March 2013

P for Palm and P for Personal Best.

Woke up at 4 and started watching “Shameless” Season 9 on the laptop.

 photo 51cfayLP5nL_SL500_AA300_.jpg

So far 2 shows in, it is tolerable.

Up and ate. Watched some more of The Hatfields & McCoys.

Julie came down to pick me up and off to Mercer Island we go to run the marathon.  We park at the school and get the shuttle down to the starting area.

We ran up to the starting area and off we go. We were planning on splitting up but the conversation kept us together for 5 miles. I had to stop and use the bathroom. Then I took off and caught back up to Julie a mile later. We had a quick chat, Then a hug along with an ear kiss and I take off. I take the running up a notch for the most part from here out.

I finish strong and with loads of energy. The Mercer Island Half 2013 is now in the books. I had stopped my watch foolishly when I went to the bathroom so I will have to check my official time later on the web page.

Home to my now returned wifey. I eat a lot of bad stuff she brought me back from her trip.

We head over to Thornton Place to see “Olympus Has Fallen”

 photo olympus-has-fallen-poster.jpeg
This was a good well made movie in spite of the not so favorable reviews.

We went to Whole Foods for provisions then home for dinner and dessert.

I just checked my official time for the Mercer Island Half and it was 1 HOUR 56 MINUTES and 41 SECONDS to make it my fastest half ever.

Watched some more of The Hatfields and McCoys to finish out the evening. Now a bot of Shameless to help me sleep.


No No & NO

Woke up early
Usual morning shite.

Off to Ballard for the day. Today I let the painter into different units to finish up. Cleaned of the scaffold and decks. Re attached the gutter on the West side. Repaired the motor on the blinds in 401. Attempted to re install the security camera but I need to see a photo to see where it originally was. Tied up the old cable on the West side entry. Re installed the weather stripping on the West side door. Other odds and ends to finish out the day.

Home a little bit early. Talked to Molly Bawn in Leicester on the way home.

Natasha took off for her girl weekend.

I ate me dinner and watched a couple of movies. I took the movies over the other offers I had to do and do stuff.

First up was “Route Irish”
 photo route-irish-quad-poster.jpg

It wasn’t so bad.

Next up was “This Is 40”
 photo thisis40.jpg

This was shite.

Now a nap

The Full Ten

Woke up early and relaxed.

Up and at them. The usual morning antics and then off to work.

Back at Ballard.

Today I caulked up the sticker tube holes and painted it over. Also took down the baloney cord and spider boxes. Removed stuff from the scaffold and put it on a deck to save it. The lads got the West side and some of the North side scaffold removed today.

Headed down to “Urban Enoteca” for the state of the company meeting. I rode down with Alan. We had tea, water and cookies. The meeting went well and the state of the company is good. After it was over I removed my jeans and ran back to Ballard. I arrived back at the job at mile 9 so I continued on to make up a full 10. I felt good during this run. Even when iit pelted down sleet and rain as I was crossing the Ballard Bridge. I cleaned up the parking lot some more and left for home.

Ate cake for dessert. Then left over Mongolian for dessert.

Now I wait for Realta to show up.

níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin

Woke up feeling grand. It was pissing down so I decided I wouldn’t run this morning. I talked to Una in England on the Skype for a good while. Then off to work.

Today I finished off the light, door latch and door sweep install. Well one more to do. Got the dumpster on the dump truck. Loaded up the last of the garbage in it. Cleaned out under the steps and behind the recycling bins at the East side. Hosed off the sidewalk. Did all the odds and ends that I had on me list and headed out a little bit earlier than the full day.


Put on the shoes and ran around the block for up on a mile then did my Hill Repeats for 8 times to end at 5 miles total.

Back home and headed down to pick Realta up at the salon then over to Ruzhen for dinner. Back home and Realta gave Natasha and myself a hair cut.

Then I took Realta back down town home. We went into City Target for a few items.

Home again and now I will watch Glaoch for a while on the RTE Player.

The end is near at hand.

Woke up early of course.

Decided to take in a morning run. Ran the hood South for 4 miles.

Headed over to work. Talked with Eamon on the Viber on the way.

At the job I installed most of the gutter drains under ground then covered them in. Will finish this when the scaffolding comes down. Put more stuff into the dumpster for it’s removal tomorrow. I then installed deck lights, door sweeps and the screen latches on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor decks to finish out the day.

Got a text from Julie over and back. She is on her way back home with medal in hand.

 photo 3f88c48c-eab9-433e-b91a-0d52611bea60.jpg


Made the dinner for me wifey who was at a meeting with the financial advisors about our retirement plan.

 photo photo2-18.jpg

The good news is I am still well on target to retire next year. The better news is Natasha will retire soon after me. All this and we are still to die with 3.5 million dollars in the bank. This is something we will have to remedy years before we die. Take it with us kind of thing.

The dinner went down well with this news.

Dessert followed.

Now I will pass the evening somehow.

Long Dayo

Woke up early.

Facebooked for a while. Then up and showered. Then ate breakfast and watched the news of the day.

Back to Ballard. Worked on punch items in 405 and 401. Today the concrete coring guys showed up and we did that.
Then the deck railing guys showed up to work, the window washers showed up. the gardener and his fellows. Then the electricians. I Had to work with all these people all day and up until 7:30 pm. Also worked on tidying up the job a bit. Worked on putting grates over the lower drains on the patios. Put a lot of stuff into the dumpster.

Home to me beautiful wife late.

Ate a pile of food. Last nights left over St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Then good cake and ice cream for dessert.

Now a rest or two.

Patrick’s Day

 photo globe_ad_1_1.jpg

Woke up after a grand rest. Ate the breakkie and headed down town to run in the Dash.

Walked up towards the Seattle Center along with many others.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013001.jpg

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013007-1.jpg

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013008.jpg

After a bit of looking around and the Green Wave started. We in the Red Wave got lined up behind the Start.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013011.jpg

The siren started and off we go.

We head off down along Mercer. Got of to a slow start trying to get around the bottle neck for the first mile.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013014.jpg

then wind our way around and up onto Aurora.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013015.jpg

the Green Wave are coming down along the other side.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013018.jpg

stil up along Aurora

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013019.jpg

Turned around at the 2 mile mark

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013020.jpg

and back down along Aurora.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013023.jpg

Caught up to many of the Green Wave who started earlier.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013026.jpg

Exited off and ran to the finish line.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013027.jpg

Walked through the crowds and get our running chips removed.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013030.jpg

Go through and pick up a swag bag and load it up with lots of stuff

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013033.jpg

I felt good on the run today. I am sure it will be my quicker Saint Patrick’s Dash to date.

Head back to meet my beautiful wife/

Theyu are removing all signs of the run as I walk along.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013036.jpg

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013037.jpg

Meet Natasha and off we go for a hike. Today we will hike up “Little Si”

Hit the trail and off we go.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013039.jpg

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013040-1.jpg

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013041.jpg

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013044.jpg

It is nice to be back on a trail. We reach the summit less than an hour later.

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013049.jpg

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013051.jpg

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013052.jpg

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013053.jpg

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013056.jpg

Head back down again pretty soon after we get up

 photo StPatricksDayDashandLittleSiMarch2013058.jpg

it took longer to come down with all the people coming up having the right of way. Into the car and off we go. There was a print out on the window for a crepe place in North Bend so we decided to stop off there for lunch. The first hike of the year was nice today.

We stop into The Euro Lounge Cafe for lunch. Had veggie crepes and a dessert crepe. They were not the best at all and terrible for the price. Maybe a bad day. We may stop in again to give it another try.

Stopped into QFC for provisions.


Natasha made a great St. Patrick’s Day Dinner. It was our own Thanksgiving.

She also made Shamrock Shakes for dessert.


Ok it is official I ran my fastest Dash off all time. Just got  the results I ran the 3.63 miles in 29 minutes and 21 seconds for an average of a 8 minute 4 second mile.


Nothing better to do now but watch something.

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