April 2014


Woke up at 3am full of energy and ready to go.

Headed down to BWW for the day of labor. Wrapped the handrails in pipe insulation. Cut up shims. Installed elevator key box. Threw old flooring down the chute to the garbage. Photographed and logged me reports.

Met Natasha at Howell Park for our first family picnic of the year. Lay in the sun and ate dinner.

Headed home later on.


Ate dessert.


Woke up and got the day going.

Headed down to the shop. Dave and I got going. We headed over to Palomino to pick up some of the garbage there. Talked with Grand and Greg there. Next headed back to the shop so Dave could pick up the van. I went to the dump in Renton and then met up with Dave again in Federal Way. We left the dump truck with Ryan and then we headed back to the shop. Took some items up to Bill at BWW and finished out the day by bringing door jambs over to Mark S’s home. Well did load some items into Alan’s truck as well.

I stopped off at Greenlake for a jog around.  A three miler.

I lay in the sun for a while afterwards to get a bit of vitamin D.

Booked a hotel in Times Square for our trip there next month.

Dessert as we watched the Kings Of Leon Documentary.

An interesting one indeed,

Now a wee bed.

Mama, I’m coming home

Woke up tired after a wee sleep.

Packed a bag and headed off on the 108 mile rive up to Semiahmoo.

I got there in good time. Went into the staff kitchen and had a wee breakfast.

Went to work guiding the window fellows for the day. I got to clean off a window or two and add the SAM with our fellows at the end of the day. I got to leave there just past the normal quitting time. I was so delighted to be free of the job.

Headed home.

Had a dinner and a dessert with me wife.

Then we watched a bit of the travel show.

Now a bed or two.

Woke up after a wee sleep.

Headed down to the kitchen and ate breakfast.
Joey and I worked on reinstalling the panes of glass with the old and some new trim for the day. Moved stuff for the floor lads.

Went back and ate lunch with Natasha before we headed back to Seattle.

Relaxed at home.

Headed down to Teatro ZinZanni in Queen Anne to see “On The Air” and have the dinner. The show was okay and two of the people at our table were nice.
Now I am ready to sleep.

The Via Ball

Woke up early and relaxed for a few hours.

Headed down to the kitchen for some tea. Packed me items of need into the room. Had a wee breakfast. Headed down to the kitchen to eat me proper breakfast with Luis and Sapo.

Today we went through the waterproofing and repairing of the window install. I worked with. Greg and Luis for the first part of the day and then finished up with Joey and Sapo.

Finished late.

Natasha and I headed over to Birch Bay and into “Via Cafe and Bistro” for dinner. Left there happily fed.

Back at Semiahmoo we went into the hot tub for a while. This was a nee end to the day.
Now a wee nap will do me good.

Back To The Moo

Woke up after just under 4 hours sleep.

Hit the ground running.

Went down to the shop before 6am. Talked with Tom who was there. Chuck came along and we loaded up the stakes in his van to take back up north.

Gerry showed up and we loaded up the table tops into the Sprinter. Then I took them up to Joey’s at the U-Village. Gerry followed. We changed out three table tops and Gerry took two more back to the shop to work on. I kept Tom with me. We stopped into Starbucks for tea and a bagel.

Headed up to Frank’s Lumber to pick up some doors that were already picked up. Headed back to Seattle and picked up 9 doors from the paint shop and a pile of cabinet doors. Next back tot he shop to pick up two more doors and the jambs. Took the whole load over to Mark S’s home. Unloaded them into the garage carefully.

I stopped into World Market and bought a box of Barry’s tera along with a box of PG Tips. Back tot he shop. Then I headed up to Home Depot after I said me good byes. Picked up pipe insulation there for the BWW job and took it up to them. Talked to Billy for a while and went through the job there.

Headed home.

Dinner and a bit of desert.

Then Natasha and I headed up to Semiahmoo for the weekend since I will work part of it there.

Relaxed and hit the hay.

Good Vibrations

Woke up grand,

Headed down to the shop and picked up the Sprinter Van. Then I headed up to Apwx in Lake Stevens to pick up the door jambs. Took them all the way up to Semiahmoo to drop off. I had to do a walk through for the waterproofing when I was there. I didn’t totally like what I saw. Told Gerry what needed to be done.

Back to Seattle. Had to get propane for the forklift since it ran out right in the driveway into our parking lot. Unloaded the stakes I had brought back from Semiahmoo.

Went over to the paint shop to pick up the doors for Mark’s house. They weren’t fully ready to pick up yet.

Headed home

Stopped off at Greenlake for a three mile run.


Had a dinner

Then we finished off the movie from last night. Good Vibrations

It was an interesting movie and I liked it.

Went to see Franz Ferdinand at the Showbox-SoDo. With three guitars and a drum set you can rarely go wrong with sound. The concert was another good one.

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