February 2013

Run to the shopping

Woke up early at 2:28. Got up and started in on trying to catch up on me journal from the holidays.

Passed away the morning. Talked to Maggs for Maggie back home. Then went out for me run. Went town to the track at Woodlawn and did the 6X800s there. Ran 4 times around 2 slow and 2 fast for the first lap. Then 1 slow lap followd by 2 fast ones. Then repeated the one slow and two fast until I had the 6X800 done. Ended up being a 4.5 mile run at a good pace. I was happy at that.

Headed up to Trader Joe’s for provisions.

Home for lunch. Talked to Una on Skype. Worked more on the journal.

Natasha arrived home. I headed up to QFC for dessert.

We had the dinner later on.

The dessert of cake followed.

I wouldn’t mind doing something now. But it will be after this post.


The Half.

Woke up grand.

Had the breakkie and then lay on the couch and watched a movie. “Stolen”


It turned out to be not too bad at all.

Did a bit of stuff and then headed down to my usual spot in Greenlake for a run. I had downloaded the Sinead O”Connor interview with Gay Byrne to listen to it again. Off I went doing the Natasha Staton Loopm and took in the zoo when I got back. When I arrived at the car I was at just over 10 miles so I took a drink of water and continued around until I reached the half marathon distance..

Took the lunch over to me Natasha and we chatted there for a wee bit. Back home with bloody nipples to eat my own lunch.

Passed away the evening until bed.

No Sleep Until France.

Still couldn’t sleep after midnight so I watched some movies and read stories. Had a milk shake.

Watched Sinead O”Conner on For One Night Only/


This was really good. Watched other stuff on the RTE until the morning broke.

Up and had the breakkie. Then lay on the couch watching movies hoping to fall asleep. First up was “Deadfall”
This film was good.

I still didn’t fall asleep so I put on another one. “Officer Down”


This was not as good but I liked it anyway.

Still no sleep.

Next up was :Nothing Personal”
I enjoyed this one.

No sleep so up and had the shower. Forego my run on this day also due to tiredness.

Went out shopping for gas and provisions.

Home to me Natasha.

Had some of the left over Mongolian for dinner.

Strawberry Cake for dessert.

Tickets booked for France.

Now bed.

Smore for the lack of snore.

Woke up after a good nights sleep.

Talked to Sargy earlier. Then talked to Eamon.

Lazed the day away for a good while. Natasha came home early so I was in good company. We went to Mongolian for lunch.

Our magic carpet from India arrived at the house here thanks to DHL.

Had the dinner later and dessert of smores.

Talked with Mary back home also. Looked at tickets for France in July to no avail.

Went to bed and fell asleep.

Woke up at 11:35 wide awake. I must remember not to eat the smores before bed.

Watches stuff online.

The Nine

Woke up and lay in bed watching the rest of the Late Late Shows I had missed on the RTE.

Up for the breakfast. Lazed around for a while. Talked to Angela on the phone for a while.

Julie came down and picked me up. We went down to the Greenlake and ran the Natasha Staton Loop. I got to run for the first time in my new shoes. The Asics 2000

We had a interesting chat along the way. Was meant to run 13 miles but only ran the 9. I went home with Julie instead of continuing on myself.

Had the lunch. Then headed over to Beth and Sean’s for the Oscar Party. Phil, Charley, Mitch, Brenda, Thea, Carrie, Patricia, Caileigh. Megan. Zoe, Nolan were there along with Beth and Sean of course. We had a grand smorgasbord  of food to choose from. Watched the upstairs TV until the Oscars started and then headed down to the theater sized screen downstairs. A lovely setting to watch it.

I was tired and nodding off from time to time but I managed to see most of the show. It was well done this year and edgy. Maybe this is why I liked it. The only award I wanted to see given tonight was for actor in a leading role. I wanted our Daniel to win of course.

Ate Phil’s Oscar cookies. Had a nice night over all and ended it with Daniel for Donal winning the Oscar just like I had hoped. Best Actor for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in the film “Lincoln”


Carrie won the prize for the most awards picked. Finished out the night and then we headed home.

Now a nap.

Run Asics Run

Woke after 3 am. Watched some of The Late Late Show I had missed when we were away. c

Got up and relaxed. Natasha made French Toast for breakfast. This was good,

After uploading some photos onto the Facebook I went down to Greenlake do run the hill 8 times. 8XHill
Went over to Super Jock and Jill to buy my running shoes. Got the new version of the Asics 2000’s, this is the new version of the 2170’s. Headed straight home then turned around and headed out to Thornton Place to see “A Good Day To Die Hard”
I have being watching this Movie Franchise for 25 years. This one didn’t let me down. It kept my attention all the way through.

Went to Whole Foods for the shopping after.


Ate the dinner later on.

Then ate the dessert as we watched the final episode in “Game Of Thrones” season 2.

Now I will go to bed so I can rest up with me half marathon tomorrow.

Uneventful Day

Woke up early and lazed the day away. Didn’t get out of me robe the whole day. I talked to Angela on the phone for a while.

Looking back at the vacation. It was such a great trip. An experience we will have with us for many many years. I have the photos of it on the Facebook as follows.







A couple of newspapers from the trip






We may miss all the Weaving traffic, all modes of transport sharing the freeway and not all going in the right direction, the smiles, the frowns. the hand to mouth hungry motion, calls to prayer and chants, the hawkers, the honking of traffic, stray animals, TukTuks, Honda Hero’s, Waving, helloing,  rickshaws, temples, forts, shrines, the colors in the country villages, the markets, the haggling, crowded trains and buses, monuments, Gods and idols. More of which I am missing to remember right now.
Ate the dinner at home,

Went to the bed tired but awake.

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