Working to the end

Woke up early and watched some more RTE.

Up and at them. Talked to Mary back home for a while. Then off over to Ballard to BayView for the day of labor. Today I removed a roll of Moistop and the door shims from 301’s deck closets. I installed the security camera on the East wall. I installed the light fixture on 103 deck. I caulked the last of the scaffold holes in the siding. I dug out the last of the drain for the East side gutters. Installed new pipes to connect to existing ones. Covered and leveled the ground. Cleaned up after the gutter installers were done on the West side. Raked up the debris after the scaffold removal was finished. Ran over the area with the magnet and removed loads of nails and metal items from the soil. Rolled up the baloney cable on the West side and brought it inside. I am now at the very end of this lovely job. Should see it end tomorrow and then one more day after that sometime. Not so shabby. Got out of there late.


Dinner ala me wife.


Now what? Oh yeah some more Shameless in bed.