January 2014

Rory was dancing

The plumbers got their part done and got to eave. The City guys got their work done and headed off a while after. I locked the building down and fenced it off all secure at the end.

I went over to the garage to get my car and it was locked after hours. I had to call the company to come out and let me inside. This was a $40 cash charge.

Headed home.

Watched stuff on the laptop for a good while. Finally nodded off.


I woke up tired soon after.

Passes away the day as one does. A bit of Facebook, a bit of texting. A long chat to Aunty Marie back in Ireland.

Watched a movie “Inside I Am Dancing”

It was watchable.

I headed over to The Loft in Ballard for Bridget’s surprise party. Talked to some people there who knew me from years back but I had no idea who they were of course. Was delighted when Julie and Doug arrived. I spoke with them the whole night. Ciara arrived with Bridget and we all shouted “Surprise” She seemed surprised at least.

Drinks, snacks and good chats ended out the night.

I stopped into Safeway on the way home to get some items for the breakfast.



It’s A Dirty Shame

Woke up after a short nights sleep.

Finished the last season and episode of Shameless season 11.

This show has taken up 11 years of my life watching it. Some seasons were good and some were shite. This last season was not so bad but they rushed the last two episodes to make the last season shite.

I began watching a movie for a while. Had lunch, Then headed down to the office to give the key over to Mike P. Met with Lenny and some of the people there.


Headed down to BWW to work the evening into the morning shift.

Had pizza and a cola from Ben at the Wild Tiger Pizza. He is a wonderful fellow from the Lebanon.

I sat on me chair and waited for the workers to show up.

Walked through the floors for a wee look.

The City Of Seattle showed up and went to work on digging up the street and bringing water to the building.

The plumbers showed up to bring the water inside the building.

Realta was downtown so she stopped into see me.

We chatted for a while then I walked her over to get her bus.

I went back to work and sat around getting up to keep an eye on the project from time to time. I installed a foundation wall mat right at the point of entry to the building.

Go on ya boyo

Headed down to the shop to pick up the scanner early. Then headed over to BWW on 4th Ave. I scanned on all floors and some walls all day long. Went to Starbucks for a couple cups of tea during the day. Snacks there as well.

Back to the shop and plugged the batteries in to be ready for the next time.

Headed home.


We watched “P.S. I Love You” downstairs.

I liked it when I saw it first and I liked it again now. Reminds me of me and me Natasha.

Now I will do something.


Passed away the day at home with Natasha.

I took her to the law office for a wee bit. We ate and watched movies.

Today’s picks were “Blue Jasmine”

This was an okay film even if it was Woody Allen

Next up was “In A World”

Okay enough as well

Last for the day was “We Are What We Are”

Borderline shite.

News came in about one of the greatest living Americans of my time passing away. The Great Pete Seeger

File:Pete Seeger2 - 6-16-07 Photo by Anthony Pepitone.jpg


Up Showered and out the door.

Got to the office early as hell. Jeff from Holiday Parks showed up and went to work on the vents. I headed home a couple of hours later.

Got a call and had to go back and scan at Buffalo Wild Wings again. Down and back to the shop.

Finally home. QFC for an item or two. Realta came by.

Tonight we watched three older movies. “Taken”

Always a good one.

“Taken 2”

Good but could have been made better.

“I Went Down”

This was okay.

Now a bed after the long day.

A Day Like Yesterday

I made the breakfast

Lazed the day away again.

Today we watched “We’re The Millers”

This was okay.

I did make it out to the QFC for Natasha’s items of need.

Next up we watched “The Other Man”

This movie had some message of value in it.

We began watching “American Horror Story” Season 2

It is set in a good era.

After two episodes we watched “Enough Said”

Another good thought provoking movie.

Now another show before bed.

A Day Of Movies

Up and got the day going at a slow clip. I made breakfast for me wifey.

Later on I headed to Whole Foods for supplements at 25% off.

Then up to QFC for treats.

Back home we ate the dessert and watched a movie. “Singles”

Seen it before and liked it. Cameron did good on catching Seattle at the time it was made.

Then we watched a travel show that focused on our home area in France. Europe To The Max-Hidden Treasures This was good because it was in the area where now we are very familiar with.

Last but not least we watched a couple of episodes of “Hardy Bucks- Series 1

Passed away the time on the computer after that.

I went back down and watched “Single Shot”

It was a good one

Now a nap or two.

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