August 2013

Pika, Marmot. Deer and Nakkkkkkked.

Woke up early and relaxed the morning away for a few minutes. Then headed off over to the North Cascades National Park for a hike. We decided to hike up to Cascade Pass.

We get on the trail early enough to avoid most people.

We walk up and through some of the best scenery I have seen on a easy hike to date. Photos will do it no justice of course.

We come across the rare Pika in the rocks

What does Natasha see?

a Whistling Marmot sitting on a rock and whistling.

We make it to Cascade Pass and rest up. It is cold here when the wind was blowing from the glacier so we put on our jackets.

Any chance of a kiss there love?

We eat out lunch up here.

Jackets off and off down the trail we go again.

I build a dolmen here to offer good blessings on Rory Smith who died back home a couple of weeks ago.

Then continue on our way.

We meet another animal along the trail

We make it past him and make our way back down to the car.

This was a great 7.5 mile hike that took little energy really. We pull into the gas station in Marblemount for a few snacks. We get a flat tire here. They don’t repair flat tires here so we change out the wheel with the spars in the trunk. Then head off for home.

We stop into Les Schwab in Arlington and they repair the tire in minutes and switch it out with the spare. A lovely bunch of lads there. Got invited to the party of the year at The Tualip by them. We headed off on our way.

We drive down I-5 and straight over to Howell Beach. Tog off and take in the last of the sun for the day.

Stop off at Whole Foods on the way home for dinner.

Home for dessert.

Relaxed before bed.



Woke up tired but got the day going.

Had to head to the office to work on all the reports and turn in the info needed there.

4 hours later I was heading back to Richmond Beach. I finished out my day there.

Headed straight down to Oak Tree to see a movie. “Mortal Instruments-City Of Bones”

The movie was ok in parts but failed to hold my interest all the way through it. Better for a younger crowd by far.

Speaking about younger crowd, here is Lisa Marie’s daughter Riley working for an Aussie lingerie company.

I will now eat the dinner and then relax the evening away.

The Bidding Starts

Woke up still tired.

Headed over to work. Worked away for a while and then headed over to Kirkland. Hung a bracket on the ceiling and headed back to Richmond Beach. Picked up lumber at the end of the day and headed home.

I headed down to Greenlake and went for a 50 minute tempo run around the lake and zoo.

Headed home and had dinner. Ate the dessert also while we watched some of the Office season 8 on the Netflix.

Now something to amuse me before I give up on the day.

My Beautiful Wife

Woke up tired.

Headed off to work. Worked on drawing up flashing details all day long.

Headed home. Went for my 5 mile run.

Headed downtown to see Lisa Marie at The Triple Door. Parked and went inside. Ordered the dinner and watched the first band, The Black Lillies. This band were from Knoxville Tennessee and were good.

Lisa came on later on and did an okay show. She was a bit off this evening.

Had a shot with her and was glad that I preferred Natasha over her this time.

Headed home.

Slan Leat

Woke up early and rested. Was going to do my hill repeat runs but I said Feck It.

Headed up to work.

Got the measurements and photos done. Then I drew in all the flashing we needed to make up. Was busy the whole day.

My mind was back in Whistler

Then it popped over to London.

Finished out the day well and got out later than planned.

Got home and ram my 7XHill run.

Back home and straight into the shower then straight into the car and straight down to Pies and Pints for a farewell dinner with Shay and Keith. It was a happy sad meeting. The time came to go and we said our goodbyes, hugs kisses and whoosh we were off.


Had dessert.

Carmen came by for a visit. A cup of tea and cookies with a chat.

Now maybe a sleep.

The Land Of The Free.

Marci and meself made our way back home. We chatted for a wee bit and then hit the hay.

Woke up at 6 and lay there for a wee bit. Then decided to get up and go for my run that I was meant to do yesterday. I headed off down through the golf course and down to Alta Lake. Then down along by Alpha Lake. Turner around at Creekside and made my way back up the trails and around the other Nicklaus Golf Course and back into Whistler to get my 12 mile run on the books. A little more even.

Home and had the shower and the breakfast, Packed up the bags and garbage. Loaded everything into the cars. We say our goodbyes to Marci and Cara and we leave Whistler behind. The drive down to the border went well. There was a huge wait at the border so we stopped into the Duty Free for a few items. Then we get back in lane way ahead of where we were.

Back to Seattle in no time. I pick up my truck at the Richmond Beach job and head home. Unpack and load on the laundry. Then the dryer. Now it is like we never left. This was a great weekend and I am inspired to do an Ironman one day.

We had the Pagliacci Pizza for dinner, chocolate and cookies for dessert. All while watching the Office.

Now I will sign off here and get on with my late evening.

You are an Iron Man

Woke up after an okay sleep.

Marci was getting up and ready also. We headed out for our morning of rubbing sunblock on the Ironman athletes after they got out of the water and before they got on their bikes.

We hopped onto a shuttle that took us down to Alto Lake.

We made our way through the crowds there. Met with Kristin as she was getting ready to get into her gear.

We got tea and coffee while we waited for the event to start. The time arrived and off they went.

About 40 odd minutes later people started arriving from the 2;4 mile swim. Then for the next 2 hours we rubbed suntan cream on people before they hopped off on their bikes.

After we were finished we ate some food and headed back to the Village. Walked the 3 miles back along the trail. We got home and ate.

Natasha and I headed up town later on in the day. We watched the first cyclist come in too cross the finishing line. He looked good after the 112 mile ride. Next they are off to run a marathon before they finish.

We meet Marci and Cara uptown. Then we head back to the condo.

We go down to the hot tub and pool for a grand while. Then back inside to eat dinner.

Kristin crossed the finishing line in 12 hours 21 minutes and the Sounders beat the Portland Timbers 1-0 so all was well. Marci had too go down at 9pm to finish out her volunteer shift. She was to hand out the finisher tee shirts.

Later on in the evening I headed down to meet her. We chatted away as we watched the finishers crossing the line. Some of them totally buckled and needing the wheelchairs and others strong. I headed off a while later.

Then I decided to go and do my tomorrow’s 4 mile run in lieu of today’s 12 miler.  So off I took in the dark and got my 4 mile run on the books.

I make me way back to Marci and we chat away for the rest of the night.

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