December 2013

End Of Year

Woke up fucked at 1am.

Lazed the whole day away. I had a blinding headache for all of it.

Headed down and watched a couple of movies as I went in and out of sleep. First up was “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints”

This film was just okay. A little bleak for my mood.

Next up I watched “Empire State”

This was better by far. I liked it. I must check and see how close it is to the true story.

Natasha came home and we chatted the afternoon away until we headed up to Phil’s to ring in the new year. Charlie and Phil were there when we arrived of course. Soon after Brenda and Mitch arrived followed by John, Marci and Megan.

We had piles of melting cheese on bread and spuds off the cheese wheel. We played Cards Against Humanity for another while. Then ate the dinner. She made jambalaya and even a veggie one for us. Continued playing the game and then we stopped to ring in the new year.

From Times Square 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1  Happy New Year. Toasts, kisses, hugs and we welcomed it in.



Woke up around 1 and lay in bed nodding on and off for a wee bit.

Finally got up and started wiring up the surround sound downstairs. Eventually headed off to work.

Today I went over to Madison Park, Met with Ralph A. there. I like him a lot. Always in a good mood and a pleasure to work with. We met the home owner and went through her property to make a plan of attack. We removed the caulking at one side of the window outside. Couldn’t see what we wanted to see there. After some planning we decided there was no need at this time to dig any further into the building so it was a done day.

I headed to the post office to pick up our mail. Had something to eat, Called Ger in Chicago. We had a grand chat. Called me aunty Marie next. Another good chat there.Then went to work on the surround sound again.Finally got it finished and programmed the speakers. We listened and watched some DVD’s to hear it.

Dinner followed and then passed away the evening doing normal stuff.


The Secret Life.

Woke up at 1:30

Spent the morning doing lots of odds and ends.

We went over to Thornton Place to see “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty”

This movie was well made and I liked it.


Watched The Seahawks beat The Rams on the telly.

Booked tickets to go to New York in May.

We went down and started watching “Dexter-Season 8”

So far so good on this with 2 episodes in to it.

Now I may get to sleep before midnight.

The Comeback Concert

Woke up early and lay there for a while. We then packed up and headed for the airport. Went through security and waited at the gate. Got the call and boarded the plane. It was an Embraer 190 operated but KLM to Amsterdam. Had a cup of tea and a sandwich on board.The one hour twenty five minute  flight went by quickly.Landed in Schipol. Got off the plane and made our way through the airport to our next gate and waited.

Next we boarded an Airbus 330 operated by Delta for KLM. Took our seats and headed off. On board I read some newspaper to see what we might be missing while we were gone. Pope Francie is very popular for the year and president Barakie is not. Machines and technology are replacing humans in the workplace and Britney Spears is trying to pull an Elvis in Vegas.

We ate like champs onboard.

I watched “The Getaway”

This was crap.

Flying in over the coast of Greenland was beautiful with the snow covered rocky hills.

Next movie I watched was “Springsteen and I”

I liked this movie .

Did the usual crosswords and sudoku along the way. Oh and played video poker.

Landed in Seattle before we knew it. Going through Immigration and Customs was different now with a new automated video booth. Put in your info. Get a ticked from the booth. A stamp from the Immigration fellow and hand it to a customs fellow on the way out. A nice change indeed.

Got the Subaru and headed for home. Stopped into QFC for a gwall of provisions first though. All looked well at home when we got in.

Passed away the rest of the day. Headed down and watched “The Holiday” on the ole big screen.

This is a good movie as well.

Went off to bed and got to sleep after 11pm.

The near end of a great trip

Got ready for and hit the bed.
Woke up a few hours later.

Oh and last night Natasha just woke up thinking she heard me coming home but it was just a passer by so she lay there reading.

Had the breakfast.
Then I headed up to Le Cite for a final stroll around. Came back down through the town for a last sweep of the place.

Finally back home and I pack my bag. We put all our personal items up in the attic for our return trips. We clean up and head out.

Stop in to say farewell to Isobel and Florence. We meet Isobel’s daughter there visiting from Paris. Or maybe it was Florence’s daughter. A nice girl.

Up to the car and head out of town. Went to Blagnac and tried to get fuel for the car. No luck. We drove around and then into Toulouse. We finally got the fuel and headed to ourregular hotel. We have stayed something like 7 times now. we put our bags in our room 21.

We drive over to the airport and return the car. Then head into the departure area and eat our dinner. Head back around to the hotel and now we will rest up the few hours before we head back next door again for our flight out tomorrow.Our trip to Carcassonne can be seen here or else here.

The new family

Woke after near 6 hours sleeping.

Got up had the breakfast.
Headed over to Giant for some provisions and towels.  Came back home and ate some of those provisions.

I then went out for a walk.
Came home and had some flan.

We headed down to The Celt for the wee visit. Headed back home and ate diner when we were done there.

The door buzzed and I went down to Marina and her gang. Pierre who I already knew. Then she introduced her mom Renee and her mom’s friend Magali. We walked over to Gambetta and rode on the Carousel. Then we went back to Chez Felix for a drink.

Next we headed over to Marina’s house. Tony arrived soon after. After that we went over to Renee’s house. Met her man Kenny. We chatted away there for a good while. Then out came the dinner. Feck. We had a great salad followed by a variety of pasta and sauces. I was truly stuffed and then out came the cheese plate and more bread. Ate a bountiful of this to be nice of course. We then had fruit followed by copious amounts of chocolate. Near 6 hours later I departed the company in Tony’s car. I walked the 20 minutes from his place home.

Natasha was up and reading. Well just woke up before my arrival. Missed me I suppose or was worried about me maybe. I’ll find out now once I finish typing this. Tune in Tomorrow.


We exchanged and opened presents in the new day. Lots of hugs and kisses and the time to depart had arrived. We did the long goodbye and whoosh we were off. We drove back to Carcassonne. Parked and walked down home. Got to bed after 1am. This was a good day on the books.

Woke up at 8am. Relaxed as one does on holiday for a while. Hat a grand breakkie ala Natasha. We headed out for a walk later on. The town was quiet but with the usual locals wandering around having their coffee and the like.  We went back home for a wee bit.

I went out again later on. This Christmas day here the sun was shining and it was warm. Was over in Carnot and low and behold Isobel came up behind me. Hello kiss kiss. We chatted for a while. She said she was out looking for bread. I told her so was I, well pastries for me. She said come on. We headed over to an open Patisserie on the corner of Armagnac and VerdunThe line was long. We stood and chatted away thee for another while. She got bread and I got a couple of flans. We strolled back along Armagnac to our place. She told me to come over tomorrow for the visit. I said “I will.” Kiss kiss Au revoir

Up to Natasha and we had the flan with tea. Then settled in with more tea and cookies watching two Christmas movies.
“A Christmas Story”

This was a well made and scripted movie. May not be one that people might watch each year but worth a look.

Next up was “The Santa Clause 3”

This one was just along the line as the two other in this series. Just so so so so

Did a bit of organizing of the apartment. The usual maintenance to keep the place up while we are back in the US.

Ate our own Christmas dinner. Had the dessert as well.

Headed out for a walk in the early evening. We went over to Gambetta and rode the ferris wheel.

Went down to the bar later on. Chatted with Caroline while she made us the hot cider and the Barry’s tea. Talked with Angela, Hari, Liam, Marie and Dean on the Viber for a while.

On the way home there was thunder, lightening and rain.

Made it to bed at a good time

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