April 2013

My Girl’s Birthday.

Woke up okish.

Passed away the morning doing me usual shite.

Headed down to the airport for the day of labor. Marvin and I on stairs blocking all day.


Natasha and I went over to Cafe Flora for dinner to celebrate her birthday. Served by a nice girl from the East Coast. We ate and chatted away like we do. Had a great chat about friends and family. The pros and cons of each. We are very happy we have each other.

Stopped into Whole Foods for a few provisions and dessert.

Home again.

Now it is getting near bedtime.



Post Race Day

Last night went to bed happy

and lights out straight away.

Woke up after a good sleep. Lay there stretching like I do and not a lot of pain at all. Once I got moving there was little to none. Feck, I was hoping of a reminder at least. But I am left with a stiffness and ache at best.

Headed down to the Boeing Field. Organized the Conex. Then Marvin and I worked on the stairs blocking for the rest of the day.


We made and ate dinner.

Lazed around looking at other Marathons over the coming months. Looked at property in Oregon.

There it is now.

3 hours, 50 minutes and 19 seconds @ Eugene Marathon

Woke up at 2am but was glad that I fell back to sleep for a little bit more. I lay in bed stretching and checking out how I was feeling on this fine day. I wished I felt better.

Up and packed the last of the bags. Headed over for our breakfast. Oatmeal, with raisins, sugar and milk. A pot of Boyds tea that was just ok. Walking back to the room I could feel the odd pains in me body. I want to break the 4 hour time for this marathon. This is the first time where I am totally running on my own with a good bit of training so I am a bit under the pressure to prove to myself I can do it. My plan of attack to break the 4 hour mark today is too Run strong for 16 miles and then coast the last 10 at a good pace. Also drink all the drinks that come my way including the sodium enriched ones. Oh and have a Gel Shot every 4 miles.

We loaded up the car and headed off down the I-5 to Hayward Field. Natasha dropped me off and was going to go to Starbucks and then go on a hike up to Eugenes highest point in the hills.

I walked over to the corrals. Used the Porto Potty after a nice wait in line. Then went down and checked my bag into the bag check truck. Walked back up towards the starting line. They had some runners from the Boston Marathon speaking and people were somber. They played Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond over the loudspeakers. People were a little emotional. We had a moment of silence for the Boston Marathon victims. The sobbing got louder. The National Anthem and the race started.

As I cross the starting line I have on me iPod, Bob Geldof singing with Thin Lizzy from a concert I was at in May 1986 back in Dublin. The young man I was back then would never have dreamed of running a marathon. We take off at a good clip. I felt good starting with the group I did. We ran pretty much the same pace along the way. I stopped into the potty for a wee around the 2 mile mark. I continued on at my clip. Passing many cheering people in different sections. I waved, thanked and high fived a lot of people.

I take my shots, drink the Gatorade and water. This course is such a lovely one. We turn off for the full marathon around mile 10 and the rest continue back to do their half marathon. I run with a girl who is pacing me and cross the Half Marathon at a fastest half I have ever run. The next three miles came quick. I had completed my 16 now I could lay back a bit. I felt good so I decided to keep this clip up. We were well protected today by Police, Army and the National Guard. All present along the way. This may be the Marathon running for a while to come now.

At mile 18 I felt my right foot knocking off my left, I knew now I was getting fatigued so I decided now was my time to slow her down a bit. I kept going until around mile 20 and then slowed it down some more. Gatorade, water, gel shots and bananas kept me going to this point. Around mile 22 I put on my sunglasses since it was now shining.

I avoided the donuts at mile 23 and continued on through the park still high fiving, thanking people for coming out to support us. The last gel went in at mile 24. More water and gatorade followed. Mile 25 and the end in within target. Even if I had to walk from here I could still break the 4 hour time.

The last song I listened to happened to be U2 singing Come On Everybody from the very same concert event that started my running. I removed the headphones to take in the experience of the cheering crowds. As I came up towards the stadium people were shouting well done, last quarter of a mile.

We entered Hayward Field where many a champion got their start. It was nice running the last of it on the soft running track. I heard my name being said over the loudspeaker  I crossed the finishing line of the Eugene 2013 marathon knowing I broke my 4 hour mark and had run my fastest marathon so far. Through the line getting my medal and water. I was smiling like a kid. I noticed I was about the only one smiling at this point. I felt great I suppose.

I ordered three pancakes and sat at a table talking to some people. We had a laugh. I made my way out and got my finishing time from Natasha who was waiting for me. 3 hours, 50 minutes and 19 seconds. My fastest marathon ever by far and well below my 4 hour time. I sent a text to Bridget and Julie to let them know.

 photo photo.png

Met Natasha and we headed back towards Seattle. Stopped off at the Woodburn Outlet stores but couldn’t find anything I needed. Back into Washington and made our way up the I-5 to home.

I unpacked me stuff and then too a load of washing down to the laundry. Natasha made a great amount of food for dinner. Then dessert to follow later in the evening.

Now I will put the laundry in the dryer and then think about bed and or something to watch.

Pre Race Day

Woke up after a good sleep in 143.

Headed out for a 2 mile run to see how the body reacted to it. Met 2 other runners when I was out. One mile out and one back. I wish I felt better but it is what it is.

Headed over to the restaurant for breakfast. A bowl of porridge and a fruit plate. Tea to drink.

Back to the room and I had to repair the shower to get it to work properly. I used a dime as a screwdriver. I used some Garnier hair shampoo and conditioner I had brought with me. It will leave the hair shining for three days it said. This prompted me to wash te hair along my pleasure trail.

We headed off down to The Hilton to pick up the Marathon gear at the Expo. Sitting there for a few minutes we found out the Expo wasn’t here this year. It was moved to the Lane County Events Center. We headed out and went to the Saturday Market for a walk around.

 photo Eugene.jpg

 photo Eugene2.jpg
Bought a couple of candels from a fine Kiwi woman.

Next Headed over to the Lane County Center to pick up our swag. Got our stuff. Picked up Julie’s also. They didn’t have Bridget on file. Got more stuff to fill the swag bags. Was looking at Boston Tribute shirts but decided not to get one.

Did sign the poster that will be forwarded to Boston though.

 photo Eugene3.jpg

Headed off over to the Eugene Mongolian Grill for lunch after this.

Next decided to do a scenic drive route to see some covered bridges. Down to Cottage Grove and saw the Centennial Bridge there.

 photo CentennialBridge4.jpg

 photo CentennialBridge5.jpg
 photo CentennialBridge2.jpg

Next headed off on the drive. Saw Currin Covered Bridge

Currin Bridge Oregon photo CurrinBridge2.jpg

Currin Bridge Oregon photo CurrinBridge.jpg

Currin Bridge Oregon photo CurrinBridge8.jpg

Currin Bridge Oregon photo CurrinBridge12.jpg

Currin Bridge Oregon photo CurrinBridge13.jpg

Currin Bridge Oregon photo CurrinBridge14.jpg

 photo CurrinBridge21.jpg

Dorena Covered Bridge

 photo DorenaBridge12.jpg

Dorina Bridge Oregan photo DorenaBridge24.jpg

Dorina Bridge Oregan photo DorenaBridge9.jpg

Dorina Bridge Oregan photo DorenaBridge18.jpg

Dorina Bridge Oregan photo DorenaBridge17.jpg

Dorina Bridge Oregan photo DorenaBridge5.jpg

Dorina Bridge Oregan photo DorenaBridge3.jpg

Stewart Covered Bridge

Stewart Bridge Oregon photo StewartBridge.jpg

Stewart Bridge Oregon photo StewartBridge7.jpg

 photo StewartBridge5.jpg

 photo StewartBridge3.jpg

 photo StewartBridge15.jpg

Stewart Bridge Oregon photo StewartBridge20.jpg

Mosby Creek Covered Bridge.
Mosby Creek Bridge Oregon photo MosbyCreekBridge9.jpg

Mosby Creek Bridge Oregon photo MosbyCreekBridge3.jpg

Last but not least saw the Chambers Covered Train Track Bridge.
Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge26.jpg

Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge23.jpg

Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge20.jpg

Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge19.jpg
Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge13.jpg

Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge12.jpg

Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge11.jpg

Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge9.jpg

Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge8.jpg

Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge5.jpg

 photo ChambersBridge4.jpg

Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge3.jpg

Chambers Bridge Oregon photo ChambersBridge2.jpg

Back up the I-5 to our hotel after this tour was done.

Ate pasta and chocolate in the room for the Marathon carb loading.

Headed over to Brownsville for a walk around later on .

 photo IMG_4084.jpg

 photo IMG_4070.jpg

 photo IMG_4078.jpg

 photo IMG_4086.jpg

 photo IMG_4093.jpg

 photo IMG_4072.jpg

 photo IMG_4073.jpg

 photo IMG_4090.jpg

 photo IMG_4085.jpg

 photo IMG_4092.jpg

 photo IMG_4071.jpg

 photo IMG_4074.jpg

 photo IMG_4077.jpg

 photo IMG_4081.jpg

 photo IMG_4091.jpg

 photo IMG_4083.jpg

 photo IMG_4088.jpg

 photo IMG_4082.jpg

We had a nice 2 plus mile walk around this nice town.

Headed back to 143 at The Travelodge and laid out my stuff for the morning.

 photo IMG_4099.jpg

 photo IMG_4103.jpg

Went to sleep late.


Woke up early. Chatted with Mary back home for a good while. Headed off down to the Boeing Field. Had t work the full day through. I roto hammered out the metal on the 3rd floor cat walk. Marvin and I worked on laying out the stairs for a while. Headed home. Ate dinner and headed back out again.
Down the I-5 in slow traffic. Crossed into Oregon.  photo photo1-1.jpg
 photo photo3.jpg

Got to Hasley for the nights stay. Travelodge Pioneer Vila.

Into the room and now will rest up.


Woke up after 2 am. Finished watching “Lay The Favorite”

 photo Lay-the-Favorite_01.jpg

It was a pretty good movie actually. Maybe being a true story made it better.

Up and off to the airport for the days work.

A lovely sight to behold there today.

2 Black Hawk type of choppers resting up
 photo IMG_1542.jpg

We got the place set up for the concrete pour in the morning. Then Marvin and I laid out the third and second floors.

One of the choppers was getting ready to take off later in the day.

 photo IMG_1548.jpg

 photo IMG_1551.jpg

Drove out onto the runway
 photo IMG_1553.jpg

 photo IMG_1554.jpg

and then lift off.
 photo IMG_1557.jpg

I was up and down in the man lift for a lot of the day today so less walking than normal.

The second chopper started up.
 photo IMG_1561.jpg

made it’s way out to the runway
 photo IMG_1566.jpg

 photo IMG_1567.jpg

and lift off
 photo IMG_1578.jpg

it hovered along before it took off into the sky. These machines make me proud to be an American.
 photo IMG_1579.jpg

Headed up to the office for my photo shoot.

Change of clothes, toss the hair smile snap snap 58 times. Then picked one and I was done.

Had a great chat with Bridget at reception for awhile.


Mowed the grass and did a bit of pruning. Started to clean out the garage.

Ate dinner ala Natasha.

Took me motorcycle out and got it started. I drove down and picked up Realta from her work. It was my first ride of the year. I smiled like I do when I run.

We went over to Trader Joe’s for some provisions.

Home and Realta had dinner.

I made the crepes for dessert.

Took Realta down town to her place.


Now something to watch before bed.

Screen Me

Woke up after a couple of hours sleep.

Headed down to the shop and loaded up the window screens that had arrived yesterday. Talked to Dave for a wee bit. His life is on the up.

Headed over to Chadwick Farms and went to work installing the screens right away. The painters were there doing their stuff. Dean came along a couple of hours later and let me in to work on the door latches. Tried Betty’s unit but she wasn’t home. Looked at a sensor light that wasn’t going off in the daylight  Then continued installing the screens as planned. Worked the full day and headed out. Still some screens to be done and Betty hadn’t returned home yet.


Got me running shoes, ate a quick snack, put on the laundry and headed off to the  running track at Woodlawn Park. I had to do a 4X400 run. Was nervous about my injuries so I decided to take it easy. Ran 2 warm up laps. Then one fast and one slower for 4 laps of each for a total of 10 laps to complete my 4X400.

Home and put the calf on ice.

Natasha made a great veggie burger dinner.

Dessert by Donal

Now a needed bed awaits.

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