July 2013

Ghosts of the past.

Woke up later than normal.

Lazed me morning away.

Headed off to work. Worked the day away.

Stopped into Greenlake on the way home for me run. Met Bridget P, Marie the whore and Kelly on me way around. I ran the lake and a bit of Woodland Park to make a 4 mile run.

Home for dinner.

Watched a movie while we ate dessert. “The Awakening”

The movie grew on me as it went along. Good enough but only enough like.

Maybe a time to sleep early this night now.


Speed Training

Woke up tired.  Decided I would put me run off again.

Passed away the morning.

Headed to Tacoma. Chuck and I went through the items that we were working on. He headed out around noon. I was busy then until the end of the day and went over on me time as well.

The drive home was slow this evening. I was in two minds about going for a run and at the last minute I choose my first mind. Pulled in at the soccer field in Woodland Park.  I ran around twice slowly to warm up. Then a sprint for two laps followed by one slow lap. Did six of these to make up my 6X800. I ran a few steps more at the end to make it a 5 mile run.

Home to me wifey.

We ate dinner.

Then ate dessert as we watched a movie. Tonight we saw “Before Midnight”

This was the third in the series for this one. I liked it and the script was well risen. The movie makes you ponder about your own life as well.

Finished out my night grand shur and now I will read an email or two.

Before Anything

Woke up and relaxed hours of the morning away.

Headed down to the shop and got my paint sample for the job. Over to Home Depot and got a gallon of it matched.  Had a grand chat with the fellow there.

Up to the job. Caulked some more of the siding. Primed it and then painted it. Headed inside the building and caulked the 614 deck area. Painted some more and loaded up me truck with the garbage, tools and materials.

Headed to the office and got all the billing ready for the job.

Headed home.

We had the dinner and then dessert. Watched 2 movies during this time. One made in 1995 and the other made in 2004. Same actors years apart.

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

Both films were equally as good to me. I enjoyed them and got my mind a thinking.

But wait, they made another one of these movies this year. So that will be watched soon.

Now I will think about bed with my veins full of sugar.

The Jekyll and Hyde

Woke up at 3:30. Lay around until after 5. Then managed to fall back asleep again until about 7. Had the breakfast in the lobby. Yogurt, juice, strudels, muffins, fruit cup, hard boiled eggs and a gwall of tea is what I had. There were bagels and all sorts of bread there as well with all sorts of cereal.

We packed up the cars and headed out a while later.

Got home in good time.

We lazed the day away.

Had cake pops for dinner and an peanut butter mud type of pie for dessert.

Watched 2 movies. “Stoker”


and “The Host”

This was a better movie in all.

I will go to bed shortly now.

The March Of Death with no Ass Guard on Aasgard.

Woke up around 3:30 and lazed away until 5 am. Then I woke the girls and we got ready. Loaded up the car and we headed off. We parked our car at Snow Lakes. Then climbed into Phil’s car. We dove up to Stuart Lake trail head and got ready. We geared up took the starting photo and off we go. Right before I was bent down taking a photo of Natasha and I ripped the arse out of my shorts.

Passed along the now familiar route.

Got to Colchuck Lake and we walked down around it.

Sat at the bottom and had a snack and drink before we attempted going up Aasgard Pass.

On the way up we met a fellow out for a hike. I asked him if he was going all the way through. He said he had no way from Snow Lakes Trail head back to Stuart. I said we have a car and come on. He went off up along the pass. We followed on a bit later.

Going up was okay. Talked to people along the way. Caught up to the no car fellow on the way up. We got talking again and then he decided he would go through and get a ride from us. He and I chatted on the way up. Then we got separated. I blazed away to the summit.

He came up soon after. Took in the views. Natasha and Phil arrived 15 minutes later. The hike up Aasgard was way easier this this time.

We walked on for a while before we stopped for our lunch break. The fellow’s name was Jesse. We got along very well and he was a perfect fit right away.

Met a mad goat

got out the air horn to fend him off.

After lunch we blast on through the basin.

Pass all the lakes on and on

We continued on and stopped up at Leprechaun Lake and went in for a wade to cool down the legs.

Then off we go and start the gingerly descent down past the other lakes.

We arrived at the crossing between Snow Lakes and crossed dry on the little dam.

We stopped for our evening meal here.

Then headed off on the last 7 plus part of the hike out to the car.

The last 3 miles of this are the most boring part of the trek. We arrive out and ran up the hill to the trail head.

We are done with this wonderful hike again for this year. Everyone feeling sore and walking gingerly but accomplished all round. The Enchantment Hike 2013 is over. We took our finish photo.

The hike this day took us 12 hours and 10 minutes to complete. Average for our trek.

Took Jesse and Phil back up to their cars. Headed home to the hotel. Showered and had to scrub the mud off us for a long time but we all looked prim and proper after.

We went across to Rudoof’s for dinner. Pizza and cola for dinner. Went back to 139 and passed away the night until we went to sleep before midnight.

Pastry Buckos

Woke up grand enough.

Completely passed away many hours before I left for work. Parked at the Veer project and unloaded the truck. Got everything set up. Chuck showed up later on with the Baker Scaffold. We then went over to “La Toscanella” Chuck had a croissant and I had a strawberry mousse. The mousse was over 6 bucks and croissant over 3 bucks. Not worth it at all but we enjoyed them while we were there.

Back to the job and we set up the scaffolding. We put the pieces of hardi back on the soffit and on the face of the building in the one South side unit. Then we took down the scaffolding and cleaned up. Chuck headed off back to the shop. I continues on installing the rest of the siding on the East side of the building. I got done in good time and headed home.

Ate like a savage while I waited for Natasha. As soon as she came home we packed up and headed for Leavenworth. We arrived to the “Der Ritterhof” and checked in like we have done every year for the last 5 or 6 years. Oh first we went to Safeway for a few dinner snacks.

We got room 139. Phil showed up a while later. We ate dinner on the table outside our slider. Loads and loads of sugar as well. Frigging stuffed.

I would like to have a nap now but this may not happen. Maybe a Valium is needed this night.

Stay tuned buckos.


Woke up tired. Lay around. Watched clips of Bruce Springsteen in Limerick online.

Did not go for a run this morning. I will have to do a afternoon run now in the sun.

Headed off to work. Waited for the repair lads to show up. They got the thing working but it was mainly by the grace of God. Me fellow from Japan showed up and we went to town on the buckled metal on the building. I did a couple of small investigative openings on some calking at one deck. 614.

The investigation ended right around noon. The sun was making the machine go wonky again. I went down to Atlas and bought some caulk.  I went by the shop and chatted with Dave for a wee bit while I checked on the Baker scaffolding. Next over to Home Depot for supplies. Then back to the job.

Left a note on 614’s door that I need to get inside. Got Chuck set up to come and help me tomorrow for a wee bit. Cleaned up what I could and headed off. The man lift was picked up today as well. Stopped over to Dunn in Fremont to get the Hardi Board for tomorrow.

Stopped off in Greenlake on the way home for me run. It was now warm and I felt sluggish for my 3 mile pace run. I went along tired but beat away at it until I got done. I beat my planned 9 minute 15 seconds a mile time and got it at 8 minutes and 34 seconds moving time. Not so bad for an old lad.


Natasha made us a grand dinner of spuds and more spuds.

Oh last evening I signed up for the Deception Pass 25K Trail Run. I heard it was a beautiful one. So I can now go and run it slow for a change and take it all in with a camera to boot.

Ate the dessert. Watched some of The Office on Netflix.

Now me show and nap time

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