November 2013


Got to sleep after midnight.

Woke up early enough but lazed for a while. We then headed up to the Cosmic Diner for breakfast.

Headed up then to the American Museum Of Natural HistoryI hadn’t been in here since 1987 last. It hadn’t changed much except for the other exhibits going on, like the whales and the Dark Universe and so on. We went into the planetarium and say The Dark Universe. It was an okay show indeed.
Next we traipsed around the rest of the building for over three hours. Saw a lot of the exhibits.


Teddy welcomes us

and Rexy

Animal Origami Tree

My hand on a meteorite that hit the earth back in the day.

We finished up and headed out to the street.

We hop on the hop on bus and continue with the tour up to Grant’s Memorial and over through Harlem making our way back down towards home.  We walk around the busy streets and head into the Nanking restaurant for dinner.  We warmed up pretty quick once inside. Ate a grand meal.

Next we headed down to the theaters looking for tickets for the shows. Kinky Boots tonight or Hedwig in May and none to be got at this time. We stop over and buy some dessert and take it back to the room. We are now in an upgraded room for the last night. 329.

I watch some more of The Late Late Toy Show on the RTE and lights out.


The Past catches up with the Present

Woke up grand enough shur.

We headed up to Georgio’s Country Grill for the breakfast. We had the veggie omelet and spuds. It was only an okay breakkie really.

We headed back to the hotel for a quick visit and then headed out on the town. We rode the hop on hop off bus downtown


Empire State Building ahead


The Flat Iron


My new favorite building in the city is the new “One World Trade Center” The now standing tallest building in the US.

Stopped into the 911 Memorial for a visit. The last time I was in this spot I kissed the walls of the twin towers before riding the elevator to the top. That was 26 years ago now. It was a little eerie to be here looking at a two holes in the ground where once stood two magnificent towers.
We stood at the south tower memorial first.

Then over to the site of the North Tower

The Surviver Tree

After the visit we headed over to the Masterpiece Pizzeria for lunch. Ate a couple of Margarita slices with a cola to boot. The better pizza we had on this trip so far.

We next mosied our way up through the city

to Washington Square. Stopped off here for a while. Called Sean here and arraigned to meet him either at the Rockefeller building or the TKTS booth in Time Square.

We rode the D train from here up to the center and got in line to go to the Top Of The Rock. This was a grand visit up here. I hope to make it up here again when the sun is shining in the future. We had good fun up on top and it was the time we were up here


We came back down and watched the ice skating

Back down and Sean called to say he was on his way over to the Plaza. I waited by the Christmas Tree and Natasha headed off over to get show tickets at the booth in the Times Square.

Sean showed up and we chatted about the old days at the Rockefeller Building for a while. It brought back memories of the old days.

We went off on a ramble around our old town. It was nice to meet Sean again after 23 years since he helped me flee Ireland. 97 minutes later after we met it was time to say our goodbyes and part our ways.

Natasha and I went out to Sombrero for dinner.  It was an okay meal. Then we went back home for dessert.

Next we headed out and down to the Foxwoods Theater to see Spiderman The Musical.

I enjoyed the show. It was well done. Well worth a visit one time at least.

We headed back through the throngs of people to our hotel.


Woke up after a good sleep.  We head out and up to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The wind was whistling the cold air all around us. It brought the 30-degree weather down even colder. We were well wrapped up though. We stood and waited for the parade but went over to Starbucks for tea and bagels.
Headed up through the crowds and watched some of the parade. We headed up to 86th and crossed across to the park. We strolled through here for a couple of hours.

Natasha hung out with her new friends.

Stopped into Strawberry Fields across from The Dakota Building of course.

Went on south through the park passing a few points of interest.

We walked over 60th to Lexington and took the Subway down to 42nd street. We then went into Grand Central Station for a look around.

Next we went over to The Chrysler Building that was closed for the day.  We went into the lobby and saw all we wanted to see.

The 34 million painting on the ceiling by Edward Trumbull.

We walked down by the New York City Library and over to Bryant Park.  Strolled around here for a wee bit.

Headed back to our place of residence again.

We relaxed for a while and then it was time for “The Thanksgiving Dinner” On the menu this day was mashed potatoes & mushroom gravy,  brussel sprouts, root veggies, spinach cream sauce, a kugel all topped off with an orange cranberry sauce. This was one of the best Thanksgiving days I had in America.

We rested up for a bit. Then we had the Raspberry Cheesecake we got at Junior’s. This was a great end to the feast day.

After feeling the food ease off we head uptown to The City Cinemas Paris Theatre to see “Philomena”

This movie was so well made and acted. Two thumbs up indeed.

We stroll back towards home.

But first stop into Fluffy’s Café and Bakery” for some cannoli to take back with is.

1605 and we have tea and cannoli to finish out the day.

The Duffy

We crossed into Wednesday along the way of course.
The flight took just less than 5 hours and it went by so fast. We landed in Liberty International Airport in Newark NJ. We get off the plane and go straight through to the Sky Train. We take this downtown to Penn Station.

We walk out onto 7th ave into a wet New York and head north up past Times Square

to 48th Street then west to The Belvedere Hotel. We go inside and check into room 1605. It is a fine place. Great find for the last minute booking and all. Good job Tasha. It was nice they let us check in so early since it wasn’t yet 7am.

After unpacking we decided to head out for a bite to eat before we would come back and take a nap to take on the day. We head down to Juniors in Times Square. Here we have a grand breakfast. Had a look at their world famous cheesecakes on the way out.
On the way back to the hotel we meet a fellow selling the hop on hop off tour bus tickets. We decided to buy then from him. We also bought a quick pass to the top of the rock.

We stop off to say hello to Father Duffy at the square.
Father Duffy

We hop on the bus and head off on the tour. We decide to get off at Wall Street.

We touch the back of the bulls balls for luck or wealth or something.

We go through Bowling Green and stop in to look around The National Museum of The American Indian.

Some grand items on display in here including items from the North West here.
We head back out and get on the tour bus again and head north. We go all the way uptown and get off at Columbus Circle.

Here we go into Whole Foods to buy items for our dinner tomorrow. Walk back to the Belvedere.

We head back out later on again. We stop into Carve for a slice of pizza. At 6 bucks a slice it was terrible but not because of the cost, only because of the flavor.

We go down to see “The Hunger Games-Catching Fire” at the AMC Empire 25.

The movie was good. Can’t wait for the next part. I have to live longer now.

We stop back into Junior’s to pick up our cheesecake for the Thanksgiving dessert tomorrow.  We stroll back through Times Square on the way home.

We stop off at a gift shop along the way.


We get to sleep just before midnight.  A long day for two people who stepped out for a quick breakfast before taking a nap. Ha.

We have lift off

Woke up fecked.
Headed off to work for a 5:30 start. Today I drove the dump truck up to the U-Village to do a dump run for Lenny. The truck was full to the brim and I headed off to the dump.
Next I took a job box over to Sean at NAVO’S. The last run of the day was up to Richmond Beach to demobe the job with Mike. Unloaded the truck back at the shop and then it was time to go home after a 10 hour run.

Ate me dinner at home. Played on the Nintendo for a while. Then it was time for a quick pack and out the door.

Headed down to SeaTac and parked our car. Went through security and waited for the boarding call. We board the Boeing 737-700 operated by United. Down the runway we go and off. We eat the PB&J’s we brought with us on board with the juice made from cranberries and sugar.

No Harm

Woke up after a well needed rest feeling grand.

We had an email letting us know that the apartment we rented in New York had to be canceled due to a mold problem in the building. No harm. NY has many many rooms to rent.

Headed off after me breakkie. Picked up the dump truck and took it to U-Village. Dropped off the ceiling tile and picked up the garbage. Went to the dump. Then had a meeting with Chuck.

Took a gang box over to Sean at NAVO’S. It was too big for the job. Next headed to Tacoma to pick up more materials from Hilltop.

Back to the hop and unloaded the truck. Got out of there 2 hours later than planned. Picked up a 4 foot stair tread next door before I left.

Home and ate me dinner ala Natasha.

Started installing the treads and risers. Took a break for dessert and watched some more of The Office Season 9. Went down and finished the install before I went on to bed. I should have packed since tomorrow is going to be another long day.

No harm.

My Little Bird and The Bees

Woke up after a wee sleep.

Natasha made a grand breakfast. Then we headed down to the remodel. Sanded some of the drywall.

We headed over to Home Depot for a few more items.

Back to the job. Today we got the place cleaned up. Painted some more trim. Cut out new oak stair treads and risers. Put PVA on the new drywall. A few more odds and ends.

Oh yeah, we found where the bees were entering in behind the wall. Caulked the opening and locked them out. Well locked many more of them in the wall as well.

Had the dinner while we watched The Office on the Netflix.

Now I may go for the nap or two. Aw feck I was going to pack tonight but now I ran out of time. Also no time for the next two days. No harm.

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