August 2012


Last night watched some more of Breaking Bad Season 4 before sleep took me. 

Woke up tired today. I had a dream that I was giving oral pleasures to Brandi Carlile so maybe that tired me out. 

Usual morning antics and then out the door to the job. Got there before 6 and started into mending Spider Boxes. 

Later on loaded up the garbage on the dump truck with Dave and he took it off to the dump. I helped the cabinet guy unload the delivery with the fork lift. 

Loaded up the rental chairs and tables on the truck along with the barbecues. Took them back to the rental yard in Southcenter. Stopped into the Boeing Store on the  way back. 


Loaded up material on the dump truck and took it down to Boeing Field to drop off at the site of the new hanger we are building for a private un-named client. 





Back to the shop and mended stuff until time to go home. 


Snack of ice cream. 

Natasha came home and we headed down to “Teatro Zinzanni” in Queen Anne. to see “Gangsters Of Love” We go inside and wait in the lobby for show time. 

Sat on Table 16 with three other couples. A nice couple who live now in Lynwood who were celebrating their 31st Wedding Anniversary. A mom and daughter on the other side. Then a nice fellow and his woman at the end. We chatted our way through when it was quiet enough to do so. The show was great. Great singing, dancing, acrobats and acting. The food was good as well. I had a special Salt Free meal cooked up for me. 

The night went on for ages as nights do. Finally it came to an end and we headed off out the door. 

Now Brandi, if you ever happen upon my journal here, Natasha gave me the hall pass so call me if you are up for it. 




Last night finished the movie. “The Revenant”

Even though it was shite it was watchable. 


Up and started into my day with computer time followed by shower and all that stuff. Then the breakfast. Then the lunch. Then brought out the garbage and R\recycling. 
Down to the shop. I repaired some cord ends on the shop lights. Then tidied up the shop for a while. Next Dave and I head down to Southcenter to pick up tables, chairs and 2 barbecues for the party from the rental place. Stopped into NAPA for a couple of prizes for the raffle. Then ACME for some hose to fill the dunk tank. 

Back to the shop and unloaded everything. Set up some stuff for the party. 

Then I had to go in and sit my exam. 5 months of training came down to this moment. Went in took the exam and got done in good time. Passed of course. 

Then out to the party. A large crowd had gathered and it was great to see some old faces. We ate a grand lunch, well grand if you were a meat eater. 

After this we had the fund raiser dunk tank. Quite a few people took the wet seat. 


Missed ye fuckers


and splash

After all this we had dessert. Then in for the safety awards. Everyone got a cash reward which was nice. Then the raffle. I won a Carhart teeshirt. 

After all this was over we had the company insurance policy meeting. This went on until after 4. Said me goodbyes slowly to my fellow slaves. Had fun with Bridget and Max. They are a grand couple. 


Went down to Ruzhen for dinner. 



Now what?

Went to bed last night and put on a film I have being watching for a day or two. It will take another to finish it now. .  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Up and went through the computer looking for stuff. 

Headed over to the Temple for the days labor. Gerald and I at it all day. Stripped footing forms and worked on slab grading. Then worked the rest of the day on the last of the plastic and foam board insulation. 

Marvin, Mike, Gerald and I chatted until near 5 o clock after we got done working late. 

Stopped into Fred Meyer on the way home for a few provisions. 


Dinner and dessert.

Now a end to a movie I hope. 



Woke up early and rested. 
August 28 1995 A mortar shell kills 38 people in Sarajevo, Bosnia
August 28 1995 Natasha and I got together as a couple. Love at first Bite. 

Chatted with Eamon on the Skype. We hadn’t talked in ages. I will look him up on the RTE Real Player soon. 
I headed off to work over at the Temple. Bryce, Roger, Gerald and I on plastic and foam board again. The sun shone well today. The fellows were doing their macho thing as usual. I had to take Roger down a notch. He was thinking he was in charge a bit much. 

Finished out the day well and headed off home to see me beautiful Natasha. She got home later than normal anyway.

We headed over to Cafe Flora for our anniversary dinner. A great chat about our lives and our future. I will never get tired of this one person in my life that I can talk about anything and bring it to the table with. We are never lacking conversation. Dessert came to the table also. 

Home and popped in 2 diuretics to help with the higher amount of salt 

Now maybe the shag.

Woke up after up on 7 hours sleep.
Transfered Euros from me Account to Mary’s in the BOI.

Headed off to The Temple. Woeked on removing the lose stone and soill from around the concrete footings inside the temple. Then laid the vapor barrier over the graded gravel. Covered this with the blue foam board. Got about half of the building done today. @ fellows from CLP, Jeff, Gerarld, Larry, Bryce and I all on board all day. Marvin was there as well with Robbie i control. . 


Dinner and Dessert. 

Thought about going down and mudding up the drywall down in the new TV  Room to be. 


Got to bed after midnight. Watched a bit of the movie and lights out. 

Woke up at 4:30. Showered, packed up me bag. Out the door. I drove down to Queen Anne and picked up Amanda. We headed out I-90 to the Mount Si trailhead. Parked, Discover Pass and got ready and headed of on our hike. 

Headed up the trail at a steady clip. Slower than normally I would do it as it was Amanda’s first time doing it. This made it like a nice stroll for me. Talked a lot about our lives on the way up. Stopped off for breaks on the  way. 

I like where you break the tree line on this trip and get the views down below. 

Scramble up the wee rock pile and soon after we are at the top. 

Going back to a chat on the way up I build a Dolmen to help rid Amanda of the bad karma that may be in her life. The karma will pass through it to another place. 

The Summit Shot

I show her her dolmen before we head down.

Haystack looms up behind.

Down down and down we go. Down the wee rock pile.

and we are at the bottom in no time at all. 

I-90, Queen Anne and we say our goodbyes. 


Eat a gwall of the party left overs for lunch. 
I even decide too finish the shitty movie I have being watching for a couple of days now. “How To Make Love With A Woman”
Still shite.


Watched a documentary about the Greatest Soccer Player of all time online.

Ate a grand dinner ala Natasha. 

Went on to watch Guns and Roses from the time they got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year.

Now I may take a trip to the bed and start in on a movie. It may even good. 

Woke up early and waited for Bridget to get up so we could run a 20 mile jaunt. It got later and later with no contact. Finally we connected and at this point it was too late for me to go since I had to go and help with the 5K in Bothell. Drove over and socialised for an hourish. Then to the starting line for the 5K

And off we go. I ran with Steve for the first mile chatting away. Then I decided to kick it up a bit and off I go. I finish in 24 minutes and 8 seconds for a run average of 7minutes 48 second a mile. Not so shabby for a fellow just out for a social run I think. As I was driving back home Bridget called and told me where she was on her run. We agreed to meet up and do a few miles together. I smiled. 

I parked the Car in Lake Forest Park and then took off down along the Burke Gilman trail until I met her coming the other way. We chatted the trail back. She was tired but kept a good steady pace. Got back with a 4.5 mile additional run in.

Home and relaxed the time away with wifey. Well I relaxed while she was prepping for the party. 

Marci, John and Cara were the first to arrive. Soon after Mitch, Brenda, Marshall, Natalie and Thea arrived. Trish, Carrie, Nolan and zoe. Beth, Megan and Kalie. Phil arrived somewhere in this bunch also. 

We chatted with the Beach music blasting on the iPod. 

Soon after food followed to give the mouth a workout before the dinner arrived. 

Everyone was in a good mood. The sun helped. 

Out came the summer dinner treats. Loads of quiet time as we ate. Well quieter time.  The party went on for over 9 hours. Dessert and tea followed. I have grown to like all these people over the years and watched the kiddies grow up so it was a grand event for me. 

A few snaps of the day.


Slowly people began to leave. The day was almost in the book

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