January 2013

Better Days.

Woke up in a better mood. Relaxed of course

Got up and ate me breakkie while I watched the news

Then headed down to the TV room. Worked like mad and was delighted with the progress. The end is now well in sight. Made a material list for Home Depot

Was later than I had hoped when I called it a day. I headed down to Woodland Park to the soccer field and ran the outside for my 5X800 run.  So I ran the track 2 times slow. Then took it up to a fast run for 2 laps. Then a slower one lap and fast two and so on until I did 5 double laps fast with a slow one in between and at the end

Home and ate cereal

Lazed the afternoon away. Had to call Seattle Gastro, Regents and Walgreen’s again for another round of talks

Had a grand dinner ala Natasha and dessert ala me. I had a bath tonight after a few days of avoiding it . I rarely take baths at the house here. It was good. I am falling asleep relaxed now

Reserved a parking space for our car while we are in India/Nepal

Now I should go to Home Depot


Daughtie Poppie.

Had a good nights sleep last night.

Up for breakkie. Chatted with Realta for a wee bit. Then we went out for our 3 mile run.


Realta and I chatted for a few hours.


Then I took her and her stuff back down to her place

I talked with Anthony Connolly and Una on the Skype for a wee bit

Lazed. This retired life is getting to me. Tomorrow I will find something to pass the time a wee better.

Had the dinner with me good woman. Then dessert

I need to make me day busier so I got on the Facebook with Edgar about coming over to prep and paint the TV room. His Reply


Funny fucker

Cut up all the cardboard from Christmas and the like. Brought it out to the curb

Now a somethin

Bord Scannan Na Heireann

Woke up in the wee hours and couldn’t sleep so I watched a couple of Irish movies. First up was “Shrooms”


It was barely ok. Makes me want to not take shrooms so that is a good side to it

Next up was “How About You” Maeve Binchy’s book turned fil


This was a nice film

Nodded back to sleep for an hour more and got up. Went down and picked up Realta. We did the seven mile run on the Burke Gilman

I stopped into QFC on the way home for some provisions


I continued on with watching Irish Films. “A Film With ME In It”


This one was ok

Next up “Happy Ever Afters”

This was just ok as well

I cooked the dinner for me wifey

Realta came by later on and had dinner/

We had the dessert ala Natasha while playing 45 with Realta


Now more movies or something


Last night I didn’t sleep for shite

Lay in bed watching movies. Irish Movies. The first up was “Dead Bodies”


It wasn’t so bad really

Next was “Perrier’s Bounty”


This one was better

Got up and ate a couple of meals. Then went down to pick up Realta from the bus stop. We went to Whole Foods to get provisions


Then straight down to the U Village so Realta could go for her interview. While she was there I went for my 3 mile run

Ran a 8 minute 47 second moving mile. Not bad for a buckled old goat. My nipples were sore from yesterday’s tun and I was bleeding out of both of them when I got done

Brought Realta up to he mum;s. When I got there Sinead was puling in. We had a 30 second chat and I was off. That was the first time I saw Sinead in about 3 years


Was on the phone again with Wallgreen’s, Regents and Seattle Gastro for a good bit today

Put the dinner in the oven for me wifey. We ate when she got in

Had an Apple Gillette for dessert with ice cream

Lazed the evening away

Now I will find another movie or something to watch

Good day

End of Week 5

Woke up grand.

Passed away the morning. Finished a film I had started. “Sensation”

Not too bad for an Irish film. But did have a bit of the Irish story in it which made it better

Headed out late for my run. Today was my 14 mile long run. decided to do the “Natasha Staton Loop” Headed down to the lake and down Ravenna over to Cowen Park. Through the park and down 25th to the Burke Giman trail. I began running down along the sidewalk just past the 5 mile mark of my run and stubbed my toe on a raised part of it. I flew forward with a lean like I was a sprinter crossing the finishing line to win. Couldn’t hold myself up and came to realize I was going down. “Splat” banged up and tore my two hands, my knee, my chin and above my right eye. This was my first running accident. I now join the ranks of my fellow runners. I reached for my cell phone to call Natasha to come and get me. Then I remembered I didn’t have it with me. I picked myself up and searched around until I found my water botle and then headed off down the Burke Gilman again towards Fremont

Got to Fremont and began the climb up the hill on Stone. I had many strange looks until here. The blood was runninf down along mt leg and on me chin of course. Got to and went around Greenlake and then headed back towards home. Zig zagged off the Natasha Staton Loop at he end to make up a full 14 miles

Went inside, Natasha had a look at my war wounds. We talked about going to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch again. I had 10 minuted to sower and wash the blood and crud off my wounds. Dressed swallowed a glass of chocolate milk and out the door.

We get downtown and park. Head into the Moore and take a seat

The show starts and follows closely to last weeks one. A bit of different improv. It was so good again. I sat the whole time with a bag of ice on me knee to help reduce the swelling. Standing ovation and the show of the year was over

We headed out into the cold and up to REI

Went inside and bought some travel stuff for India. Up the I-5 next and stopped into Trader Joes

Got some provisions here and headed home.

Had dinner ala Natasha and watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch movie again to keep us in the mood


Had a bit of apple tart and ice cream for dessert.

I may go in and lay down soon to see what I can find to watch


Went to bed well into this day from yesterdays activities

Woke up grand.

Had the tea and toast. Then headed out for my 7 mile run. It was wet today but not teaming. Got home in good time and ate like a mad man

Headed over to Thornton Place to see a movie. “Parker”
It was ok but again Just Ok

Stopped into the Mall looking for running shoes


Had a snack of dinner and headed over to Brenda and Mitch’s. Thea, Natalie, Marshal, Beth, Sean, Caileigh, Megan. were there. The Grimes, s nice fellow called Steve. Charlie and Phil so a good turnout. Ate dessert, Divided out the Sounders Season Tickets. Had a good laugh and then time to come home later on

Now a nap for the morrow

Finger in the arse.

Woke up and passed away the day

Talked to Marie O’L back home on the Skype. Watched a BBC documentary about Thin Lizzy on the TV.

The sun came out for a little bit so I went out washed the gutters, raked some of the flower beds. Mowed up the grass and leaves

Headed down to Greenlake to do my 35 minute Tempo Run.  That was a nice warm up run with a fast pace in the middle for a mile and then a cool down to finish refreshed


Passed away the time until me wifey came home. I made the dinner and showered. The girls came over for the Girls Movie Night. I headed out to see a play at the Bathhouse. “The Understudy”

It was a good play. 2 lads and a girl on a basic set

Hung around at the party after the show. Had food and drinks and chats

Home to the girls. I made Phil a cuppa since I was having one. I went to me room to let them finish the movie in peace

I came out to say good bye at the end

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