March 2013

Si si on Mount Si

Woke up early and lay there messing on the laptop.

This day last week I ran the Mercer Island Half Marathon. Here are some of the photos I took during the run.

We took off in the large crowd
 photo March2013004-1.jpg

It thinned out after a few miles
 photo March2013007-2.jpg

 photo March2013009-1.jpg

Came back into town towards the end.
 photo March2013014-2.jpg

 photo March2013015-1.jpg

Then up the hill towards the finishing line.
 photo March2013020-1.jpg

Crossed with my fastest half marathon time.
 photo March2013021-1.jpg

Julie crossed over also
 photo March2013023-2.jpg


Up and had the tea and bread. We headed over to North Bend and parked the car at the Mount Si Trailhead.
 photo March2013025-2.jpg

Today we will hike up Mount Si for as far as we can. The last report I read from 5 days ago said it was snowed over about three quarter of a mile from the top.
 photo March2013026-2.jpg

Off we go in the brike early mountain air. The sun is coming out as we head up.

 photo March2013029-2.jpg

 photo March2013031-1.jpg

A Baby River Runs Through It
 photo March2013032-1.jpg

 photo March2013033.jpg

A woodpecker is whacking his beak nonstop on a tree as we pass by.
 photo March2013038-2.jpg

 photo March2013041-2.jpg

 photo March2013044-2.jpg

We come across the first sign of snow just after the Mile 3 mark.
 photo March2013045-2.jpg

 photo March2013046-1.jpg

Still passable at this point so it is looking god for the summit.
 photo March2013047.jpg

 photo March2013048.jpg

We reach the rock slide area and the snow is melted from the rocks.
 photo March2013049-2.jpg

Rainier looks great from up here. The camera doesn’t catch it so well.
 photo March2013051-2.jpg

 photo March2013054-1.jpg

We reach the top. I am glad it has cleared up in the last 5 days here.
 photo March2013057-1.jpg

 photo March2013058-1.jpg

 photo March2013059.jpg

I build a dolmen up here in memory of Barry O Leary who passed on recently.
 photo March2013062.jpg

Then I build another for Helen O Meara who passed away at the end of last year.
 photo March2013071-1.jpg
Prayers follow for both of them.
 photo March2013074-1.jpg

Then back to me family. We take the Summit Photos
 photo March2013078-1.jpg

 photo March2013080-1.jpg

 photo March2013081.jpg

 photo March2013083.jpg

 photo March2013084.jpg

 photo March2013086.jpg

Then head back down.
 photo March2013090.jpg

 photo March2013089.jpg

It is slower going down with the people coming up having the right of way.

We are back at the bottom after the 8 mile hike in great weather.

 photo March2013094-1.jpg

We eat our sandwiches at the bottom.

Then head back to Seattle.b

 photo March2013095-1.jpg

Drop Realta at her place and head off to Whole Foods for provisions.



Ate a Margherita Pizza for dinner and Baked Alaska for dessert.

Finished out the very last season of Weeds. It was a good time to finish.

Ate a gwall of chocolate since it was Easter.



Woke up very early and watched more Shameless Shite.

Up for the breakfast.

Natasha was going for a walk around Lake Union so I said I would run around it twice to get my run in. We parked just North West of Dunn Lumber and took of in different directions. I started out at a good pace and kept it up. Natasha and my path crossed at my 4th mile. A quick hello and off we go. I continued the pace with good music in me ears. Our path crossed again in my 6th mile. I kept the pace and got back to the Jeep then continued on running down to where Natasha was coming up along after being held up by the bridge. I was happy with the 12 mile plus run today.Taking away the stoppage time for the red lights my pace was at b8 minutes and 31 seconds. Had I ran on for another half mile I would have beaten my fastest Half MArathon by 5 minutes. Not too shabby.

Home and ate a grand late breakfast ala Natasha.

Lazed about.

I made the lunch and we watched some more episodes of Weeds season 8.

Headed down to pick up Realta from her work at the U Village. We go home and play cards for a few hours.

Aurora and Leo came over for the dinner. We had great chats for many hours until now.

Now I will nap for the early hike.

GI Shite

Woke up tired and got going.

Headed over to Ballard for me last day. Loaded up the tools and garbage with Dave. Then I finished off the security camera install. Put the safety lock cover on the west door. Installed the insulation on the parking stall lid over 21. Moved the deck light in 302; Caulked the window in 301,

Got done early and went home.


Then down to Trader Joe’s for trail mix items.

Home for a bit of James Bond.

Natasha came home and we headed over to Thornton Place to see GI-Joe.

 photo gi-joe-retaliation-international-poster.jpg

The best part of this movie was the nap I took during it. Not so good at all.


Dinner and dessert.

Now what?

Two Families fought so hard to separate ended up being united forever

Woke up grand.

Headed over to Bridget and we went for a 3 mile run. It was great to get the Team Scariff back together again.

Home to shower. Talked to Mary back in Tulla for a while.

Headed back to Bay View for the last day of labor there. Today we caulked and painted the sticker tube hole we had missed when the scaffolding down. I blew off the 3rd and 2nd floor decks with the wind blower. I painted up the trim over the East and West side entries. Cleaned off the roof over the side entry doors. Disconnected and rolled up the baloney cords and spider box. Moved the bags of garbage to the edge to get ready for Dave to pick them up tomorrow. Let the electricians in and out of the building. Got done earlier than planned.

Stopped off at Greenlake to do me 45 minute Tempo Run.


Met Tony on the way in. We talked for a grand while. He came on to say hello to Natasha for a wee bit. I ate me dinner. Made crepes for dessert.

Watched Weeds some more. 

Then I finished out The Hatfields and Mc Coys.

 photo Hatfields-McCoys-Promo-kevin-costner-31115893-1067-1574.jpg

This was a good show. Interesting and all

Now a bed.


Woke after little sleep

:Loaded up some tools and took off for The first job of the day.
 photo photo2-19.jpg

Took a few window measurements.

Then headed down to Brezza in Kirkland. Met with Tim. We went in and I repaired the weatherstripping on the threshold. Then went up to rich’s unit and measured up for some weather stripping for the doors. Said me goodbyes and headed off.

Went to Home Depot to but stuff to re-screen the damaged screens back at Chadwick.

Headed back to where I started in the AM. I finished my screen count. Then met with Dean. I went in and adjusted the strike on the door in one unit. I also adjusted the bottom of it to reduce the wind flow underneath,

Repaired a broken shingle and painted it back up on another. Then re-screened 2 slider door screens. Talked with a nice former Yugoslavian. We had fun. I re-screened his bathroom screen. I went around again and measured up the missing screens and headed out late.

Got some provisions at World Market for the dinner on Saturday.


Natasha made a healthy dinner.for us.

Late in the evening I decided to go for a run. I just went out and bumbled my way through places I hadn’t run al lot on before. Ran until I got me 5 miles and then


Now Lets see.

The Revue of a Punk

Woke up grand and early,

Decided I would go out for a morning run since we were going to be home late tonight. I headed up 15th to 145th then west over to 5th and headed south to 102nd. East from there to 15th and north to 104th where I ran west and back until I reached 6 miles.


Talked to Una on Skype for a while.

Headed over to Ballard for me last day. I dug up the ground and then installed new drain pipe for the gutters to drain into on the West side of the building. Painted the trim around the gutter there also. Robert S. showed up today on the job to do the vinyl on the sliders. I haven’t seen him in years. Big hugs. He is looking healthy and life is good for him.

I rode the 40 bus downtown. Natasha was at the stop waiting for me. We went over to Westlake for dinner. We had Indian food at Bombay Wala and dessert at Yummy Crepe.


Then headed down to Kells and met up with Brenda and Rick there. Sat and chatted for a grand while. Then time to head over to The Moore to see Duff McKagan do his show.

 photo ITS-SO-EASY-cover-photo.jpg


STG Presents Duff McKagan’s It’s So Easy and Other Lies, A Punk’s Revue at The Moore Theatre in Seattle on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.

Duff McKagan’s show “A Punk’s Revue” returns to Seattle for one night!

Based on the autobiography of Seattle’s own Duff McKagan, “It’s So Easy and Other Lies” the documentary is currently in production. As a part of the film, we will be shooting a performance reading show. The night will feature a multi-media exploration of Duff ‘s career as told through excerpted readings, musical performance and imagery. Seattle area musicians and long time friends of Duff will accompany him through this spoken word performance.
I stand in line with Brenda while Natasha and Rick sneak in to get good seats. The line moves and in we go.They have the cameras and lights all set up
 photo IMG_1444.jpg

 photo IMG_1446.jpg
Duff follows nine musicians onto the stage. He reads excerpts from his book to the sound of music.
 photo IMG_1447.jpg

He plays and sings a bit also
 photo IMG_1450.jpg

Towards the end Mike Mc Cready from Pearl Jam joins them on stage.
 photo IMG_1453.jpg

 photo IMG_1454.jpg

 photo IMG_1458.jpg

 photo IMG_1463.jpg

 photo IMG_1466.jpg

 photo IMG_1467.jpg

The show comes to an end after 2 hours

 photo IMG_1473.jpg

 photo IMG_1474.jpg

 photo IMG_1475.jpg

 photo IMG_1480.jpg

 photo IMG_1483.jpg

 photo IMG_1484.jpg

and It’s A Wrap.

Brenda comes with us to Ballard where I pick up me truck. Natasha drops her off home and I head to the castle.


Working to the end

Woke up early and watched some more RTE.

Up and at them. Talked to Mary back home for a while. Then off over to Ballard to BayView for the day of labor. Today I removed a roll of Moistop and the door shims from 301’s deck closets. I installed the security camera on the East wall. I installed the light fixture on 103 deck. I caulked the last of the scaffold holes in the siding. I dug out the last of the drain for the East side gutters. Installed new pipes to connect to existing ones. Covered and leveled the ground. Cleaned up after the gutter installers were done on the West side. Raked up the debris after the scaffold removal was finished. Ran over the area with the magnet and removed loads of nails and metal items from the soil. Rolled up the baloney cable on the West side and brought it inside. I am now at the very end of this lovely job. Should see it end tomorrow and then one more day after that sometime. Not so shabby. Got out of there late.


Dinner ala me wife.


Now what? Oh yeah some more Shameless in bed.

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