Hit the ground running.

Woke up early, packed a bag and headed out.

We drove down and parked at Wally Park and took the shuttle to the airport. We check through the security check and into gate C15. We have a Starbucks while we wait. Got a message from Jason E. He was at the airport and taking the same flight as us. We met up and chatted until the time to board came.

We get on board, Natasha is sitting a seat behind me. A grand girl sits in next to me. She is off to Vegas for a Rockabilly Festival. She is from Goldbar and now living on Capitol Hill. We head on down the runway and take off in the Boeing 737 operated by Alaska Airlines. I do crosswords and Sudoku on board. Have water and pretzels. The journey goes by very quick.

We land and taxi into the terminal. The girl introduces herself to me. Vanessa. I told her I will see her on the flight back. Who knows? We get a cab that is operated by a nice fellow from Malta. He drops us at Tower 1 of the Signature and we check in to room 27-609. It is a nice suite with a view of the strip.

We head on down to the MGM Grand and eat a slice of pizza at “Bonanno’s” for lunch. Then we head out on the strip. We buy a couple bottles of water to keep us hydrated in the beautiful sun. We go into The Belaggio for a look at the conservatory.

Then over to Caesars Palace for a walk around there. Next over to the Venetian of a gelato where we always eat one. Then mosey on back down the strip to Planet Hollywood and pick up our tickets for the show at the V Theater. We head into Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheese Burgers Las Vegas” for dinner.

Then we head into the V Theater next door for the show. We get seated and then the “All Shook Up” Elvis tribute show begins. The show started with the young Elvis and the fellow had a great voice and looked a lot like Elvis.

Part 2 of the show was the old Elvis. I myself always liked the older Elvis. He had finely tuned up his performance to put himself on the top of the performer list for all eternity.

A great show for the price. We sat next to a fine couple from New York who had just got married and came to Vegas on the honeymoon.

Dave Hoover and I

We took a shortcut back to our hotel. It was a long day from the time we got up til now.