February 2014

Show Me The Sugar

TiredHeaded down to the shop. Picked up supplies and Elder. We then head off down to the church Black Diamond. We sit outside and finally a nice fellow shows up and lets us in. Got set up. Then we went to work. Well I did it all as Elder is back injured and was mainly there to do the light duty.

We went down to I-Hop for breakfast. Had a grand snack.  Went back and chatted to Dale at the church. Tito showed up soon after and we turned the roof over to him to roof. He was a lot of fun today.

We packed up and headed off back towards Seattle.

Unloaded the stuff from me truck and then I worked on the computer for a while.

Then went over and had a meeting with Justin, Alan and Arnie.

Headed home. Natasha pulled in right before me.

We headed over to Thornton Place to see a movie. Tonight’s movie was “Non Stop”

I didn’t expect a whole lot from this movie with it being a very limited set. Watching it changed my mind pretty quickly. It was a good movie.

Stopped into QFC for some dinner items.

Back home we ate dinner while we watched “The Princess Bride”

I saw this movie back in the 80s and liked it. I still like it now nearly 30 years later.

Next up we watched “Searching For Sugar Man”

We had this for a while and was planning to watch it. Now we decided to give it a few minutes before bed. It sucked us right in. Great music along with a great story. We finished the whole movie and now will bed it later than normal. A truly great documentary and well worth wining the Oscar last year.



I am a Star

Woke up fecked as usual

Headed up to Swedish Edmonds. Painted up the patches, cleaned up the last of the work site and called in for the manlift to be picked up.

Back to the shop I go. I begin sorting through my photos and start my report. Had a chat with Sandy for a while. Got Julius to fix me laptop.

Elder and I head over to the Teriyaki for lunch. Jerry shows up later and we chat for a while.

After lunch I headed over to Swedish West Seattle with Chuck for a look at rebar in the wall.

Finally back at the shop and I wrote up my report. Had a quick meeting with Justin and then finished out the day later than planned.


Natasha and I popped into Taco Del Mar for a dinner type of snack. Then went to Big 5 where I bought an new hiking pants and a pair of boots that I can wear snowshoeing at the weekend. Natasha got a new pair of workout pants.

Stopped into QFC for some dessert items.

Home Watched “Star Wars 2-The Attach Of The Clones”

The best part of this movie was we got to eat dessert during it .


Headed up to Swedish Hospital in Edmonds.

I opened up some locations in the stucco to investigate the building. Met with John who works there. I dug up a planter as well to see what was under the soil.

Went to Home Depot and bought all the material to temporary put the building back together. Worked on the man lift for most of the day and got the building closed up. Dumped all the garbage into the dumpster that was there.

Finished late. Will go back and finish off the odds and ends tomorrow.

Stopped into Safeway on the way home for a few products.

Dinner ala Natasha and dessert ala moi.

We watched Episode 1 of “Star Wars” The Phantom Menace.

I have never got into the Star Wars movies but I suppose it is time to see what everyone was talking about. I thought this one was mainly shite but I may get into it as the other movies follow on.

Now a nap

One Night Only

Woke up early in the middle of the night. I watched Paul Brady on “For One Night Only”

Then I followed it up with The Dubliners 50th year anniversary on the same show. They had a couple of extra guests on with them.

Finally got up and got my day started.

Headed down to the shop to pick up the scanner.

Headed over to Bellevue and waited to be shuttled by Tim and Tom over to the GMR project. Went through the paperwork and got my badge to enter. I scanned the floor in one area to show where the rebar was. Then I scanned for water pipe in the main entry area.

Back to my car when done and then I headed down to Kent. Caulked and sanded where the slab met the walls on the Healthpoint.

Headed back to the shop. Put the stuff away. Met with Chuck for a couple of hours and then headed out for home. Stopped in at the Macrina to buy a loaf of bread for dinner,

Home for a grand soup ala Natasha.

I made crepes for dessert.

Then I watched “Killing Season”

I liked this movie.

Next up was “Machete Kills”

This was shite but had to see it.

Now I will wander off

I can’t say that I’m sorry for the things that we done

Woke up early and relaxed the morning away.

Headed down to the shop to get the scanner. Elder showed up so I took him to West Seattle to Swedish to teach him the last of the scanner class. I think he is ready now.

We scanned for the most of the day. Had a wee lunch at Safeway and Starbucks.

Back to the shop. Worked on the computer. Then some shopping at Home Depot and Hilti before I headed home.

Natasha arrived home a while later. We had a healthy dinner. Then watched episode 11 of The Walking Dead-Season 4.

Decided to see the movie “Nebraska” tonight to close out all the movies watched before the Oscars on Sunday evening next.

The movie was okay and I loved the cast they had in it. I would like to see Bruce Dern win the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Had strawberries and cream for dessert while we watched it.

Now I may sleep or not.


Woke up tired.  Watched The Late Late Show on the RTE as usual.

Finally got up and put on my robe.

Ate the breakfast. I watched a movie afterwards. “The Counsellor”

While the movie moved along slow I liked it. Mainly because of the cast.

Had a lunch and then Natasha and I sat down and watched 10 episodes of :The Walking Dead-Season 4″

This was good enough as usual. Now we have to wait 6 weeks to finish out the season.

During the season Natasha took a slow cooked Mac and Cheese out of the crock pot. We ate it liked starved prisoners. It was very good but it may stop my heart as I sleep tonight.

Now I will remove the robe I put on this morning and lay down.

Let it Snowshoe

Woke up after a very little sleep.

After the breakkie we headed over the I-90 to Snowqualmie Pass. We parked at Alpental and took off up the mountain on the snow shoes.

Broke new ground for a lot of it did a loop back onto the original trail and headed back to the car. This was our first time on the shoes in a while and it was fun. I need to buy new hiking boots though.

Stopped into Costco on the way back and got $200 back on the telly we bought in December due to a price drop.

Went and had Teriyaki for lunch.

Stopped into Fred Meyer’s for provisions.


Had a grand dinner ala Natasha.

Then ate dessert as we watched “Red Dawn”

This movie was better than I expected.

Now a sleep in Seattle

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