June 2013

C.C. Rider

Woke up grand.

Got up and had the tea and bread to carb me up for me run.

Put on the running gear and took off.  I ran down to Greenlake and around the zoo. Then one lap of the lake again before heading back up home. I met Bridget P at the lake ans we chatted for a minute. I met her again on me lap around. Then I said I could go round one more time and take a ride home with her.  Perfect.

Got around one more time to get my 13 miles in. I had do go the .1 more to make it a half Marathon. I managed to keep out of the sun for most of me run and remained cool enough. I felt great and I got the time where I should be running my pace speed runs. I was too fast for a long run at 9.15 a mile but no harm. Makes up for my slow run yesterday.

Had a chat with Bridget on the ride home. She had a good walk and ran for 30 seconds. She dropped me at 104th and I walked home.

Showered shaved and out the door again. We drove down town and parked. Sat ourselves on 4th Ave between Wall and Vine. We are here today to see the Pride Parade.  Here are my PHOTOS from the day.

It was a fun filled parade as usual. Everyone in a good mood. We sat there for near 4 hours before we headed back home.

We packed up and headed over to the Zoo to see “Old Crow Medicine Show” in concert. It was warm sitting on the lawn tonight. The first band wasn’t totally my cup of tea. Then the main event came out and frigging rocked the Zoo for over 90 minutes of great music. Natasha and I had a grand time trying to make each other laugh and dancing.

Headed home after the show and now a time to get to sleep.


Nose Dive

Woke up tired.

Got me day going with the  breakkie and a movie. “The Numbers Station”

It was just ok.

After this I went out for a 6 mile run on the Golf Ball Loop. Wanted a 9.16 but was far of on that goal. It was very warm even at 10 o’clock when I finished.  I was soaked.

Started watching the Without Limits movie and when I realized what it was I turned it off to watch at a later date with my baby so I played the James Bond for a while.  Put on the lunch and ate it.

Washed me bollicks and got ready for the evenings work.

Met with the group. Then started me day. Didn’t go to the pub for a drink.

Passed away the day at a slow pace, Was doing some nose dives at the end of the night.

Said my fond goodbyes to the lads and home I go.

Has anybody here seen Hank?

Woke up after an okay sleep.


Breakkie and then headed out do do my 4 hill repeats run.

This month back in 1949 Hank Williams made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry. So to mark this occasion 64 years later I watched a movie about his last few days on earth alive. “The Last Ride”

The movie painted a good picture of Hank and was very factual which I liked. I ate me lunch during it as well.

Got ready for the evening shift and headed out. Got to the job. Had the usual chats and visits. LAter on I was on me own for the evening.

 photo 016-1.jpg photo 007.jpg

Got out of there late.

Home and I am tired now. If I don’t wake up. In My Life I’ve Loved You All.


Got too bed after midnight but couldn’t get to sleep right away,

Woke up tired. Went over to Chadwick to finish the punch list.

Met Juan, Dean and JR there. We got the punch list finished out and this job is now on the books.

Headed back towards the Boeing Field job. Got too stop of at home to pick up something to take with me for my dinner.

Arrived to the job. Went through some of my findings with the powers that be.

Then I headed over to Home Depot and got 2 dozen cases of water and some Bear Shit.

Walked the job once I got back a few times. Then headed over to Beacon Hill and bought the drum of coffee at the Safeway.

Towards the end of the night I put on me running shoes and clothes. Then took off for me 35 Minute Tempo Run. It went well and fast.

Finished out the night and headed off home.

tic-Tac Boe

Got to bed in the wee hours and woke up tired.
Off to Tacoma. I went over the items there with Chuck. I then wrote all the reports for the last week. Did a few inspections on the job. The day flew by.

I head back to Seattle and got to Boeing Field for the evening shift. Had the chats with the gang. Did me walk around a few times.

A huge thunder lightning storm blew through and we shut down the job until it passed over.

It frigging down poured for a while later on in the evening also. After it dried up a bit I went out for a 3 mile run.

Came back and passed the last couple of hours away until time to go home.

A Phone Call Away

Up and relaxed the morning away. 
Headed over to Chadwick. Worked on screens, stickers, screen door adjust and the like.
Headed down into Kirkland and into QFC for dinner items.
Met up with Lena. Hadn’t seen her in 6 years. We had tea and cake for our birthdays at Hoffman’sWe did have a good old chat and may not wait 6 years to meet again.

Headed straight off to the Boeing Field from there.
Got to the job and chatted to the lads and lass.

Bill had lost his cell phone off of the back of his truck on Saturday so I decided it was a good direction for me to get my run in. I ran up the way he went dialing and redialing his phone the whole way waiting to hear it ring. Ran up to the turn and on for a wee bit. No sign of it anywhere. Then I ran back down along the opposite side of the road on my return. Right around mile 2.34 I found a piece of a phone followed by another piece and then the rest of it. Got back to the job with 3.2 miles under me belt.

Worked away the night until time to go home.

Got out late and home late.

t Is All Downhill From Here

Woke up early. I had some sort of a dream about George W Bush. It was all good at least.

Watched a movie I had seen with Natasha around a dozen years ago. “The Score”

I liked it and Edward Norton did a frigging great job.

Had me morning fuel and then made it out for a run with Sinead O Connor in me ears. I ran down and around Greenlake then back home for an 8 mile run.

Home Tea and Natasha’s cookies.

Talked to Angela for a while on the phone. Talked to Anne Marie as well as Ann Doyle.

We headed over to Thornton Place to see another movie.  This one was the Superman “Man Of Steel” one.

It was loud and full of special effect. I liked it but the next one will be a lot better.

Stopped into JC Pennys after and bought a couple pairs of shorts.




Computer time and now bed.

I heard a woman say right after the first kiss, “It all downhill from here” this may be a true statement

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