight. A great city we live in. We continued on a while more ant turned around at the 5 mile mark. Back the way we came and took a shorter but more steeper way up the hill. Around mile 8.7 Julie said it was difficult to run and talk so we decided to walk and talk as supposed to run and not. We had a great old chat with a lot of topics to boot. Went into the lair for a drink of water and then rushed home to my Natasha.  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/204101234

I pick Natasha up outside and we head down to Pagliacci on Capitol Hill for dinner. Realta is working there now and we get the family discount and a chat with some of the nice fellows there.So a bit of pizza and a salad. Then back home for dessert. 

Coconut Cream Pie from Whole Foods and ice cream from Trader Joe’s to boot. 

I will sleep well tonight I hope. 

Woke up after a bad nights sleep.

Down to the shop. Chuck and I headed over to Capitol Hill to work in the Jewish Center. Installed the last of the metal. It was the wrong color so we will have to come back. We stopped into Regent Bakery for a snack on the way back. http://regentbakeryandcafe.com/capitol-hill/  I got a Black Forest Gateaux for my snack. 

Back at the shop. Dave and I headed up to Smoky Point to pick up the dump truck. Dave took of with the dump truck. I will take the van back. The fellows loaded up the van with stuff to go back to the shop. Chatted to Greg, Louis and Bridger. After a good while I was loaded up. I head for Seattle. 

I come along an accident on the way that slowed the traffic.
Made it back in time for lunch. 

Loaded up the dump truck with the garbage after the snack. Oh had carrot cake from the office as well. 
Dave and I took the dump truck to the dump to finish out the day. 

Head up 99 to Greenlake for a run.  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/203748129  I was happy with my time. 

Next over to Trader Joe’s for some provisions. I was talking to the girl there about our girls beating the French in the Olympic Soccer game during the week. She didn’t like the French. I didn’t say anything. 


Dinner and a lot of desserts while we watched “Intruders” 

Watched the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony on the telly. 

Now bed soon.

Woke up and got ready. 

Headed down to the office for my second to last OSHA 30. The class went quick and we ate as good as we could. 

After the class headed over to the new space and started into the remodel with Chuck and a few of the fellows who were milling around. 

After lunch I headed up too meet my new dentist. Dr. Rattan Bains at Avenue Dental Care in Edmonds. http://www.avenuedentalgroup.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=29&Itemid=10

In I go and I sign in and give me info. Then in for a full mouth X-Ray scan. Next in for an individual Tooth by tooth x-ray. Then some photos. 

Next up met the good doctor and we chatted about the work that I should get done. Oh well I am back for the first time in a decade to a dentist so here we go. Back again next week. 

Stopped into Carter Subaru to get my free “Discover Pass” Landscape photo of shoreline with cabins in front and forested area in background

Headed home and chopped up veggies to make sandwiches for later. 

We headed down to Greenlake for a picnic in the warm weather for dinner. Had a grand time there with me beautiful wife.

After dinner I went for a run. Ran five and a half miles. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/203467222

Back to the car and changed shirts. Then we walked over to “Ben & Jerry’s” for a cone. Had the Banana and Peanut Butter in a chocolate dipped cone. 

After this we went into “Cake Envy” for a sample or two. http://cake-envy.com/

Then home where I sit now before the time of rest. 


Woke up grand. Headed down to the shop. We weed-ate the grass in the lot next door to the office. Then headed down to Brian’s job with supplies. Next we headed over to Wayne’s job and finally to Robbie’s/ All deliveries done. Back to the shop and did odds and ends until close. 

Stopped into Greenlake for a 7 mile run on the way home. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/203175204

Dinner and dessert.

Watched some American Horror Story and then headed down to our Maple Leaf Social. 

A lot of the same people there again this year. Ice cream galore from Peaks and Maple Leaf Hardware.

Walked back home after. 

Now a wee sleep to follow. 

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