International John

Woke up after a grand sleep.

Relaxed the mining away. Then headed down to “Delights” again for breakfast.

We took the Monorail from the MGM then all the way up to the last stop at the on Sahara Avenue. We then walked to the Las vegas Hilton formally known as The International Hotel. This is where Elvis played his first comeback concert and set unbroken records to this day.

We mosey on down along the strip after than. We go in to see The Wedding Chapel at the Treasure Island. It is 18 years tomorrow we got married here.

then headed back down along the strip to “PF Chang’s” for lunch.

Went on down and back to The Signature Tower 1. We got our stuff and headed to the pool then to relax the afternoon away.

We headed back out for a walk up to “Bonanno’s” for the Pizza dinner.

Then headed across and up to Caesar’s Palace and into the Colosseum to see Elton John do his Million Dollar Piano show

We took our seats and waited. Then the music of Richard Strauss came on “Also sprach Zarathustra”. I liked this. Elton entered the stage wearing a glittering silver cape.

The following two hours was a show that will stick with me memory for a long time to come. Emotions ran high in the audience. Every song was a hit one after the other. Even the couple I didn’t know.

I left there so happy.

We headed back and stopped into Walgreen’s for dessert. Back to the room and finished off season 5 of Six Feet Under. This was a grand show and the perfect ending to a TV series.

Looking back on this day 18 yeas ago on the eve of our wedding day. I remembered we saw Rod Stewart at the MGM Grand. So it is a crossover of time and Brits.