May 2013

Life without Natasha is no life at all.

Woke up grand. Passed away a few hours before I went to work. Talked with Mary back home for a while also.

Off to Tacoma.

Worked the day through. Had the usual battles of the day.

Headed home. Me running jacket arrived and I put it on. We decided it was too good of a day to go into a movie so we went to Greenlake for our sunny picnic after picking up the eats at Whole Foods. Lazed there in the sun for a good long time. I was like a walking lemon with me new jacket.

We walked around for a bit and then into the Bathhouse Theater for our evenings entertainment. Tonight we are here to see “Language Archive”

This 2 act play was so frigging good.

Home late

Now a nap will be needed for the big day tomorrow.


Meet me at the station when my train comes along

Woke up early and finished a movie I started a day ago. “Stand Off”

It was good for the early morning passing time away.

Up and got ready.

Headed off to Hilltop Tacoma. Started working on the reports right away. Walked the site checking in on the roofers, bricklayers and window lads. Kept the job going along water securely.

Walked the Parking Garage a few times also. Had the concrete fellows redo the bentonite rope. Lots of photos.

Had a meeting with Mark and Casey at the foundations. Had a meeting with Tony, Garry, Ho Rep and Mark about the main building as well.

One more meeting with James to finish out me meetings.

Stopped off at Safeway on the way home for a few provisions.


Made dinner for my beautiful wife. Made the dessert after we ate also.

Our square back in our new country.

 photo 27201_102422566464505_3255273_n.jpg
Place Carnot

Now I will watch a thing

Run and Jump

Woke up not as tired.


Headed over to Home Depot to buy a screen door for the job. Headed over to Chadwick then. Spent the day installing the screen doors properly. Then installed all the latches that were outside for me to do. Met DyAnn first thing and went to work on her door. Met with Betty finally. A wonderful woman of 94 and so full of go. A fine Montanian to boot. Dean came by for the visit and we walked around the job looking at punch list items. Tried to install the screen door but it was too thick to go in properly. Bollix. Finished out me day on the latches.

Headed over to Lowe’s to search for the screen doors there. They had the right thickness but had 2 support bars where I needed none. Bollix. Rewrapped the one I had bought in the morning and returned it to Home Depot.

Got the emissions test done on me truck and it passed.


Picked Realta up from her last day of training at the Salon. Home. Dinner ala Natasha. Dessert ala each other.

I bought some more running stuff to make me feel more like a runner.

 photo 440.jpg

We all sat down and watched “Jig” on the Netflixs.

A grand movie indeed.  Brought us back to when we were dragged around the states and countries when Realta was doing the competitive Irish Dancing.

Now I will sleep.

One more thing before I go?

Had a very restless night.

Woke up totally bollixed but made it off to work. Had a grand chat with Marie O back in Scariff.

Spent the whole day at my desk for the main part today. The day flew. Did one walk of the job. Worked well beyond my normal finish time.


I made the dinner for Natasha and myself.

I had the dessert also of course.

I am looking up me Marathon training plan start date now. Eenie meenie miney moe. Portland of Victoria?

Also since our time in Seattle is coming to an end we will look at one other place to retire that beats our area in France for the number one spot.

Now I am done.


Woke up early and rested. Was feeling up for the long run.

Charlie got up a few hours later and was not feeling so motivated after his tumble on the bike yesterday.

After breakfast and a chat we loaded up the Subaru and headed out. Crossing the border was a breeze and crossing the Skagit Bridge was only 15 minutes or less of a detour.


I made the lunch for us.

Later on we went down to REI to get some stuff. Stopped off at Whole Foods on the way home for dinner.

Home Dinner and dessert followed.

Relaxed the evening away chatting on the Facebook and looking at Porn.

Looking forward to going to work tomorrow after the long great relaxing empowering break.

I must now watch something else.

On Your Bike

Woke up tired and early. Lay in bed watching The Late Late show on RTE.

Then up and cooked a big breakfast Headed our for a run down around the Golf Course and around the condo here to make it 4 miles.

Back for the shower. Then we headed over to the mountain for a bit of downhill mountain biking.

Rode the chair lifts up. Then headed off down the trails. Passed a bear roaming around as we were going down. Didn’t stop for the photo. At the bottom we rode the chair lift up again. Then down again. Up again and down again and so on. Talked to a girl from Armagh scanning our passes as we were going up. She was nice.

Here are a few photos from our day.

The King

Natasha on the top right here racing some people.

Here she is zipping down like a pro

End of day

It was a fun day and I smiled a lot on the downhill @ Whistler.

Cycling, well walking our bikes through the village we come across the Canadian Legion celebrating their years of service.

Dropped the bikes into the condo and then we popped into the park next door.


Then over to the market for a few provisions.

 photo IMG_4348.jpg

Home and ate the late lunch.

Charlie and Phil arrived home later on. Then Marci a while after that. We all headed to the Hot Tub for a well deserved soak. Talked to a lovely couple from BC therewith their two young boys for a while.


Had the family dinner at the table Mexican style. Then a great bowl of Maple Ice Cream and a Swiss Roll for dessert. The conversations went from mad to madder and then onto unbelievable.

I am contemplating running a 25K through the woods tomorrow morning with Charlie but leaning on leaving early to beat the Bridge traffic over the Skagit River back in the US.

Now I hope to sleep here after the sugar gets through my body.

Longer run since Eugene

Woke up at 4. Lazed for a wee bit.

Up for the breakkie. Natasha also. Next Marci a couple of hours later. Phil and Charlie soon after.

Natasha and I headed out to go around Alta Lake.
 photo IMG_4275.jpg

 photo IMG_4277.jpg

 photo IMG_4278.jpg

 photo IMG_4279.jpg

Natasha actually ran for the first time in ages. I ran with her for a wee bit. Then off I go for me run. This is the first time I go around Alta Lake properly.

Across Railroad tracks

 photo IMG_4281.jpg
Alta Lake
 photo IMG_4282.jpg

Rainbow Park

 photo IMG_4283.jpg

 photo IMG_4284.jpg

Back onto the Golf course trail by the birds
 photo IMG_4285.jpg

 photo IMG_4286.jpg

over the bridge
 photo IMG_4287.jpg

down the lane
 photo IMG_4289.jpg

Then looped around and ran back until I met up with Natasha again. Then we walked home. I ran 7 miles today.

Home and made a pasta lunch. Then we headed over to the market to get treats before we went to another movie.

 photo IMG_4290.jpg

We went to see “The Hangover 3”

It was way better than what we heard. A laugh or two.

Headed back towards the condo.
 photo IMG_4292.jpg

Talked with Phil and Charlie when we got back for a while.

Headed over to the hot tub for a good long soak. Marci came back and joined us.

Later on PHil, Charlie, Natasha and I headed up to the Dub-Linn Gate for the dinner.

Had a fine dinner and a chat.

Walked around Whistler on the way home. Stopped off at the market for dessert items.

Ate the dessert at home.

Watched a bit of the telly. Now I lay in bed.

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