Si si on Mount Si

Woke up early and lay there messing on the laptop.

This day last week I ran the Mercer Island Half Marathon. Here are some of the photos I took during the run.

We took off in the large crowd
 photo March2013004-1.jpg

It thinned out after a few miles
 photo March2013007-2.jpg

 photo March2013009-1.jpg

Came back into town towards the end.
 photo March2013014-2.jpg

 photo March2013015-1.jpg

Then up the hill towards the finishing line.
 photo March2013020-1.jpg

Crossed with my fastest half marathon time.
 photo March2013021-1.jpg

Julie crossed over also
 photo March2013023-2.jpg


Up and had the tea and bread. We headed over to North Bend and parked the car at the Mount Si Trailhead.
 photo March2013025-2.jpg

Today we will hike up Mount Si for as far as we can. The last report I read from 5 days ago said it was snowed over about three quarter of a mile from the top.
 photo March2013026-2.jpg

Off we go in the brike early mountain air. The sun is coming out as we head up.

 photo March2013029-2.jpg

 photo March2013031-1.jpg

A Baby River Runs Through It
 photo March2013032-1.jpg

 photo March2013033.jpg

A woodpecker is whacking his beak nonstop on a tree as we pass by.
 photo March2013038-2.jpg

 photo March2013041-2.jpg

 photo March2013044-2.jpg

We come across the first sign of snow just after the Mile 3 mark.
 photo March2013045-2.jpg

 photo March2013046-1.jpg

Still passable at this point so it is looking god for the summit.
 photo March2013047.jpg

 photo March2013048.jpg

We reach the rock slide area and the snow is melted from the rocks.
 photo March2013049-2.jpg

Rainier looks great from up here. The camera doesn’t catch it so well.
 photo March2013051-2.jpg

 photo March2013054-1.jpg

We reach the top. I am glad it has cleared up in the last 5 days here.
 photo March2013057-1.jpg

 photo March2013058-1.jpg

 photo March2013059.jpg

I build a dolmen up here in memory of Barry O Leary who passed on recently.
 photo March2013062.jpg

Then I build another for Helen O Meara who passed away at the end of last year.
 photo March2013071-1.jpg
Prayers follow for both of them.
 photo March2013074-1.jpg

Then back to me family. We take the Summit Photos
 photo March2013078-1.jpg

 photo March2013080-1.jpg

 photo March2013081.jpg

 photo March2013083.jpg

 photo March2013084.jpg

 photo March2013086.jpg

Then head back down.
 photo March2013090.jpg

 photo March2013089.jpg

It is slower going down with the people coming up having the right of way.

We are back at the bottom after the 8 mile hike in great weather.

 photo March2013094-1.jpg

We eat our sandwiches at the bottom.

Then head back to Seattle.b

 photo March2013095-1.jpg

Drop Realta at her place and head off to Whole Foods for provisions.



Ate a Margherita Pizza for dinner and Baked Alaska for dessert.

Finished out the very last season of Weeds. It was a good time to finish.

Ate a gwall of chocolate since it was Easter.