September 2012

Woke up early enough. 

Fooled around for a while. Then Bridget and I met up at Sunnyside and ran around Greenlake and the zoo. Had a wonderful chat along the way. 

Home Ate a snack and went to work downstairs. Worked on widening the opening into the kitchenette. Remove the old drywall on the stairs wall and hung new. Rewired the old wiring with new. 

Headed out to see a movie at Sundance after lunch. “Solomon Kane”
It was a good one. 

Stopped into Trader Joe’s for provisions. Gassed up the car for the morning.

Dinner at home. Then dessert. 

Back down to the dungeon for another but of work. Cleaned up a lot of stuff. Added a doorway top at the bottom of the stairs. Did some mudding. 

Now I will watch a movie and have a nap for the morning. 


Woke up early. 

Fecked around. Natasha made a smashing breakfast.

Went downstairs and did some mudding on the drywall. Measured up for the built in bookshelves, tv center, doors and partial trim. 

Headed over to Thornton Place to see a movie. “Loopers”
The movie was good. 

Came home and then loaded up 15 boxes of books and took them down to Half Price Books. They paid cash for them. But more important they were out of sight for good. Went over to Home Depot to get some mud and a 12 inch knife. Looked at carpet, fridge, cabinets, counter tops, microwave and doors.

Went over to QFC for a few items. 

Dinner at home. Did a bit more work downstairs. 

Had a grand bit of cake and ice cream for dessert. 


Woke up early. 

Headed over to the Chadwick Farms job. Lenny and I moving windows from the back of the delivery trailer all the way to the back of the buildings. 132 items moved after 6 hours of dragging and stretching. Tired muscles. Tired body. Tired mind, 

Headed back to the shop and finished out the day there for a little bit. 

Picked me car up from A&C. $322 and out the door. Took it back to Emission Check again and again it failed. Went in and got a waiver since I tried to mend it and had the receipt to prove it. Talked to a nice travelling girl there. Got me paper and left for home. 


Now what. 

Oh I will find a dessert of some kind. 

Woke up early and relaxed the morning away.

Bridget came by and we ran from here down around 80th and back. A great start to the day.

Showered and off to work. Started out me day at Northwest Hospital dropping off the blankets there. Then down to the shop and worked away there for a couple of hours. Then took the van over to Bothell to pick up some items from the job. Took them back to the shop. Then headed in to the conference room for the meeting with Chris K about the sealant presentation that will take place on the 24th of January.

After the meeting was over I headed back out and removed all the stuff from the van into the shop. Took me car over for an Emission Test and it failed due to an oxygen sensor. Dropped it off to A&C Automotive for the repair. Finished out my day well and took the van home for my morning at the Bothell-Kirkland job.

Dinner and dessert.

Carmen came over for the visit. Tea, cookies and Yeroskipou Delights. A good chat followed. She was worried about the Republicans winning the election. She left here in good form after I told her why President Obama is guaranteed the election.

Now maybe I will stay up for another hour or so and then bed.

Woke up early of course but slept well. 

Watched all the Late Late Shows I had missed on the RTE Real Player. 
Had a look at the Kate Middleton photos that everyone was talking about on line here. 





Sane enough really. I prefer the photo shoot that our Rosanna did for Playboy Germany way better. 




Headed off to work. 

Worked in the shop for a wee moment. Time enough to repair a cord end. Then Lenny and I headed down to the Safeway in Renton for a investigation. Looked at the blisters on the Acrylic finish and opened them up. Nothing major really just a result of the original construction.

Back to the office and wrote up what we found. Worked on writing up templates for this in the future.
Met with Andy.

Met with Ron,

Finished out the day well. Today was a good day and I enjoyed my time with Lenny. He is a good man.

Chatted with Dave on the way out and I gave him a hand unloading the stained wood from the truck.

Home and put on me dinner.

Then headed up to the Post Office to pick up the held mail.


Ate me dinner and some dessert.

Lazed and would think about bed but I would be awake and ready to go before midnight so I will find something to do.  





Woke up way took early. Managed to fall back for a wee bit more. Got up tired and started to move. Packed the last few things into the bags. Loaded up all the garbage and uneaten items into the garbage bags.
Took the garbage out when we were leaving.

Headed off in the dark to the Paphos International Airport. Ran the car into the Eurocar parking lot on fumes. Parked in Astro 44. Dropped the key off at the kiosk. Into the airport we go. No one around so we sit on the chairs inside waiting for the place to come alive. After an hour life began to show. We checked in and headed to the gate. Bought an item at the Duty Free. Then got a tea and a bar at the Cafe Ritazza.
Lazed the time away on the internet.

Looking back on the holiday, Cyprus grew on me over the time we were here. I could see living here a couple months a year I suppose. The people were as friendly as the Irish people I grew up with. No traffic jams. Cost of living is reasonable. So all in all a grand place. 

The statues and plaques on the square were in honor of a couple of local fellows who died in the battle when the Turks invaded back in 1974 and another was for a fellow that went missing during this time without any trace. 

We board the Airbus 320 operated by Cyprus Air and get seated. I get the pre reserved fruit plate onboard. I do crosswords. I watch a candid camera TV show. I watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on route. Eat a bit of cake and a cola. Then just over 4 hours later we land in Schiphol Airport Amsterdam in good form. A grand flight.

Went through the terminal and had a cup of tea at Cafe Ellipse. Had some Kletskoppen with it. Relaxed the 2 hours away no problem.

Call to board. Through security again. Boarded the Boeing 767-300 ER operated by Delta for KLM and took our seats. Read the newspapers that I had got at the airport to see what I missed while I was away.

Chinas Police Chief was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for corruption.
China and Japan are in conflict over disputed islands.
SARS may be ready for another outbreak after 10 years in hiding.
Pricilla Presley could never love a man the way she loved Elvis. He was her first love and will be her last.
Apple has sold out all five million iPhone 5’s in 3 days. Plenty on the way.

So all in all not a lot going on in the world.

On board I ate a couple of meals, watched a few movies, did the crosswords and sukoko, played on the laptop and read.
The 10 hour flight went very fast.

Landed without a hitch and got into the terminal quickly. Picked up the car and headed home. Stopped off at QFC for some provisions.
Unpacked and now I will wait for the sleep to kick in after me dinner here.

Still awake but will lay down in a wee bit to see if I can sleep.

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