October 2013

Around The World-Halloween

Didn’t get to watch me movie last night I watched a different show. Then I did decide around 11pm to finish the movie I started yesterday, Turned over and fired up the laptop.

Next thing I was waking up 5 hours later with the laptop still on and the headphones in me ears.

Up and at the day.

Richmond Beach and worked like a mad man to get it finished but ran out of materials. So I will come back one more day tomorrow.


Ate a grand dinner ala Natasha. We had the Red Velvet Cake for dessert. Then started in on watching a Halloweenish movie. “The Conjuring”

It was good but what made it good was that it was based on truth.

We had only 6 trick or treaters show up this evening. We gave away 9 of the candy bars. Each kid but one went out waving the giant bars in the air and laughing to their parents.

Natasha made us cookies to go with the movie as well.

Now I may finish the movie I was meant to finish last night.



Woke up so early. Lay in bed watching the RTE for a while. Then started into a movie.

Up and showered. Ate the breakkie. Watched the news a wee bit. Made some calls, Played 30 minutes of Nintendo. Had tea and tea. Got dressed and headed off to work at Richmond Beach again.

More caulking there today, Then other stuff to keep me busy. Got out of there right on time for a change.

Went to Costco for a gwall of items. Home. I ate the dinner and had some Red Velvet cake for dessert. Lazed for a while. When Natasha headed off to the match I decided to head downstairs and do a bit of painting. Painted the North wall lower trim.

Came up and listened to the Sounders beat the Rapids on the radio as I messed about.

Now I will finish me movie before sleep takes over.


Woke up after a good sleep.

Passed away the morning in my usual manner as I do. Then back to Richmond Beach, Got to work on other stuff today rather than waterproofing.

Went for a 4 mile run around the job area after work. Stopped into Sherwin William’s after work to get white oil based paint for the cabinets. Had a grand bit of fun with Pauline and DJ while I was there. Lovely workers.


Dinner and dessert.

Then down stairs and worked away on some of the painting after Natasha had done her sanding.

Now a nap or two. Maybe 3 or 4 even.


Didn’t sleep so well at all this night,

Watched a movie on Netflix. “Hear My Song”

Loosely based on a somewhat true story and it wasn’t too bad in the wee hours.

Got up after a few hours sleep and headed off to work after a few hours. Back to Richmond Beach again. Spent the day waterproofing.


A lovely pasta dinner from my Natasha. Dessert also.

We headed downstairs for over an hour getting more sanding, caulking and Spackle done. A drop of primer also.

Now What?


Woke up after 3 hours sleep. A blinding headache to boot.

Natasha made me the breakkie and I made the tea. Headache still hung on after the breakkie.

Went downstairs and worked away through the headache for a few hours. Natasha made the lunch to keep me moving.

Got a good bit done before I came back up just before 4pm.

Got the news that the good Lou Reed had died. I liked him and The Velvet Underground.

We headed down to the Century Link Field to see The Sounders take on The Galaxy. A good game. I like when we play them. Always a nail biter. Mitch and Brenda came with us. The end result was 1-1. I haven’t seen the Sounders lose a game in a season and a half maybe two. Had a dinner at the game.


Now a wee nap.

Gray for Grey

Woke up very early. Watched a Bio on James Joyce.

A good show about the life of a grand man

Got up and ate me breakkie.

Shoed up and headed down to Greenlake with Natasha for a run. Natasha went one way and I went the other. I decided to hit a 10K at a fast clip. Got my best timed 10Kto date. Not so shabby. Saw Bridget P and Meredith as I went around. High fived Natasha twice as well.

We went to Sherwin Williams and bought wood primer and wall paint for the TV room.

Headed across to Central Marked after for the lunch.


Worked downstairs. Got 90% of the primer on the wood.

Up and got ready for the party. Natasha and I covered ourselves with many gray paint chips and we went as “50 Shades Of Gray” Arrived at Tricia and Carrie’s and went inside.

The people on board this evening were, Tricia, Carrie, Beth, Sean, Mitch, Brenda,Claire, Rita, Heather, Marci, Thea, Zoe, Caileigh, Megan. Nolan, Ben and Claire’s 2 girls. The party went along grand and was my best one there in all the years of going.

We got home just before midnight.


Woke up very early and relaxed.
Headed up to work
Scotty and I at it until the  end. Got the job done on the parapets.
After work Natasha picked me up and we headed over to the Cinebarre to see a movie and have dinner.
Watched “Bad Grandpa”

The movie was very funny in parts. The dinner of pizza, veggie burger and fries with cheese sticks was grand as well Chocolate for dessert.


Now a rest for a run tomorrow.

They put the “R” back on top of the old Rainier Brewery today after 13 years being away.,

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