September 2013

Up the Creek with no need for a paddle.

Woke up fecked.

Headed over to Home Depot for some supplies. Then up to Dunn Lumber for more items.

Got to the Lambert Creek job. Started putting back the siding and repairing the building paper. Got 2 plus started another before the end of the day. The nice man in the second one gave me a Mountain Dew and some cookies as I worked there. We had a good chat while I was doing it.

On the third one that I started the other nice fellow came out from across the driveway came out and talked as I worked. Tidied all the garbage into me truck and headed out. Got done late.


Went out for my 3 mile run.


Natasha made a grand dinner.

We went down stairs and sanded the spackle for 45 minutes about.

Back up and had dessert.

Relaxed a bit and now a movie or a show or something.


Spackle Caulk

Woke up around 3 and relaxed the morning away trying to be social on the Facebook.

Had tea and a couple of waffles for the pre run snack. Finally headed out. Ran down and around Greenlake and a bit before returning back home. Tried to get a better time in and I did. Home feeling good after my 8 mile run. Last long one before Portland this day next week.

Showered and headed down stairs with Natasha and we worked away at the caulking and spakling of the trim to get it ready for paint.

Ate a grand lunch ala Natasha.

Continued on the caulking until I ran out and Natasha finished the first round of the spackle.

Got ready later on and went down to the Century Link Field to see the Sounders take on New York Red Bulls. The rain was pouring down but we managed to stay dry for the most part thanks to a South Easterly wind that whipped it over the roof and away from our heads.

After about 25 minutes I really wanted the Sounders to beat this team. We led 1-0 going into the half. The second half was another good game to watch. Both teams playing great in the rain and yellow cards handed out galore. New York scored and I was waiting for the Sounders goal to come in at the end of the game. I am still waiting now sitting here at home. Final score was 1-1.

Now a leaba or two.

2 creams in and 1 cream out

Woke up feeling grand.

Watched the Late Late Show on RTE.

Went out for a 4 mile run.

Came home and listened to the Clare Cork Hurling Final on Clare FM. Fuck it gave me a pain in my heart.

Clare 5-16 Cork 3-16

I was delighted they won and then we continued on working away downstairs.

Had the lunch.

We headed down to the Seattle Center to the IMAX. We went in to see “Metallica- Through The Never” in the 3D experience.

I saw Metallica play in the SFX Hall in Dublin back on September 14th 1986 and now it is a big WOW to see them all these years later in the 3D experience. The world changes. 3 decades later indeed.

Anyway the show was frigging great.

Stopped off at Whole Foods on the way home for dinner.

Home for dessert.

Started watching the Office on the Netflix.

Finished out season 8.

Listened to Sting’s new album.

Now a bed.

Escape the rush of life.

Watched a movie last night before I went to sleep. “The Escapist”

This film was good.

Woke up tired.

Headed over to the WF Bellevue. The lads showed up soon after. They went to work and done their thing. Got the job finished at 10 am and they started to tidy up. IT is now in the books. All my expert advice handed over.

Here are a few photos of the time here. I liked living in Bellevue when I was in my 20s and early 30s and here I was again.

Happy memories eating here with Natasha at the start of our lives together.

Once the job was cleaned up I got to go home.

At home I drank gwalls of tea and had bread with PB&J. Played a bit of the James Bond too. Angela called me out of the blue and we talked for a good long time. She is my pal. Good that I have her in my life. My whole life.

Talked with Marie O back home as well. I got her hooked up with a ticket for the All Ireland tomorrow. It is who you know nowadays. And me being all the way across this small world.

Natasha came home and we headed over to Oak Tree to see the movie “Rush”

A frigging good film. I watched these races when I was a wee pup growing up in Ireland. Here I am 4 decades later and I am brought back too the news, ads and newspaper writings of this era.

We went into Natasha’s lunch Teriyaki place for dinner. It was grand shur.

Home and now maybe a time to do something. Besides Natasha like.

Conflict on both jobs.

Woke up early and tired.

Out the door early for Bellevue. The lads showed up and went to work. Worked past the time to quit. I had to stop the job. Then had a meeting with the manager for a while regarding light bulbs and stuff.

Headed back to the Richmond Beach job. Had the siders cease work until they got the metal flashing done correct. They left in a huff. I then gave Scotty a hand installing the beam over Bonitos. This took me way into the overtime hours worked for the day.


Natasha and I headed down to Ruzhen for dinner. When we parked we both realized both of us had left our cards at home. While we could have convinced the owner to give us the dinner and we would pay him later, we could not convince the parking cops that we would pay the meter later.

No harm. We will eat at home and I will run home. I ran up 15th from the U District and then West on Northgate Way to Roosevelt where I headed south to my street and home with a 4 mile pace run behind me. Natasha had the dinner near ready.

We had Cajun potatoes and veggie burgers. A wee ice cream for dessert.

Now A nap or two.

Arm in arm row in row.

Woke up at or before 3am. I watched a movie. “Best Laid Plans”

It was well worth the watch this early in the morning.

Up and got ready. Headed over to Richmond Beach to start out me day. Then over to WF Bellevue. Was finishing up the days labor there when lo and behold I happened to see Mari getting into a car. It has been years since we met last. She had no idea who I was as I approached her.

We chatted there in the parking lot for a while. Hugs kisses and we are off. It is a small world when you would get two Scariff people bumping into each other like this. I went in to use the bathroom before I left. A cup of tea and a bar also.

Back to Richmond Beach and finished out my day with Scotty on the parapet wall repair.

After we were done I went out and ran my 4 mile run.

Stopped into the QFC for spuds and milks.


Put on the dinner and waited for Natasha’s return. Had the dinner and then I opened up my new running shoes. They were a bit wonky so I will return them for a new pair.

Now I must find a way to pass the evening.

Getting Rid Of Her

Woke up tired and relaxed the morning away for a few hours. Watched a movie. “Rid Of Me”

It was barely okay but had to see the end of it.

Headed up to work at Richmond Beach again today as there was a 60% chance of rain today. Worked on stuff to fill out me day.

After work I went for a run from the job. Ran up the road and back with a few neighborhoods taken into it to get my 30 minute tempo done.

Home with not a drop of rain to land on my head the whole day through. I will take this 60% chance any day,

Pasta dinner.

Maybe a wee nap will follow soon.

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