March 2014


Headed down to the office. Worked there a while. Then headed over to Interbay with Chuck and we water tested the building some more. Got a wee more water to come in.

Went to whole Foods for lunch.

Popped up to meet with John at Bay View to have a look at his sliding door. Made my notes and we headed back out. I will go back and make the changes at a later date.

Back to Interbay to finish out the day.

Then back to the office and finished out the odds and ends that needed a fixing.


Had dinner with Natasha.

Sandy sent me a text to say she was going to be at Greenlake in 20 minutes so I headed down to meet her. We went around one time with a run more walk spin. Then we went around one more time. I leaned a lot more about her and she me in the 6 mile trek.

We said god bye at her car and then I ran back to mine.




Up and passed away the day as follows.

Had the breakfast.

Went down to Greenlake with me Natasha. I ran around the lake and the woodland park soccer fields until I met Natasha. I got a four and half mile run in.

We watched more Six Feet Under downstairs.

Went to Dukes at Greenlake for dinner. Stopped off at Safeway to get dessert.

Ate the dessert while watching some more Six Feet Under.

Bed late. Watched the Saturday Night Show there.

No Aaah

Woke up after a short sleep.

Watched The Late Late Show on the laptop.

Ate a great breakfast ala Natasha.

Relaxed the morning away.

We went over to Thornton Place to see “Noah”

I thought it was an okay movie. We ate trail mix there for lunch.

Popped up to Costco for some provisions.


Had pizza for dinner.

The time to go down to the Sounders game came and the rain was a pouring down. The choice for Natasha to tie me bollocks up with a shoe lace or go to the game came and I chose the lacer.

It was nice watching the game on the TV in the warmth of our home. Columbus beat us in the last second with a frigging great goal from a corner kick. Now it was better that we didn’t stand in the rain.


Here is a review from the show last night.

Talented Kings of Leon appears listless at KeyArena | Concert review

Posted by Chris Kornelis

When Kings of Leon brought their 2007 album “Because of the Times” to a sold-out show at The Moore, I remarked at the time that it was probably the biggest the band was going to get. Friday night, headlining at KeyArena, the largest room in the city, they made me out to be only half a liar.

Yes, touring behind their sixth album, “Mechanical Bull,” Kings of Leon has become one of the biggest bands in the country, but at Friday night’s listless show, they felt smaller than they ever did in clubs. It was an uninspired theater show with a big screen.

Their ambition on stage did not match the hubris of their recent albums. And as they went through the motions, you got the feeling they were playing as if they had nothing to prove, which felt like entitlement and boredom rather than than self-confidence and inventiveness.

It was telling that opening act Local Natives — not yet an arena band in their own right, and still figuring out how to transfer their percussion-filled rock onto a big stage — appeared to be making more of an attempt to win over the crowd than the band that followed them.

KOL was at their best when they were leaning into older numbers from the band’s fuzzier days. “Bucket,” perhaps the best song the band’s ever recorded, managed to fill the room; “Molly’s Chambers” was cranked up to a crowd-pleasing roar; and the band’s ambivalence couldn’t suck all the oxygen out of the arena-rock call to arms, “Black Thumbnail.”

These songs were reminders of the band’s songwriting chops but also of the evening’s wasted opportunities. Fans come to Friday night arena rock shows to party. And this show never reached a scream.

Before KOL took the stage, I asked Alice in Chains drummer Sean Kinney, seated a few seats away, about the divisiveness of the band. He chortled at the idea, replying matter of factly: “They’re a good band.”

Indeed. One that’s proven time and again that they’re better than what they brought to KeyArena on Friday night.

Bro Kings


Passed away a few hours. Then headed up to CHC Edmonds. Had a meeting and walk through with Sean D. Met Bill the Kiwi. A lovely fellow.I took many photos and we talked about my concerns on the building. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Well there will be one I will need to check on Monday.

Headed back to the office and finished my reports.

Headed home.

Natasha came home and I cooked the dinner. We had dessert also.

In the later part of the evening we went down to the Key Arena to see “The Kings Of Leon” in concert. We had tickets to see them three years ago but they cancelled the tour due to health concerns, So here we are three years later in great seats with a view.

They came on and the arena was alive. They powered through their sets slowly it seemed at first but finished on a higher note. Did the encore and all that. We left there after a terrific night of music.

The State of “Our” Company.

Woke up better than normal.

Relaxed the morning away watching the telly, playing the Nintendo, eating breakfast and the usual morning duties.

Headed over to Home Depot for supplies. Then back down to Interbay. Met Luis there and we talked for a while. I had to refuse his brothers party in Arlington since I will be a Sounder fan.

Continued to investigate the building. Removed all the garbage and cleaned up. Had lunch at the Magic Dragon again. Headed back to the office after I was done. Unloaded all the garbage into the dump truck. Then worked on my report for a while.

Just before three we as a company headed over to WithinSodo for our State of the company presentation. Had drinks and snacks as we went through the information and the growth of the company. We were done after two and a half hours.

Back to the shop and took the van back home.

For dinner we had the left overs of two great dinners that Natasha had cooked this week, Dessert followed all while we started the second season of “Six Feet Under”

It is still good.

Now upstairs I will think about sleeping.

A Kind of Magic.

Woke up tired.

Headed down to the shop. Drove Chuck to the airport. Back to the shop and picked up Elder. We headed over to the Interbay job. We investigated the building for a while. Had a breakkie at Whole Foods. Talked to Luis there today also.

Removed a lot of drywall inside both units.

Had lunch at the Magic Dragon. An okay meal but super friendly couple in there running the place.

Back at work we got the second location to leak around the scupper. We tidied up and headed over home to drop off Chuck’s van. Elder drove me back to the office to pick up my car. Talked to some of the people there for a wee bit.


Natasha had a great dinner at the ready.

We had dessert while watching Six Feet Under.

Now a nap or two.


Up tired.

Passed the morning away. Then headed down to the office. Worked there until 7am, Then headed up to Fireworks at the Westlake Mall. Scanned the floor at the door so we could drill into it.

I headed back to the office and worked on the computer for a while. Then headed over to Town and Country on the Bainbridge Ferry. Unloaded all the concrete boards and bar there. Had a fine sandwich and a drink from there for lunch.

Back on the ferry and headed over to the shop. Stopped off at Home Depot for some supplies on the way. Exchanged the dump truck for the van. Then headed down to Compton Lumber to buy some plywood. From there headed down too Healthpoint in Tukwilia and dropped it off.

Back to the office and I turn in me paper work. I get Elder lined up to help me tomorrow.

Home late.

Dinner ala Natasha, Watched some more of Six Feet Under while we ate dessert.

Heading to bed in a while I suppose.

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