Woke up very early and watched more Shameless Shite.

Up for the breakfast.

Natasha was going for a walk around Lake Union so I said I would run around it twice to get my run in. We parked just North West of Dunn Lumber and took of in different directions. I started out at a good pace and kept it up. Natasha and my path crossed at my 4th mile. A quick hello and off we go. I continued the pace with good music in me ears. Our path crossed again in my 6th mile. I kept the pace and got back to the Jeep then continued on running down to where Natasha was coming up along after being held up by the bridge. I was happy with the 12 mile plus run today.Taking away the stoppage time for the red lights my pace was at b8 minutes and 31 seconds. Had I ran on for another half mile I would have beaten my fastest Half MArathon by 5 minutes. Not too shabby.

Home and ate a grand late breakfast ala Natasha.

Lazed about.

I made the lunch and we watched some more episodes of Weeds season 8.

Headed down to pick up Realta from her work at the U Village. We go home and play cards for a few hours.

Aurora and Leo came over for the dinner. We had great chats for many hours until now.

Now I will nap for the early hike.