November 2012


Woke up early and relaxed.

Headed over to the old QFC in Woodinville for the day of labor. Met Bill there. We had met before but I couldn’t remember. Tim S also. We worked on installing huge beams for the day.

On the drive home I went into the windshield place I noticed when I passed last night with Julie, They had a windshield for me truck in stock so I drove home and switched into the pick up and headed back to the place. I changed into me running gear when I was at home also. Dropped the truck off and ran home.

As soon as I arrived I quickly threw on dry clothes and we headed over to Thornton Place to see “Ana Karenina”
Got a wee look into Leo Tolstoy’s Russia. Well could be todays Russia also of course. I enjoted it.

Headed to QFC for a few more items. Went home and organised some stuff for a while. Ate diner and dessert while we watched some more ONCE Upon a Time.

I then sorted through some old photos.

Now I would love a nap but I know I may not get it.



Woke up early. Watched The Saturday Night Show on RTE.  Brian Kennedy was on there I was shocked when he said he was gay. All these years and II never knew.

Up and off to work a few hours later. Headed over to Chadwick Farms for the day of labor.

Met withh Lenny and and chatted for a bit. Got the list of chores.

Went around opening the units to let the window installers in Then numbered and photographed each window. Talked with JR with the installers. A very nice fellow.

Met Kent in the morning and worked inside his unit. A very nice musican/singer fellow. Worked in next door with a Russan family. A lovey lady and her son Daniel.

All the workers on the job today were very nice. I was happy.

MAde a couple of trips up to Allied and Home Depot in woodinville during the day.

Got a text from Julie. I wasn’t planning on running but what the hell. Getting off me arse is always a good thing.

A fine fellow lives in here. Didn’t get t meet him though.


Worked late and headed over to Julie’s. We chatted for a while and then headed off on the run. A grand chat as usual along the way just finding our way through the neighborhoods in the dark. Made it back in goood form after over five and a half miles.

Headed home.

Ate dinner and dessert. Watched some more ONCE Upon a Time. Then decided to sign up for a marathon.

Now a wee nap I supppose.

Down Under

Woke up early and watched a movie “I Am Bruce Lee”
This was a nice start to my day.

Then watched some footage of our George,

Still a good start.

Had the breakkie and headed up to Costco.
Bought some odds and ends along with a few provisions for the party.

Headed home and hung the wreath on the door.


Talked to Eamon back home for a bit.

Went up to Walgreens to get some photos printed but brought the wrong media device with me.


Called Mary back home for her birthday and a chat. Had me the last of the Mongolian for me lunch also.

Headed up to Aaron Brothers to get some framing done on some posters and the like for the TV room. With over eight and a half bills spent I headed off over to Big Lots. Saw 2 good items there but didn’t buy them.

Home and unloaded a pile of stuff into the house.

Ate me dinner.

Watches another episode of  “ONCE Upon A Time”

Then headed over to Walgreens with the media card to get some photos printed. Headed over to Lowe’s to look at doors and trim.

Bought Realta a Christmas Ornament for her tree there.
KGrHqFosFBZt6RSYBQqZCBtLg60_57.jpg KGrHqFosFBZt6RSYBQqZCBtLg60_57

Stopped into Walgreens for the photos and went home to me curious wifey.

Now a nap or Australian Kissing my wife will suit me.











The Irish King

Woke up grand enough.

Talked to Alan for a wee bit.

Up and relaxed with the breakkie,
Headed over to the Law Office and picked up me wifey so we could go out for a jaunt.
Down at Kerry Park

nice view of the city here

Mount Rainier was appearing in the background.

Dropped Natasha off and I got gas on the way home $3.35 a gallon is cheap

I went home and put on me iPod with the new Rod Stewart first ever Christmas Album in me ears.

I decided to do the This Julie 5 mile loop and off I go.


on Roosevelt

I like me Maple Leaf Neighborhood.

Ran down through the Roosevelt district


on NE 70th


on 25th Ave NE

Santa arrived on Lake City Way


on Lake City Way


I face up the hill heading West on NE 98th St

half way up you level out for a minute and then up again

arrive back into my neighborhood     .


on NE 12th. I have ran twice now with the camera and it worked. I got am practicing for the day Bridget and I run the 32 miles.

Then I walk on down the couple of blocks to me home.

My Protectors are waiting for me.

Oh Fuck. whats that?



Inside safe I make my lunch from left over Mongolian and a wrap.

Did a wee work downstairs. Installed some trim and sanded.

Ate me dinner and looked at Irish shite on the internet.

Started into watching some more of “ONCE Upon A Time” while we had the cake and ice cream.

Natasha started setting up the table for The Christmas Party Of The Year.

Then continued watching the show.

Now I will rest and watch some Irish Telly on the laptop.

Southend Sparks

Woke up grand enough.

Talked with Alan for a wee bit.

Skyped with Una back in Southend.

Lazed between moments of work.

Got the Bondo mixed up and put on some on the trim. Spackled and wood filled some of the trim.

Headed down to the U-District for dinner

Into Ruzhen for the veggie dinner

Back to the car.

Stopped into QFC for dessert

Ran into Shay there. We chatted with her for ages and ages.

Got ice cream to go with the cake we bought.

Headed home.

Ate dessert while watching a movie. “Ruby Sparks”
It was a watchable movie with a great idea for a story. I liked it.

Now I may try and write a poem or a story.

Right proudly high over Dublin Town they hung out the flag of war

Woke up in grand form

Had me breakkie. Phil got up and Natasha took her down to run the Marathon. I headed out for a wee run once Natasha was back.
I put the concert U2-Live From Glastonbury in me ears and headed off.

It was cool and foggy.

Mile 1

Mile 2

Mile 3
At Greenlake across from Starbucks

Headed down under I-5

Mile 4
Mile 4 came at the entrance to Cowan Park

Ran down the trails there for a while. I wondered if they ever found the escaped python in here.



Mile 5
Mile 5 came at the entrance of the Burke Gilman Trail off 25th Ave.

Ran on down the Burke Gilman

Mile 6

The Husky Stadium re-build is coming along quite well

on down the Burke Gilman

Mile 7
Still on the trail but coming towards Fremont


pass by Gasworks Park

Mile 8

North end of Lake Union

Finally at Stone Way. This will be up hill pretty much all the way home for me now.

Mile 9
I had the sweat going on the hill

Mile 10
I am back at Greenlake now

Mile 11
The North end of the lake

I get the cross light at Wallingford and head up.

The Murals of Chief Seattle and Chief Joeseph are watching me as I pass the American Indian Heritage School

Joey looks cross

Mile 12
I reach 12 on 92nd

Cross over the freeway

and of towards home

Mile 13
I am on 12 AVE NE now only minutes from home

Mile 13.1 Half Marathon
I ended my run here in solidarity with Bridget who is running the Seattle Half today


and up. Wheeeeeeee
Walked the few blocks home to stretch out the legs.

The last of the fall colors still hanging on.




Me Street

and home

Me beautiful wife must have made me lunch.


In home and togged off.
I should have put chafing anti cream on me nipples. Feck

I had listened to this twice in a row during me run.

I put on potatoes for our lunch.

Went down to the TV room to see if I could get motivated.


Back up to have a look at the potatoes and the decorations instead.

The young King

The Old King

MY decoration for me mammy.

I scooped out the baked potato innings and blended them with sour cream and seasoning. Once pureed I added the mix back in the skins. Topped them off with grated Swiss and re-baked them for 15 more minutes.

Had the lunch with me wifey.

Lazed the day away.

Ate the dinner in the evening along with the dessert. Started in on watching a show called “ONCE Upon A Time” on the Flixter.


It is watchable at best.

Now I have a long evening and nothing to do but I will look up stuff on the laptop for a while.

Ok I did look up buying a Sounders Jersey which I did thanks to the Cyber Monday 30% savings and free shipping..

Looked at getting tickets to Carcassonne in July which I didn’t purchase yet.

Looked at different property which I didn’t purchase yet.

Looked at an ultralight Toshiba laptop which I didn’t purchase yet.

Now a bed,

Dolly Parton

Woke up un-rested. Nodded off for a bit again.

Had the breakkie once up. Hung more lights. Put the tables in the dining room together. Had twice baked spuds for lunch.

Went down and primed the ceiling and walls in the TV room. Touched up mud where needed.

Had a snack and a shower. Left the house.

Then we headed down town to The Westin. Went into the Seattle Marathon EXPO there. I walked around looking at stuff. Dot many samples and got an entry to the Mercer Half Marathon for a deal.

We met Phil there and then we headed down along the streets.

Went into The Rock Bottom for dinner.

Met Beth and Sean there

Phil of course and Brenda.

Ate and chatted away for a grand while.

Then headed off down the streets again.

Wend down to The Benaroya Hall. Tonight we are here to see Brandi Carlile play alone and with the Seattle Symphony. This is our third time seeing Brandi and the Symphony play together. We haven’t seen Brandi plat in over a year now either. Took our seats and out walked Brandi the band. They blasted away. Her voice seemed to have changed a bit since the last time we say her.

She was in great form and the music flowed. They joked about being their own back up band.

After a few songs she brought on 2 brothers she saw playing mandolin and fiddle at the Pike Place Market. They were really good playing in front of a packed hall. They were 8 and 10 years old. She wanted to bring something from Seattle to the stage and she started out at Pike Place busking herself.
Then it was time for the break,

After the break the Seattle Symphony walked on and took their seats followed by Brandi and her band. They blasted into her songs. I loved the arraignment and full sound the symphony brought to the table. This is my third time seeing her play with them. I had a smile on my face all the way through.


She sang Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”. A great version.

She went on to say keeping the night in Seattle tradition she announced that it would have been Jimi Hendricks birthday in a few days so brought on a guest guitar player. Mike McCready from Pearl Jam. We haven’t seen Mike play since September 2010. The crowd roared. He blasted into “Voodoo Child” by Hendricks ans she sang along. He is a master on the guitar.

Then Mike finished up with The Star Spangled Banner.

Mike left and the band continued on to the finale.

This was one of my better Brandi Carlile concerts.

I left there happy with a huge smile on me face. Said bye bye to the gang and off home we go. Phil stayed the night with us.



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